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Happy Sunday lovelies!!! Hope your weekend was good to you. Enjoy the rest of the day and have good week ahead😊 Pen: @tombowusa fudenosuke soft brush tip
Swipe to see process video. You will see that I’ve got issues centering/full framing my videos and connecting my letters 😂 oh not to mention, extra shaky lettering too🙈

See all that ink on the outside of the pen? Yeah I discovered that later when I thought there was something seriously wrong with my finger 😂.

Manusia-manusia selalu berusaha untuk mencipta hal baru untuk memudahkan hidup manusia-manusia lainnya. Teknologi berkembang kian hari kian pesat. Meminimalisasi peluh yang dikeluarkannya dan mengganti dengan sederet hal mudah.

Salah satu upaya untuk memudahkan kita adalah hadirnya layanan Garda Oto Digital yang membuat kita #MakinGampang mengurus polis asuransi kendaraan bermotor yang kita punya. Fitur-fitur yang disuguhkannya mengaminkan semoga-semoga yang pernah dirapalkan agar bisa semakin gampang pilih lokasi klaim, gampang antar jemput kendaraan, dan gampang pula pantau status klaim.

Gak hanya itu, ada banyak bonus yang bisa dibawa pulang setelah kita membeli dan mengaktifkan polis asuransi kendaraan kita. Untuk detil lengkapnya soal layanan Garda Oto Digital ini, kamu bisa baca di http://www.pertiwiliana.com/2017/10/garda-oto-digital.html atau klik link aktif di bio. 💋



I'm in Love ❤️ ✍🏻! My new Golden Ink is like a dream! Heute war ich mal wieder in Boesner! Und hab mir Tolle Goldene Tinte gekauft! Natürlich auch Schwarzes Papier für Tolle Effekte! Und ein Weißer Gel-Stift musste auch sein☺️ Und das sind die ersten ausprobier- Ergebnisse! Ich bin total zufrieden 😁! #ink #goldenink #goldencalligraphy #calligraphy #newmaterial #boesner #artist #ilovethis #ilovecalligraphy #calygraphy #lettering #kalliegrafie #letterfont #letteringfont #goldenfont #goldenlettering #goldenletters #letters #moderncalligraphy #handwritten #handwrittenfont #handwrittenletters #handmadefont #läddergang #nib #nibpen #dippenandink #handtype

I missed yesterday’s #letteringhalloween feature because I was having a family day ❤️ So I’m playing a little catch up. I think I am the only person that I know that isn’t afraid of clowns. I mean scary clowns are obviously freaky with the blood and the weird faces but normal clowns are just 🤷🏻‍♀️ I blame my mom, she collected clown figurines when I was growing up so I’m desensitized. Also, on an unrelated note no one ever wanted to spend the night at my house 😂😂

So it’s rainy today and my “dog” is being a punk ass bitch. Tried to channel @veronicaletters anyway

Phew!! I think I pulled it back! 😅
I was blending colours using my pentels and a water brush and I'd practically finished the whole thing, when suddenly, on the last word, the ink splayed out of the letter in the shape of what I can only describe as tiny trees!! Do you know what I mean?! That part wasn't even wet!!! I'm thinking now that it can only be the quality of the paper: Although it's not bad, I certainly don't use the best!
Anyway, Plumeria for #FLORALSYOURWAY and quote for #SHOWERSOFKINDNESS and cat for... oh wait a minute!! Where did he pop up from?!
⏩ Swipe for a close up

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