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The big reveal! Well...it’s Big to me at least! I realize we look like we could be a bunch of bakers, chefs or flight attendants but we are in fact RUSSIAN NESTING DOLLS! Hahahah! I’m sorry, I just think we all look hilarious! Family themed costumes may be a new tradition...at least as long as I can talk my kids into it! Happy Halloween from the Kelley’s! To find out where I got these amazing hand made costumes head over to the blog and check out my post Enter If You Dare. Or stay tuned for my next Halloween post with more fun family pics and all the costume details! #thoseheavenlydays #handmadehalloween thoseheavenlydays.com

First costume made and done. ✔️ I have a secret weapon up my sleeve, a heart of Te Fiti necklace, for Halloween night when the three year old changes her mind and decides she wants to be Elsa or Rapunzel or Batman instead. I’m prepared.
#handmadehalloween #moana

"I carried a watermelon"
#icarriedawatermelon #handmadecostume #handmadehalloween #dirtydancing

Don’t worry I’m having ONE not a whole litter! 😂🐱 This one might be embarrassing IF my granny hadn’t made it for my mom to wear when she was pregnant with me! 😱 Soooo how could I not?? #yesits30yearsold #handmadehalloween #earleysdohalloween #earleybabes

Oh my word!!! Check out these amazing Halloween costumes @doodleandpeg made using the #slpcoAyda pattern. 🎃👻
What are you/your kids going to be for Halloween?
Did you make the costumes?
#SLPcohalloween #HandmadeHalloween #nightmarebeforechristmas #HalloweenCostumes

Happy Halloween! Up your outfit game with this cute-but-spooky cat collar from @couturecraft. Head over to the website for the free tutorial 😻 #handmadehalloween

"Shark head!" I cannot believe the costumes we were able to come up with in a day and a half. Sometimes even I amaze myself 💁🏼@afrowhitey gets extra kudos for making his Maui hook out of solid wood in two nights work 😮 Cute J and I matched as Te Fiti and Rubes and B matched as Moanas. Thanks to @jmuaina and co for an such a fun night! #handmadehalloween #sortof #rubesandrad

My kids messed with my camera settings so sadly most pics were blurry and unfocused 😩 I spend way to long making these for that!🙄 luckily got a few... and no judgey eyes cuz Annabelle is rockin a crop top. 😂When your 5 year is a free spirit you embrace it and let her be her! 👊🏻👏🏻 #handmadehalloween #goosebumpsslappy #notscaryscarecrow #witchesincroptops

Happy Halloween! Weston dressed up as Stinky (the garbage truck) from his favorite show @amazonvideo The Stinky & Dirty Show. He was not into wearing the costume at first, but eventually warmed up to it when he realized it would get him candy.
I loved being reunited with two of my favorite things: cardboard and hot glue! I was able to make the whole costume with materials I already had on hand (which kind of fits with the theme of the show too). We used the back of the truck, the hopper, to store his candy while we trick-or-treated.
#stinkyanddirty #cardboardcostume #handmadehalloween


The return of the jellies 🐙🐙
Out of all the crazy costumes, this one remains the favorite. Grateful to have spent this Halloween with @circling_rosemary so we could revamp our jellyfish from 4 years ago and blomp around @hulaweenfl together. If anyone understands the blood sweat & tears that come from burning yourself with a hot glue gun repeatedly and getting completely carried away with costumes, it’s my fellow jelly 💜💙
Keep swiping til the end to see how far we’ve floated in life

Lots planned for Black Friday and the weekend! These Frankie pouches will be involved😉 stay tuned!🖤

Check out the adorable Halloween outfit that Lydia put together for her son! By crocheting a hat (pattern is from The Friendly Red Fox) and some basic mittens, she transformed an old lion costume into an adorable teddy bear costume! She used Berroco Remix for the perfect rag doll/much-loved stuffed animal look.

For my first ever #fanfriday, I've chosen this wonderful lady! I've known @erilen17 since high school and when she wanted to be The Fourth Doctor for Halloween last year I was excited to make her a 12 ft. scarf!

#thefourthdoctor #doctorwho #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #drwhoscarf #handmadeisbetter #halloweencostume #handmadehalloween #etsyseller #etsy #makerlife #storyknits #smallbusiness #shopsmall #girlboss #thefourthdoctorscarf

My youngest decided to be Sarah from Sarah and Duck back in August and never changed his mind. My oldest decided to be Harry Potter on Halloween Day! I made that robe in a couple hours!! Needless to say it is not my finest work 😂😂😂 #handmadehalloween #sarahandduck #harrypotter #harrypottercostume #mamamade #imadethatduckin20minutes

Finally got a chance to share my halloween costume. La candelabra was a success! except I belong on a dining room table, not at @hulaweenfl. It’s always a fun challenge trying to outdo myself each year, but now that I’ve confirmed I can make anything happen given the tools and time, I think I’m done. I only had it on for a very short time because the weather ended up being super cold. Not to mention I was bringing the wrong kind of LIT to a crowd of dancing fools. I just love the art of it and seeing how far I can push myself. This year instead of planning out the details I just had a general direction in mind. Instead of gathering specific materials I relied on what I could find at resale places. I deconstructed items made of plastic, wood, iron, etc and rearranged them as my vision developed. It was exciting not knowing how the end result would look until it was “done” (never done), and I’m always happy when I’m able to repurpose found objects/materials. I’ll have to redeem myself by finding other opportunities to strap on these gold scraps and light myself on fire. Special thanks to @circling_rosemary for supporting me in my madness and taking these photos right before I ripped it all off, bundled up in human clothes and ran to catch Griz. Nothin’ like questioning your lifestyle choices while trying to be a piece of décor in the middle of the woods ✨🕯✨🕯✨🕯✨🕯✨🕯✨🕯✨

Hey all! 👋🏻 Late as usual, of course, but I've finally gotten our life back in order after the crazy Halloween rush and am ready for our next adventure!

So here are the kids (last minute) costumes from this year...
Corbin wanted to be an "orange dragon" who looks just like the Charzard Pokémon but without the tail 🔥. Then he got cranky every time someone called him Charzard. (Kids are weird.🙄)
Aurelia, on the other hand, wanted to be the "Lego Queen Dragon" from the lego elves sets/show. (Swipe left to see inspo pic)
I gotta give her props for originality, but seriously, not a single person would guess that character...ever.
All of which pretty much confirms beyond any doubt that these are both definitely MY crazy, random kids...creative, opinionated, nonconformist little nerds...Yup, totally mine! 🤣
#halloween2017 #diycostume #sewing #pokemon #charzard #legoelves #legodragon #queendragon #sewingforkids #madewithlove #fleece #littlenerd #handmadeisbetter #dragons #handmadehalloween #cosplaying #dragon #etsyseller #lego #nerds #dowhatmakesyouhappy #makersmovement #sew #handmadewithjoann #sewcialists #costume #makersgonnamake #minicosplay #nerdsunite #stitchandpink @lego

Since we were set up for photos, we took better pictures of the kids in their Halloween costumes. Luke is a Greninja and Josie is a Delphox - picture of the actual Pokémon at the end for reference. #pokepon #greninja #delphox #handmadehalloween

Josie the Delphox. And, no, that’s not her 💩 face. Delphox is a wizard and Josie’s casting a spell. #pokemon #delphox #handmadehalloween

Forgot to include the 50s chick. She likes to stay home and pass out candy but still wanted to dress up! #halloweencostume #handmadehalloween

Some things consume a lot of time. This was one of them. Every single second was worth it! Knitted hat, heat pressed decals for her varsity jacket, designed and sewed squid tentacles, designed and built a splat roller and tank. This was my #squidkid on Halloween. #handmadehalloween #splatoon #splatoon2

I made my kids into Totoros for Halloween this year, with the help of a tutorial from @youandmie's blog. (From the Hayao Miyazaki animated film, My Neighbor Totoro, for those who don't instantly recognize these little critters.) I usually do handmade costumes, but use a hoodie and leggings or sweats as the base, so this was my first time self-drafting and constructing the entire costume (times three). It was fun and I was happy with the results, but I think next year we'll just dig costumes out of the dress-up basket, or maybe they can all just be skeletons in their Halloween pjs. 😂 #halloweencostume #handmadehalloween #totoro #myneighbortotoro #totorocostume #miyazaki

Handmade Halloween 2017. My kids always want a costume not easily found in stores, which suits me just fine. This year we had a #splatooninkling and #louisebelcher

#handmade #handmadehalloween #sewforfun #sewing

Homemade Halloween. We don't do much Halloween decorating but our house turns into a costume workshop. The girls think all year about what they are going to be next year. It's funny how it's come to be, but it's kind of our thing. It's a great opportunity for me to teach my girls sewing and crafting skills.
#handmadehalloween #notanotheroneontheblock #redfox #jellyfish #babyblackbat #onabudgettoo #laboroflove

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