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Happy birthday mickey! Born since 1928 #callivember2017

anyone else feeling this shit today? 🙋🏻‍♀️ also I really would like to express my gratitude to whomever created this dank flatlay mock-up so that I could be a little lazier today (spoiler alert: it was me. I did the thing. u no past garb got future garb’s shit covered)✨
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With this one little paint brush I painted the largest letters I've ever hand lettered. Have to admit I'm proud of this. I can't wait for others to see and start signing the courage wall @luckypennycreative. @villagewgvl come on by tonight to see it in person!

Be you, boo! 😘

If you haven’t heard of this movement, allow me to explain. It’s like that one LMFAO song that’s like “If you ain’t takin’ shots, get the fuck out the club.” Except this time it’s with Girl Power, and if you ain’t here for it then get the fuck off the web. 👏👏👏
Shoutout to @theinkyhand for sparking the #fuckyeahgirlyletters movement and to all the women letterers letting the whole world know that sexism in the lettering community will NOT be tolerated! 💅💪

Have you ever wondered how to use the lettering guide that comes with each and every @tombowusa #fudenosuke pen? Here's a snippet of the tutorial I shared on the @tombowusa blog today! I'm making #diyplacecards perfect for next week's #thanksgiving meal. 🔻www.blog.tombowusa.com
#smithaletters #tombowusa #theshinynestvideos #tombow2017dt

- as promised more sketching spam from Frank (my art journal). I went through a phase of trying to perfectly render random items from magazines and seeing how close I could get with the typography. Yes, even back then, I was type obsessed lol my personal favourite is the Kit rendering 😍 all illustrations were done with a unipin fineliner and Micador coloured pencils. I'm seriously craving to get my skills back to this and improve a bit more. Hmmm, where to find the time... 🤔😂 #typography #handletteredtype #penandink #illustration #sketching #artjournal #drawing #journal #artjournal

Happy Saturday! Grab some @tombowusa brush pens and create some beauty! My sweet friend @kileyinkentucky shared a fun tutorial on her blog yesterday to show you how to create this piece by following steps from my new book Lettering with Purpose! Check it out by clicking the link in @kileyinkentucky's profile 😘😘 #tombow #tombowusa #letteringwithpurpose #communityovercompetition


With this one little paint brush I painted the largest letters I've ever hand lettered. Have to admit I'm proud of this. I can't wait for others to see and start signing the courage wall @luckypennycreative. @villagewgvl come on by tonight to see it in person!

Cultivate Gratitude D A Y ~ 16: one amazing husband! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Can’t even begin to tell you the gratitude I have for my amazing husband! He works long days, comes home and plays with the kids, listens to me chat...(a lot) about the day and my soul, does the rest of the dishes, tucks me and the kids in bed, and he shows love to his family in so many ways. This week has also been finishing up his gorgeous clipboards that will be for sale at the bazaar at St. Anthony today! I am honored to be his wife, companion, friend, love of his life and I couldn’t imagine life without him. I’ve not only learned so much about myself being married to this sweet man, but also have been abundantly blessed during our 20+ years of marriage! Love you so much @c_stephens70 and thank you for all your love and support in all my crazy adventures! ~•~
#c_streetstudio #faithjournaling #inspirationalart #artprintsforsale #biblejournaling #handlettering #handletteredtype #artforsale #designer #graphicdesign #ilovetypography #typography #november2017 #gratitude #gratitudeartjournaling #gratitudejournal #dailygratitudechallenge #thankful #blessed #loveandmarriage #besthusbandever #besthusband #numberonehubbyaward #toolman #stanthonytigard #holidaybazaar2017

Happy birthday mickey! Born since 1928 #callivember2017

It probably says something about me as a person that when I saw this quote my very first thought was “but what if wine starts at 10” 🤔 I mean, that’s one whole hour of work at least 😅
Created with two of the new brushes from my upcoming brush kit (yes, I promise it’s still coming!). Lettering done with the new “Trouble Brush” and doodle created with a new brush called “MonoWow!” You like? I didn’t intend for them to be chalk brushes, but if the shoe fits... 🤷‍♀️👠

It’s getting about that time of year... I’ve been there before for many years. .
There are a lot of you out there that are missing those you love who had gone too soon. .
There are some of you who may not have family to spend this time of year with. .
There are a few of you who are just struggling to provide and making the best of what you have.
A time of year that is suppose to be full of joy can be a very difficult season for many.
I just wanted to take the time to say I see you. I hope that you are surrounded with others who see you too and surround you with LOVE.
Hugs to you all this holiday season... I see you.

Day 13!
Prompt: Barbershop Logo
My concept: I decided to go with a handlettered logo. Each flourish was used multiple times in creating each letter, then was used to give a cartoon-like feel. #dailylogochallenge

#logodesign #graphicdesign #graphic designer #logos #vectorart #design #branddesign #brandingstyle #handlettering #handletteredtype

I dream, you dream, we all dream of... THE MIDWEST!
Okay, maybe not. But I bet you know someone who does. And maybe you should surprise them with this mug! On sale for $10.50, today only! That’s 25% off, and you don’t even need a code! Who’s gonna snag one!?

Yay for Friday! We made it to the weekend people, make it a good one with whatever you’re doing 😊 #frinally #friday #friyay #friyayvibes

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