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Don't judge the figure by its half. 🌗☠️ Figure available in store and online. #gnomeboyanatomic #jasonfreeny #bigshot #ragnar #themetalgnomehellstrummer #arttoys #handcraftedtoy

My new creation is a goose , listed in shop already😉. Last few days I was surrounded by gooses. I saw them everywhere: in Instagram, on TV, even on pages of my kids books ...so I 've decided it's a prompt to me to create a goose☝😂 in few minutes I draw a pattern and in one day I made her. It was easy and quick work. I liked👍 so I want to make gooses. But the first I want to read your comments, do you love her my dear friends?!😉
В последние дни мне мерещелись гуси повсюду. В ленте инсты (жареные), в телевизоре, в книжках...даже в газетнице лежала картинка гуся...Из чего я сделала вывод, что это знак Свыше☝ надо обязательно его сшить. И тут, в течении пары минут набросав выкройки на бумаге, я начала воплощать его, вернее ее, в жизнь. Как ни странно, работа далась легко и быстро. Даже выкройка идеально подошла, без исправлений и корректировок. Мне понравилось. Обязательно еще сошью. Про кукол не забыла, они давно раскроены и сшиты, нужно только собрать. Просто, гусь так ошеломительно ворвался в мой график😂😂😂Буду рада вашим комментам😍.
#авторскаякукла #куклы #кукла #heirloomdoll #doll #dolls #dollmaker #ooak #etsy #etsyfinds #handcraftedtoy

new nursery purchases... beautiful little Japanese handcrafted farm animals by @tlab_japan and forest throw by Sweden-based @finelittledaystore


Little kitty doll. $35. For order - please DM. Worldwide shipping.

Nee elf in my store soon❤️

He is waiting for lovely family🍁

Isn't he cute? 😘😽

Lovely cat boy

This handsome but cute cat will be available in my store in one hour😽

Sweet bear is available in my store🐻❤️

This sweet bunny is waiting for lovely family in my store, link in bio🐰🌸

Bunny girl is waiting for new family in my store, link in bio🐰🌸

Bunny girl has found her new home❤️

Well, well, look! who becomes a #handymanny kid? LOL.

He's been on #schoolholiday since may 13th and I insist that I won't buy him any toy (he has many toys & remaining toys 😂) And he made many many many #handcraftedtoy #handmade toys (mostly guns, swords, spears 😰😵) from newspapers, flyers, carton box , origami papers and others (he even made his own fidget #spinner -with my help, of course 😀) since then.

#kid #boy #toy #paper #origami #myson #talented

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