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☀️It's almost Summer 🔥🙏🏽 #HandsUpAnthem Left foot , Right Foot ‼️ @iamkandireign I'm posting All the lit videos 🔥⏰

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@Regrann from @iheartmemphis - 🤳🏾Almost a million views 🔥🔥🔥 Left Foot , right foot #HandsUpAnthem she kilt this Freestyle ‼️ - #regrann

"Hands Up" An Anthem For Nonviolence, Justice And Submission Featuring Lynette Hawkins Stephens, Rhonda Harris And Ramone Agerman Curtis Public Video Screening June 2017.....Written And Produced By Grady L. Harris For Grey Hare Productions Inc. ~ #handsup #handsupdontshoot #handsupwalkout #handsupanthem #handsupunited . #gospelmusic #hawkinsfamily #edwinhawkins

Indie Artist Showcase Registration and Requirements:
1. $50 Registration Fee [Cash, PayPal, Walmart to Walmart, MoneyGram]
2. Limited To 20 Slots [They Going Fast I Promise]
3. Deadline To Register is June 1st
4. 6 minute Performance
5. We judging 1) Stage Performance; 2) Crowd Participation [Bring your homeboys and homegirls that support you with you. That will mean a lot]; 3) The Originality of the Artist's Song.
6. No Slot will be held. First Come First Serve.
7. A Video of the Complete Recording Studio Will Be Posted A Week Before The Deadline. If you speak to anyone who has purchased a system from us they will cosign they're solid systems.
May The Best Artist Win!!

Love her dance style 🤘🏿🔥✅ - @official.noodlez
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