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OMG yes that 1st meal post-birth! 🍴🙌🏽🍴 what did you eat?? Were you starving?
I'll admit I wasn't crazy hungry because I ate a huge lunch right before I went into labor and just 4 hours later my girl was born (plz don't hate me 😬) but the first thing I ate afterward was a grilled cheese sammy + rose champagne and it tasted like sweet manna from heaven 🍞🧀🍾🥂
(📷: @lophotobirth via @thebabymoonretreat)

Who loves #handstands #snatches #pullups #presses and all things overhead?! .
Then listen up 👂 😉
Let's take it back to the basics.
Now, of course if you're in pain, there are basics before these basics. So, as always, please go consult your local therapist before deciding this is what you need for your pain.
These are to activate those rotators directly around the shoulder joint to allow the joint to glide, slide and roll the way it's supposed to as you throw some weight over your head or stand on your hands 🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️
Ever heard the cue, "squeeze your arms together" for a handstand to increase stability? Not a bad cue, but it definitely activates more in the front chest when this happens. So, my suggestion is before we start increasing that chest tension and forcing shoulders too far forward, let's remind the brain how to be strong along the posterior shoulder and back 💪
Today I'm showing you some basics with the theraband. As "basic" as they seem, they can light up that shoulder when done properly. .
✅ ER Walk-Outs: keep the shoulder blade down & back, elbow close to your side and keep the wrist and elbow in straight alignment throughout the movement. .
✅ ER Scap Stabs: keep that same wrist/elbow alignment as you work on moving the shoulder blade into upward and downward rotation while maintaining a solid external rotation stabilization force. .
✅ Single Arm Rows: seemingly easy, but will light up with lats when done correctly. Don't allow the torso to move. Lead from the shoulder blade down and back first and then the elbow pulls in close to your side as it squeezes in and back as much as it can without allowing the front of the shoulder to dip down and forward. Keep the shoulder blade back and down! .
✅ Single Arm Row to Press: lock the shoulder down the entire time, stabilizing through the lats and low traps. Use the external rotators to engage as the arm rotates up, and the serratus and low traps to stabilize as you reach overhead. Feel the burn and keep that shoulder away from the ear as much as possible!
Tag a friend and let me know what you think!! 👊

This might not be as exciting for you as it is for me but holding a 10 second one-handed handstand has been a goal of mine for a LOOOONG time... Years! And I just did!!! 😝😝😝
BIG thanks to all my followers for all of your encouraging comments and even your discouraging ones hah!
Sometimes I'm actually more motivated when someone says that I can't do something because I love proving these people wrong 😁 #rebel

Straight from the queen of handstands @miz.liz 💪❤️ By far the most asked question yesterday was how to tuck up into a handstand. These are some great tuck up drills which are crucial for getting into and holding a handstand. The reason you tuck up into handstand is because there are the fewest moving parts so you can make sure you hit your line and stay tight. The first drill on the floor is more beginner, the second drill at the wall is intermediate, and the last drill is more advanced. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us @miz.liz 🙏 #inflexibleyogis

Kindness and compassion are universal qualities that transcend cultures. By actively cultivating and incorporating compassion into your relationships, you begin to change those around you in a positive way. Become the embodiment of all that is good in the world.

Reminiscing days spent learning from the amazing children of @baale_mane

▪️If you know me...you know I ❤️#presstohandstands & #handstands so a challenge to those who are with me! If you don't have a stalder press (from seated) try this with a regular straddle/pike/tuck press ----------------------------------------------
Stalder press
Full pirouette
Return to straddle
Repeat series ----------------------------------------------
🔺CLICK MY BIO LINK to work w me & @thebarbellphysio on getting stronger shoulders/core/hips to help you achieve your #presstohandstand or any fitness goals 🙌🏼
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O que é Flexibilidade: "Flexibilidade é a característica do que é flexível, ou seja, aquilo que consegue se dobrar com facilidade; maleável"
Hoje skill de #handstands no @roverscrossfit e já aproveitei para dar aquela "esticada" após um fds de muito trabalho e estudo e o corpo já estava pedindo para alongar.❤️
Boa semana com muita energia positiva. #flextotalsystem #flexibility #flexibilidade #flexleg #crossfitgames #crossfitgirls #crossfitbrasil #spacato #espacato #segunda #segundafeira #polesuperdance

🇭🇺 Usual Tourist Behaviour 🤸
We spent a few last days in Budapest before heading back and went to visit the Citadel.
So, we hike to the top, yeah alright, we have a look around at the monument and the view, but we just can't ignore all the bars and other spots that are everywhere ! 😁
So then it just becomes a festival (!) of hand balancing and flags wherever we see fit : bars, floors, poles, decorations... 😃💕
@choubatuck and I got back home in Switzerland 🇨🇭 now, ready to crush our goals for the end of the year, and beyond...

🎶 Song : Stalgia - Bdy (Joe Mason Remix)


Exploring shapes 🙃 with @georgerubymusic

What does this image mean to you??
To me it means we must take action to create the results we want to see/feel.
The balls in the picture will go NOWHERE until one is pulled back and released creating momentum!!
Being pulled back, or pulling your self back requires effort and energy.
It may be difficult😩. It may hurt😓. It can be SCARY😱. BUT it is REQUIRED!! Just like the arrow...if it is to be SHOT forward towards the target 🎯 , it MUST first be pulled back!!
Are you willing to do what it takes to create the MOMENTUM in your life so that you can be SHOT FORWARD towards your goals/dreams/ideal life??

Tonight the STRETCH at 5:30 w/ @lizzymooreyoga & day vinyasa flow tho with me at 7 @littleoceanyoga #yoga #baby #graytefulg #spiritualaf #zen #zenbaby #handstands

Tenemos esa facilidad. No te veo, no me ves. Vamos por el mismo camino pero en veredas diferentes. Aún así, de vez en cuando, se nos da por cruzarnos a jugar. Y esa facilidad y manos, explota al vernos juntos. Y crecemos, volamos, mejoramos, somos lo mejor que podemos ser. Y como todo lo bueno, termina, y al separarnos, nos vamos con ese gusto agridulce de saber que juntos somos más y mejores. Pero somos como el sol y la luna, sólo nos cruzamos una vez en la hermosa excepción del eclipse. Esperanzados de volvernos a encontrar y ver cuanto hemos mejorado sin saberlo.
#acro #acroduo #acrobatics
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Jeremy and I moved in together after only knowing each other for 4 weeks. It was only a couple months later that I decided to drop out of college and move to Australia for a year with jeremy instead. I am certain my friends and family thought I was f*cking nuts. Flash forward 6 months from when we moved in together and we were landing in Australia. Jeremy hadn't seen his family in over two and a half years. It was very emotional for me to see his parents embrace him after I just left mine. After spending a month with Jeremy's family we packed up our little car and drove from Sydney to the Gold Coast to find our "Aussie home base". After only 5 nights of sleeping on one of Jeremy's friends floor (thank you Tim) we found our dream home. A one bedroom appt only 100 meters from the beach in the heart of the Gold Coast. That had air conditioning 🙌 I was in love. Never in my life did I imagine taking these chances and risks. After a month of being in our appt I confessed to jeremy how much I missed having a cat. He turned to me and said "ok well let's get a cat then" I just about freaked out and told jeremy how we CAN NOT get a cat when we are living on the other side of the world!! I told him I wanted a cat thinking he'd talk me out of it ... but instead jeremy found Pumpkin on line and arranged for us to go look at her. We adopted pumpkin and committed to bringing her back to Canada, no matter the cost. Around the same time we spent our last bit of savings on a camera to get photos and videos of my inversions. Jeremy from day one was happy to take my photos but soon enough he turned into my full time photographer and is the reason this account is what it is today. There is so much more to our story, after the year is Australia we returned to where we met (Toronto) and are now taking the biggest risk our our lives together. We are young and in love but more than anything we we take any risk, chance or opportunities that are thrown our way. I owe so much to this man. I love you @jezacorne

Bend the rules 🦎

#yoga #handstands #myson #Vietnam #travel

📸 by @jessleigh_bates all the way from Nairobi🙆🏻‍♀️🙆🏼‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏿‍♀️
Wearing the Jane #legging

#yoga #handstands #wellnesswednesday #healthyhumpday #daychaser

'Keep your body grounded on earth, but keep your consciousness high above the clouds' 🔥☁ Reflection and time to recharge for a few days but there's always time for a handstand 🙃
#sunset #beachyoga #thailandsky #meditation #beautifulsky #beaches #handstands #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl #yogainversions #yogateachers #yogadublin #lovedublin

I have no idea what I'm doing...

#handstands #activerecovery #powerlifting #inversion #usapl #yogafun

What a wonderful place @ecoyoga_scotland is... a brilliant place to teach a retreat! wonderful people, amazing food, hot tubs... beautiful place! #ashtangayoga #ashtangayoga #ashtanga #ashtangalove #ashtangayogaretreat #yogalove #yogaretreat #mysorestyle #handstands #handstanding #lovescotland

Some days inspiration flows;

feeling on top of the world and

like there is nothing that can't be done.
Other days it ebbs;

like sand slipping between your fingers

you just can't seem to grasp any of it.
But all of it is fleeting and to
maintain balance,
one will eventually pave another path
into the other.
And that is the beauty of this life;

that none of this will last forever.


can you love now?

#lovenow #upsidedownlife #adhomukhavrksasana #handstandinthesand #handstands #galveston #galvestonbeach
Wearing @aloyoga #aloyoga

🔥🔥We are back!!!! 🔥🔥
We had so much fun training together! 💁🏼💁🏻
Combo with our Iron X -L Sit and some other fun doubles tricks! ❤ Wearing the new geisha @dragonflybrand @terri_fierce @lisettekrol #lisetteandterri #terriandlisette #geisha #doublespole #poledoubles #duet #dupla #acro #balance #handstands #flag #ireland #irishduo #acroduo #dragonfly #strongwomen #dublin #terrifierce #lisettekrol

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