It’s all pretty rosy around here at the moment 😊 beautiful new hand tooled designs online and in store now ✨

Thought I would share some of the main steps to making a sheath. Enjoy. Swipe —>

Just a reminder; I will be accepting Christmas orders up until Wednesday, October 31st! Any orders that come in past this date, I may not be able to guarantee before the holidays! So hurry and get your orders in!!
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Years ago, my family went on a road trip back east- out to New York and back in a month. It was the first time I’d ever been away from our hometown that long, and as we came back through Wyoming, seeing the mountains that sit on the northern Utah border gave me an instant sense of home.
I don’t know if I ever appreciated them much before then, but they captured my heart then, and still have it now! .
This mountain watch strap is up there in my all-time favorite pieces. I have some more fun things coming soon, but if you’re looking for something special for Christmas, let me know ASAP! I still have a few spots open for custom Christmas orders.

Our fellow vanner keeping it in vam. We appreciate all the biz. If you hav any Q’s. Holler!!! #scodecitygarage #keepontruckin #beltbuckle #beltmaker #customleatherwork #handtooled

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If you’re ever looking down, it should be to admire your shoes❤️ .
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