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I have an ugly face but it was hamstring and booty day 🐷🍑
#hammy #hamstringday #bootyday #praisebrodin

about last night ... because I have nothing better to do on a Monday night 😂😂😂 This basically sums up my relationship with @istiprotraining on #legday and #hamstringday 🤔 ... needless to say by entire lower body is sore 😤🤣 #butiloveit #bootygainz🍑#alwayssore

🤠 #hamstringday
Bu egzersiz ile : Kalça , bacak ve sırt hatta kollar çalışıyor desem 👌🏻😎
Her bacak ✖️15 tekrarlar gücünüze kalmış 💪🏻

Sexta feira fechamento 👊🏼💪🏼#hamstringday #bodybuilding

#Hamstringday was a success #quadzilla


Today’s hammie workouts had me crawling out of the gym. Today was one of those days that I did NOT want to go to the gym. I did everything I could to avoid the gym today, including: cleaning my shower, all of my dishes, all the toilets in my house, and copious amounts of laundry! 🤦🏼‍♀️ But I still ended up dragging my ass to the gym. 😒 And I’m SO HAPPY I WENT. I spent almost 3 hours there today, I couldn’t get enough. Some workouts from today include:
1️⃣smith machine donkey kicks 3x8 each leg
2️⃣sumo deadlifts 3x8 — keep your spine neutral (head down!!) 3️⃣hip thrusts 3x8 — I use the quad extension machine — google it, you’ll thank me! 💓

I literally have thighs the size of the glazed hams at Costco 🐽

Leg day part two, killing my hamstrings. After RDL for 3 reps of 460, I aquatted 280 for 10 reps and felt great doing it! Squats are one of my favorite workouts and one of the most essential for building a strong balanced body. Don't skip leg day!! #neverskiplegday #legday #legs #hamstrings #hamstringday #lifting #liftheavy #lightweight #killingit #nonstop #neverstop #motivation #everyday #neverrest #nevergiveup #keepimproving #betteryourself

Banded Hip thrusts! I really wish when I first started training I knew how to properly do this exercise. #mindmuscleconnection position yourself on a lower bench, keep chin tucked to chest keep torso straight and core engaged. Start movement by first initiating glutes, push up driving weight through heels, do not overextend (arch) at lower back to thrust! Again keep core straight and tight. Rink of hinging at hip, not moving thighs or torso! I use @mbslingshot band for added resistance! #glutes #hamstringday #hipthrust #gymworkout #workoutvideos #gymvideos #npcbikini #fitgirls #fitmom #fitness #girlswholift #igfitness #girlswithmuscle #trainhard #gluteday #glutetraining #fitnessmotivation #fitnessinspiration #fitspo @workout.routines #igfitness #glutesandgains #glutesworkout @glutesandgains @buttworkoutvids @howtogetabooty @gym_videos @gymglutes @gymgirlvids @_workoutvideos @theconnectedgirl @bretcontreras1

6reps at 405lb 💪🏾 Getting closer & closer to 10reps 😎 #HamstringDay

NORDIC CURLS! The best hamstring exercise you probably have never tried before. It's a negative contraction on the hamstrings 🔥🔥🔥#hamstringday #besthamstringexercise #leggains #hamstrings #gains #trainhard #traininsane #shelifts #girlswholift #trainlikeagirl #trainingtips #fitnessovermatter

Bosu Cable Leg Curl 🚫No Secrets Just Work 🚫#nsjw #nosecretsjustwork

Balance ➖Stability ➖Hams ▪️Bosu Single Leg Deadlift 🚫No Secrets Just Work 🚫

Hammy Focus Today➖Lying DB Leg Curl 🔥🔥🔥 🚫No Secrets Just Work🚫

Hamstring day! Also I got new spandex finally - $6 Reebok girls shirts LOL they were on sale ok. Anyway, today I tried to do Nordic hamstrings curls, but I’m legitimately scared of them so I’ll save them for an arm day, maybe. So instead I did glute-ham raises - I realized I was just doing back extensions previously on the machine, which is fine, but I watched @mattogus’s story this morning and realized although I don’t have the proper setup for them, I can modify it - that’s video 1 (this setup creates less force but that’s ok). Video 2 is what I supersetted with - hamstring deadlifts with 3 feet positions - facing out, narrow & wide. 5 of each, but this was my last set around so I probably only did 4 + my back was cramping 🤣
Other exciting news: I got to 115 in my deadlifts and I’m going to start learning and practicing power moves. Also, tomorrow I get to spend a good 9 hours outside (7 hours morning, 2 @ night) in ~40 degree weather, HELP! I’m just praying it doesn’t rain/snow AND the sun’s out....but either way I’m going to get really sore from being in the cold 😫 I’ll just think about the Chipotle I get to eat for dinner 😋
#fit #fitness #fitnessmotivation #deadlift #squat #legday #legs #hamstringday #hammies #lifting

Considering I was sitting in conference rooms all day, not bad at all! 👍
#goals #noexcuses #hamstringday

"I'm too tight." "I'm not flexible enough for yoga." "My back hurts too much to exercise." "My #hamstrings have always been tight." Well let's #stretch those babies out! There are a number of ways to go about it, and it can depend on where you are, how you feel, what gives you the most benefit, or which becomes your favorite. If you have back pain, or history of back pain or any other #spine issue, I suggest you perform the ones on your back. The surface you lay on will completely support your spine and allow for you to focus your energy on your target muscle, the hamstring, that long muscle that runs down the back of your thigh. Hold each of your stretches for 5-6 deep relaxing breaths....😌
1. Position yourself on the floor at a door jam. Have one leg run through the doorway, the leg you're stretching reaches up the wall. If you are tight, move your hips away from where the wall meets the floor until you can get your knee fully straight. (Note: the hamstring muscle crosses both the hip and the knee so if your knee is bent, you won't be getting the full benefit of the stretch)
2. As you gain flexibility, move your hips closer to the wall, remember, keep that knee straight...
3. Lying on your back, use a belt, a yoga strap, or a bathrobe tie, and loop it around the bottom of your foot just above your heel. Holding the strap in both hands, lift your leg raising it up towards your head as far as you can while still keeping your knee straight. If you can't get your as high as mine in this picture, no worries, lower it down to where you can feel a nice stretch in the belly of the muscle behind the thigh. Keep your arms straight, relax your arms and shoulders, and breathe.
4. Seated at the edge of your chair, once again using your strap, sit up straight, draw your belly in and up, and keeping that slight, natural curve in your lumbar spine ( the hardest part) lean your torso forward. (Think: heart to big toe, keeping your spine more in the shape of an exclamation point ❗️and less like a comma ) #barefootphysicaltherapyandyoga 👣#flexibilitymatters #hamstringday #PTmonth #nobackpain #enjoylife #physicaltherapyworks #fitmommas #getitright

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