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Hanapa'a 2017 1st Place: Deep Sea #hanapaa

Bradda @topherishii getting bent!!! #Hotlavaflyco #Papiocandy #hanapaa
Available @: www.hotlavaflyco.com

Tyler boy and Poppa always catch 🐟! He loves 🎣so much this guy! #omelu #papio #hanapaa #blessed

Tilapia fevah in the Ala Wai #alawaiswimclub #hanapaa #alawai #kingtide

Great day of oama fishing! Brings back so many childhood memories🤗🎣🌊☀️ #technique #thetouch #hanapaa 😄

On the board. Not huge but it's a start. #deepseasportfishinghi #hanapaa

Pair of 🐙's from my last dive ! And scored a couple nights worth of lead 🤙🏽 #takoman #hanapaa


Jason, the #kiwi strikes back!!! After some time out of the water and a bit of morning sickness, #hanapaa big #ulua down!! So the current and wind were picking up and we decided to alternate drifts, no gps I told him to motor up a bit up current, checked a few landmarks and decided we were probly in a good spot, off the side he went while I took some of my gear off to call my mechanic... I was about to hit the call button when I heard screaming and looked up to see Jason being pulled under with a wake behind him!! Probly not an ono I thought to myself, so I motored over to him and hopped off ready to put a shot in something. He gasped and yelled to tie off the ski to his float, fml, as I did that the ski was being blown around and current yanking, so it took longer than I would have hoped. My adrenaline going, gun in hand, line everywhere with the conditions conspiring against me, I thought that shit is hitting the fan or maybe it already has and I'm taking shrapnel. Finally, I tie off ski which is kinda just staying nuetral with current and wind checking eachother. So I swim up current in time to see a school of #taape swarming the beast waiting for liver scraps to be released from an everwidening hole above the stomach. I kick ahead of J, who cannot speak- from swallowing too much seawater- and I can't help but smirk/wink at him. Now or never, I dive down with the trusty #hatch to backup shot the #30kg fish as it tries to swim away. Through the haze I see a struggling ulua with a midbody shot being hoisted up to the top of the ledge. One click and the fight is over, high fives after. Back on land, we cut it up and we already found some hungry mouths to feed!! Teamwork makes the dreamwork!! Aloha

The season is here...Keep 1 throw back the rest...#hanapaa #papio #omilu #fishing #808fishing #trevally

Good going to all the fishermen in the hanapaa trolling tournament in #haleiwa #yellowman #ahi #hanapaa #yellowfin #oceanart#drawing #micron

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