Handful of Stars has got a lot goin’ on. I skipped my shift at Modern Mystic today due to The Plague, but hope to be better in time to move my camper to its new spot off the Beltline on Monday. I’m excited to be teaming up with a talented reflexologist for a one stop hand shop! More details after I’m set up, as well as some other news on projects and travels (hint: Salem!!!).

New podcasts now available on @thelightersidenetwork💫 Listen on www.thelightersidenetwork.com/podcasts

I escaped the busy city to Palmetto, Georgia to write and reflect. @Serenbe is just down the road but I’m going to save that visit for another day. The magic and beauty of nature is all around me, as well as Ruth the friendliest AirBnb cat, and I am content. 🌟

I’m obsessed with these gem essences! I have collected three - Sodalite, Citrine and Lapis. Moldavite (formed by a meteor hitting the Earth) was too powerful for me - it sent me into another dimension 🚀 ¡¿POP QUIZ: Who can guess the name of the four stones in this photo?!

@colleen_zee & I got to hang with the amazing Helene of @handfulofstars_readings in @thelightersidenetwork studio this morning! ♥️ want to find out all about the interesting world of Palmistry? Stay tuned for this podcast scheduled be released Tuesday, August 7 on www.thelightersidenetwork.com 🙌 Helene will also be one of our featured speakers at LumiSummit 2018, October 19-22 at the Center for Love and Light in Atlanta! Tickets are now available on www.jamiebutlermedium.com 👆Link in Bio👆

Been feeling a little low energy today, but seeing this photo is giving me high vibes!
Check out @handfulofstars_readings while you’re at it and get your palms read. She’s an amazing lady! ✨✋✨
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Have you ever had a palm reader tell you something strange or unsettling? I ask every client if they’ve had their palm read before I do a reading and I hear some pretty cryptic stories. In fact I may be collecting them. If you have one please share it below! 🔮

Chattanooga showed me alllll the love today, as well as some interesting hand tricks. Swipe right to check it out 😝
I’m all booked up for my private sessions tomorrow but I’ll leave some stickers at the register - stop by and grab one if you’re around. ✨ Thanks for hosting me @ritualremedy! ✨
📷 by @2_chanes_

Last night I celebrated 38 years of life at @seedtostarcollective surrounded by BADASS ladies. I can’t believe I get to call these beauties my friends 😍 Thank you @leahtrox and @lauragreineracupuncture for the PERFECT evening of cards, crystals, acupuncture and release. Y’all, if you’d like to host a celebration or event in a unique and authentic space - literally and metaphorically - I highly recommend Seed to Star Collective and the wonderful humans that run it 💖 .
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“Сонце упало з неба”.
Drudkh - Handful of Stars
Season of Mist, 2010
Of all the items in my collection, this might just be the classiest of them all. This is the deluxe leather-bound box set Drudkh put out for their 2010 album Handful of Stars. Included in it is an album art shirt (which unfortunately is XL as opposed to my usual M), a real feather pen, traditional writing ink, a digipack copy of the album, and an MCD copy of The Slavonic Chronicles. As a side note, this is the first MCD I’ve added to my collection, and while I knew they were smaller, I didn’t expect it to be that small! I thought that was pretty cool. And of course, there’s the beautiful wooden box itself, bound in genuine leather, painstakingly detailed and emblazoned with the band’s crest. You gotta hold to really appreciate how nice it really is. Of course, musically, it’s Drudkh so you know it’s great. Very happy with this boxed set. If you see a copy on Discogs for a fair price, don’t hesitate!

Chattanooga! I’m coming your way! I’ll be doing walk in readings from 12-3 this Saturday at Ritual + Remedy. Come visit me and this amazing little shop! ✨💖✨ @ritualremedy

Did a thing today!!!! Me and Luke ventured out to meet the COOLEST soul around, Helena, behind @handfulofstars_readings! I got my palm read for the first time ever! Totally didn’t know what to expect but the experience was amazing AND she made a sweet map of lukes paw to!!! Not to mention, her vintage camper is a dream!! Annnnddddd then we topped off with donuts! #vintagecamper #palmreading #newexperiences #freebirdandhound #puplove #handfulofstars #atlanta

✨There is no love like dog love✨ Meet Luke, a 10 year old yellow lab, and his lovely owner Connie. Connie reached out to me for a reading very shortly after I said goodbye to my sweet Lexi, and I knew it was a gift. While I was reading Connie’s palm and talking about all the shitty situations life can bring us, Luke watched her intently ready to pounce her at any sign that she needed him. What a lover. We took his print and gave him a quick reading as well 🐾 @freebirdandhound

✨ Stars on your palm are brilliance and sparkle! And this badass lady had a handful of them ✨ Another lovely shift @modernmystic_shop 💖

@handfulofstars_readings will be here in one week and we can’t wait! Remember, 10 minute mini sessions on Saturday from 12-3 (walk-ins only!) and the private, appointment only sessions on Sunday! Who’s coming?! 🤚 🙋🏻‍♀️🔮✨ #palmreading #handfulofstars #getinked #myritualandremedy #palmistry #itsallinyourhands

“The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.” – Coco Chanel ✨ Celebrate YOU today! ✨ 📷 by @lisandra__vazquez

✨ Heart and Art ✨ .
Introducing MS ATL. If you live here, you know this face. You see her on the streets, in restaurants, on stickers. I can’t show you the face behind the face. But I learned her story, and her art, and got a glimpse of her heart. I am blown away by her authenticity and resilience. She is a jaguar incarnate.

“One hand I extend into myself, the other towards others.” - Dejan Stojanovic
This quote was posted by the Artist / Kundalini Teacher / Death Midwife @narinder.bazen.khalsa following our palm reading session this afternoon, and I can’t think of a better way to describe who she is and what she does. Her presence at my dogs Lexi’s passing was a light. It brought me comfort and strength. Now I am also thanking her for gifting me this original illustration and for teaching me how to breathe. I’m grateful for all forms of teachers that drop into my life 🙌
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