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"There's a shortage of perfect breasts in this world, it would be a pity to damage yours" ~NAME THAT MOVIE QUOTE!~ #hooopthereitis #sewcool [ original artwork by the wonderful @regards_coupables - excited to see your LA exhibit next month! ]

Paper leaf detail from #artsforhealth project 'sensory journey'
Warm sandalwood believed to enhance well being, mental health and all sorts of other amazing properties....

So much hand stich on this 19th century dress. I feel like I'm never going to see the end of it. #patience#handstitch #sewing#historyoffashion #costumier #pineapple #curlyhair

Feeling really good about starting a new project today! First time this year that I’ve actually sat down to make something. I need to make more time for that!🕰

Детали ...

It feels really good to be sitting down at my work table and sketching a new project today!
I’m almost embarrassed to say that this is the first time I’ve been at my workbench all year (granted were only 3 weeks into the year, but still!)😬
Sometimes it’s just really hard to get inspired. And then I feel bad about the fact that I’m not making anything. Which is kinda dumb. Haha.
What do you do when you’re stuck or lacking inspiration? How do you get back on track?

Shipped out this pretty little necklace. One of my favorite color ways right now. This style is available at @april.cornell stores.

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