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Gold embossing on a hot pink watercolor wash 💗 all embossing supplies are from Hobby Lobby! Using a Ranger embossing pen and Princess Gold Ranger embossing powder 💕

lol someone get me off my phone 😂

Lost girls trying to pacify more lost girls haha #milkandhoney #rupikaur #thefilmyowl #handwritten #handwrittentype

Part 1/4 (sometimes I use the swipe thing and sometimes Parts so I can make cliffhangers😏🤓❤️)

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🌼🌞🌻 So ein sonniger Tag wirkt wirklich Wunder ☀️ herrlich wenn man Feierabend hat und es draußen noch hell und warm ist 💛 ich hoffe ihr konntet die #Sonne auch genießen 😊

Endlich wieder eine Postkarte geschafft. Diesmal für Maja @inlovewithflowers_ 🌷💕🌿. Schaut euch ihren kleinen, schönen Feed an. Ich mag ihre Sachen so gerne! Und Donnerstag präsentieren wir endlich unsere Challenge #deutschemusikpoeten für den Monat April 👏🏻☺. Wir freuen uns so!!!! Habt einen schönen Abend 🌿. #dennimgroßenundimganzenhamwirallengrundzutanzen #jandelay #songletteringbyjanine #songmusic #songlyrics #stpauli #handlettering #handwritten #leftylettering


With flowers in her hair 🌸🌼🍃 ... I wouldn't have it any other way 😄
. 📷 stunning calligraphy by @junemadedesign

Zostały nam jeszcze opaski #shawnmendes w promocyjnej cenie 6 zł + wysyłka. Zamówienia na fb priv. Kto pierwszy ten lepszy! 🤛💙 #opaskikoncertowe #opaskipamiatkowe #opaska #opaski #polska #poland #handwritten #illuminate

I saw this yesterday and had to laugh so hard about😂😂😂 Shawn is just so me😂😑 That moment when you can't open the damn bottle and try it until your hands hurt and then you do it like Shawn and of course then you still can't open it and ask like 1000000 people to open it for and the last one is like : that wasn't hard!
(Stole this from @fanpage.mendes 😇)
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Mr. Neuron didn't know who he was,
His introductions were incomplete,
And what could be a better cause,
To be confused thought he. "Sure I make the claws detract,
If ever danger is near,
But those are simply the bare facts,
Which even my neighbor knows clear." "What else is there then he wondered,
For he thought his skills were being wasted,
Some other guy has to drop the turd,
Does that make me less ill fated?" "I& #39;m sure I can do more he boasted,
Wait can these thumbs move?
Damn, he thought, I'm getting roasted,
For it'll take two to fit the groove." "I& #39;ll ask the guy who does the blinking,
He's seen the most or so he says,
I hope he's not out drinking,
He's really no good when he's in a daze." And together they worked the thumb,
Though they knew not why they did it,
Still it didn't make them feel dumb,
When they saw the movement new and swell. "But what do we call ourselves," asked,
The guy who did the blinking,
"Something that tells us we have been tasked,
To together take care of the heavy thinking." And so grew the name called Sid,
That they created from head to toe,
Someone who would do their bid,
Just as long as they knew how.

And when to each other they listened,
Did ol' Sid's character slowly develop,
And once even the tear glands glistened,
When dear ol' Sid learnt to slurp.

But where they were headed,
This Mr. Neuron did not know,
And so he asked Sid,
Where he wanted to go. "If we knew that,"
Sid said scratching his head,
"Why we wouldn't need to act,
We'd be as good as dead." "For life lies in the mystery,
I evolved did you think I would,
And till we do some immortal deed,
We have to live that's well understood."
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Sometimes when I have no intention of writing anything and I cannot, absolutely cannot , make myself type out words which make sense, sitting down with a pen and paper helps. It doesn't mean I write the articles that I wanted to write in the first place, but somehow with a pen the thoughts are more honest and not as organized or well structured.
It probably sounds very old school, but I think the best of my writing is never going to be the articles which get published. It's probably going to be silly letters I wrote to friends, or entries in my diary, or random notes in the corner of pages.
Do storytellers work this way?

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