layer by layer | paper sculpture process

Three brass beads and handmade rope necklaces. Brass, silk, nylon 130 cm.
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round ‘n round ‘n round we go

It looks like my soft sculpture is getting ready to give a speech! This was from the NYSCA Grant awards ceremony hosted and sponsored by @roxburyartsgroup of which I am a 2018 award grantee for my interactive community public art installation, coming this summer.
My sculpture and I tussled over who got to speak first... haha.
Event July 7th, Roxbury NY.
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Adding some finishing touches to the hand made rope to ensure that it does not unravel. #handmaderope —————————————————————⠀
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Today I’m trying to find the grace (and patience) in a long to-do list with a spring break kid in tow. Please send me all the patience you have so I can pass it off onto my self. Because as the hours tick by and the list continues to grow with out much crossing off (tho there is some!!) my anxiety grows. —-
I sent this pretty babe out this morning tho... ✔️

I’m a firm believer in reading the novel before watching the book. And I’m *mostly* a purest who seeks to see the same things on the screen that I’ve read on the pages of the books - the caveat is that I respect all art forms and understand that there’s a process and a purpose for changes sometimes.
Ready Player One has been a long time favorite book. If you haven’t, read it first and then watch the movie (because that’s how you do it). We just went and saw the film and while I enjoyed the film there was so much that was different! Not sure how I feel about that. Are you a purest too? Have you seen/read Ready Player One? Tell me all your thoughts.

The traditional way of making rope in the islands for voyaging canoes and local houses involves hand twisting individual fibers (usually coconut or banana) together. As each fiber is added & twisted into the rope it becomes longer and longer. The strength of these hand made lashings are directly affected by the skill of the rope maker and the strength of the chosen fibers. When you're out on the middle of the ocean relying on these to sail your vessel back home, only the best rope in the Pacific will do.⠀
#bananafibers #traditionalcraft #sustainabledesign #ecofriendlyenvironment #ropemaking #fairtrade #plantbasedbeauty #paperart #naturalenergy #papercraftingaddict #naturalbeauty #goldenfibers #plantbasedfiber #handmaderope

🙌🏼 //
New baes going out to new homes 👏🏼👏🏼

cut paper | work in progress

These things happen...

Which one of the new colors is your fave? I’ve worn Toast (front center) with 3 different outfits now, so I’m leaning that way. - -
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IT’S HERE!! //
We are elated to share with you our Spring/Summer Colorway for our beloved Fragment collection. It’s all things desert, and beach and warmth. Morocco to Palm Springs, Marfa to Thailand these colors will take you via sound, sip and smell to that place we’re ALL dreaming of right now - because I know it’s not just me. Head over to our refreshed website and tell me what you think!
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