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It went UP...It went DOWN...It went all the mf way around last night‼️ @ryda4lifefilmz & our folks know how to do a party right—anyone at yesterday’s event can attest to it. Shoutout to @iamjay5th for being the general of the ship from its inception. I’ve had the privilege of being tied in with some boss ass individuals in their own respective rights, & my king-brother JayTee wears his crown amongst the hardest working, selflessly inspired, genuine, & honest of them. Like attracts Like✖️Iron sharpens Iron. Let’s work forever bro!

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***ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE CLARK FAMILY*** For anyone who purchases the Hands Up Necklace through March 27th, all proceeds from your purchase will be donated to the family of #StephonClark, the man murdered in his backyard by the Sacramento Police. I keep making this Hands Up Necklace because it's one of the ways that I protest and keep awareness of Black and Brown people being murdered by the police. It also saddens me that we have to protest lynching-by-cop in 2018. You can also donate directly by visiting: www.gofundme.com/justus4zoe #HandsUpDontShoot #BlackLivesMatter #SayHisName #StephonClark

The debut of these works of art last night at The Independent Theater was INCREDIBLY powerful and inspiring.The Ryda4life family, cast & crew are who's next, in this film game! @ryda4lifefilmz @iamjay5th @kiyaleesquire48 @strongarmmmg @theviphideaway #frankblue #handsupdontshoot #courseofjustice #checkmate #allbutperfect

The debut of these works of art last night at The Independent Theater was INCREDIBLY powerful and inspiring.The Ryda4life family, cast & crew are who's next, in this film game! @ryda4lifefilmz @iamjay5th @kiyaleesquire48 @strongarmmmg @theviphideaway #frankblue #handsupdontshoot #courseofjustice #checkmate #allbutperfect

😈😈😈🙄🙄 👉DEPORT ALL WHITE "#TERRORISTS" BACCC TO EUROPE👈 ❌SEEMS ABOUT "WHITE" SMFH CAN'T EVEN TALK ON YOUR PHONE IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD, THIS SHITS GOTTA STOP, "FUKKK #SACRAMENTOPD & ITS SUPPORTERS❌ -MOTY #StephonClark Was In His Backyard When #SacramentoPolice 🐖🔫 Shot & #Murdered Him Because They "Thought" He Had A #HandGun 👉(NOT ILLEGAL BTW)👈 In His "OWN FUKN' BACK YARD)!!! -MOTY™ #PoliceBrutality #NoJusticeNoPeace #AllLivesMatter #HowBoutDah #HowBoutDat #FuckThePolice #HandsUpDontShoot #RIPStephonClark #ANONYMOUS #FUCKTRUMP #FUCKDONALDTRUMP #DUMPTRUMP #DamnDaniel #SayHisName ✌✌✌✌✌

20 shots #stephonclark #sacramento #handsupdontshoot #blacklivesmatter #sickandtired #icantbreathe This is not #wakanda no #vibranium could save this #father of two sons who will grow up without him! Another case of #blackman being armed with nothing but a #cellphone ...

#StephonClark ; un nouveau nom gravé sur une tombe... Patrick Harmon
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Say his name. Stephon Clark. This is the transcript of how he was killed: "Show me your hands — gun!" the first officer yells. A few short seconds later he yells, "Show me your hands! Gun! Gun! Gun!" The second officer begins firing multiple shots. Then the first officer begins firing, too — they fire about 20 shots in all.

Hidden by tall grass and the darkness, Clark's body isn't visible, but there are no signs of movement.

The first officer yells again, "Show me your hands!" and the other adds, "Let's see your hands." "He's down, no movement," the second officer tells the dispatch. "We're going to need additional units." "You all right, you hit?" says one officer. "Yeah, I'm good," the other officer replies.

The first officer reloads his weapon. "He's still down, he's not moving," the officer says. "We can't see the gun." Backup units arrive on the scene. "He came up, and he kind of approached us, hands out, and then fell down," the first officer tells one of the new arrivals.

The two officers who fired their weapons continue to hang back, holding position, occasionally yelling that they need to see Clark's hands.

The second officer tells someone that the suspect had "something in his hands, looked like a gun from our perspective." For more than five minutes, the two officers are seen standing behind the corner of the house with their weapons drawn.

When they finally approach the man they shot, one of the officers handcuffs Clark's lifeless body. "We're going to need CPR stuff," he says. The officers put on gloves and talk about going to get a rescue mask.

Then officer one says "Hey, mute?" and the video's sound clicks off. The last two minutes of the video are silent.


#stephonclark #blacklivesmatter #sayhisname #stoppoliceviolence #thesystemisbroken #handsupdontshoot #gunviolence #unarmedgunneddown #sacramento

When is this gonna stop? I’ll tell you. When we start prosecuting idiots with a badge who shoot innocent people dead in the street, or you know, in their grandmas backyard.
20x? Makes me sick.
#equality #stephonclark #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter
#godblessyou #handsupdontshoot #nojusticenopeace #stopracism

I just wanted to remind you that #sacramento police dept officers couldn’t decipher the difference between a phone, crowbar or gun. These are the people we’re supposed to protect and serve us?

When I take a moment to think on how those who are in positions in which the sole purpose is to serve & protect - but they brutally murder us - it makes me sick. #stephonclark mattered. He had children! His grandmother was home. He was 22. C'mon now! This is in NO WAY civilized...the fact that the officer yelled "MUTE" and the video was silenced is BLATANT at this point. We have to really take this as a declaration of war...instead, we have these SAME circular talking points about #GunControl #GunReform etc. Meanwhile niggas are STILL getting shot up in the street, in the backyard, in their cars, in front of their children. I mean WTH??? Everyone is always saying "don't rush to judgement" so what you're REALLY saying is that I should just ignore what I see with my own eyes?? How about the police stop rushing to judgement & stop killing us for simply existing!
#blackLivesMatter #BlackLove #BlackUnity #stephonclark🤴🏾 #SayHisName #Disgusted #handsupdontshoot #PhilandoCastile #policebrutality #police #sacramento #sacramentopd

Every movie was on point! Salute to everyone involved. You all did an awesome job. #ryda4lyfe #filmz #Allbutperfect #CourseOfTheJust #handsupdontshoot #checkmate #frankblue

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