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International Hands is bringing you the work of Buster (@busterduque). hit up the Handstyler FB page for full info on the first Handstyler exhibition to be hosted in Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. international buyers, please DM or email with your email address to be sent the exhibition catalogue when it is ready. - Melbourne show: @bside.gallery
- Sydney show: @good.space
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🕵🏻 sneak peak of a lil something @rrremio has been working on for #thestickertrade ✊🏼 sit tight, more details coming soon

Collaboration with.. @lookie.wrnd
Kata kata ini pantes buat freelancer handlettering.. gak nulis gak dapet duit.. gak dapet duit gak makan.. gak makan..dan akhirnya mati.. :v .. bisa juga video ini mencerminkan tentang client pembunuh berdarah dingin.. nulis gak lo kalo gak gue tembak... .. nggak gitu lah.. handlettering kadang juga cuma sarana menyalurkan hobi.. handlettering juga menjadi sarana yg ngepas buat mencurahkan isi hati.. dan handlettering juga kadang sebagai temen curhat..

And 1st place is @akieones , this had 30 likes/ votes. Congrats 🥇🏆
Next we will post the winners selected by judges .
#graffitihands #blackbookology #graffbattle #handstyle

Process of the hugest Artwork i've done with markers till now! Working on a new concept already👁 Look out for the details 🔍❤


Do you ever look in the mirror and just wish for fire 🔥🔥🔥#handstyle #baybayin #tshirtsandtowelshangincauseimpoor #fuckit

Bajo ninguna circunstancia se traiciona la familia !!!
#lettering #handstyle #handlettering #cartellettering #cartelcriminal #skechts #blackbook #paint #drawing #letter

No cualquiera te recorre... Soy capaz de amarte al salir de casa y odiarte al llegar, y ese bucle se repite al día siguiente... Impredecible, me haces vivir entre diferentes velocidades que van en paralelo. Por ese y otras razones amo mi ciudad, porque me enseña a ser un guerrero en donde me pare. 450 ❤

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