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dreaming + planning of our next adventure this Sunday. Who has trips booked for this spring??

take an hour for yourself today. put your phone away, talk to your friend without the distraction, take a bath. Do something for you! "why are we embarrassed by silence? what comfort do we find in all the noise? " - Mitch Albom

prepping our goals for March today to keep on track with my 2018 goals.. do you plan ahead for your business or do you wing it?

literally all our fav books in one spot. which one is next on your list?

Happy Friday ladies 🍷

gorgeous shot of young living EO from @younglivingeo , who doesn't love neutrals in their makeup bag?

our fav work station 😍😍

we know how true this is. We have built this community to bring female entrepreneurs together to support and encourage each other. Sound like something you'd like to be apart of? Click the link in the bio 👆

workouts fuelled by isagenix are our favourite // Christine is our go-to for support through it all // link in bio//

the must try mascara everyone is raving about // link in bio for Natalie //

tag your business bestie thats there for you, no matter what 👇

thank goodness 👋

nothing is better then pretty latte, even better when you get to drink it while connecting with other girlbosses <3 looking for support from other female entrepreneurs? check out the link in our bio //

friendly reminder to put your phone away and RELAX today! we used to work every single day. Even Sundays and Friday nights! But we burned out. Burn out is a real thing! We were completely exhausted, unmotivated and struggle to accomplish anything come Monday morning. Take Sunday off. Have a bath, do an hour or two without your phone. Read a book. Spend time with your family. This is your day girl, ENJOY it!

our coziest cozy's are our favourite sunday outfits

workouts brought to you by pretty shoes and the fact that I don't have to leave the house // Celia has got you covered // link in bio //

Who's ready?

our fav kind of work days

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