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like my intro for a half-assed tbh

Gracelyn J. Montez;
19 years old. Boy and girl kisser. Nobody's babe. Optimistic but sad. Kink and axolotl obsessed. Disney and red wine enthusiast. Loves to make people happy. Indecisive. Petty when angry and upset. Always sleeping. Loves memes, Harry Styles, Hayley Williams, Brendon Urie and Shane Dawson. Socially awkward but tries her hardest. Massive believer in the universe. Loves her friends to bits.

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i want an apartment in new york with an amazing view and big windows and great lighting everywhere with a record player in the living room but also i want a mansion in texas with one big dog and one small dog and a huge aquarium full of fishes in my living room #openrp

i’m a little over guys rn so if any pretty girlies wanna hmu please do so

lmao who wants sum mcfucking cuddles
#openrp #newopenrp #halseyrp

twenty-two. human kisser. no one’s baby. vers. white wine kind of gal. smoker. a little too obsessed with choking. loves the dark. paranormal enthusiast. conspiracy theorist. blunt. unbothered.

elijah n. scott
twenty-five. ashley kisser. father-to-be. loves one (1) woman. the maine enthusiast. french fry lover. the worst at replying.

- SAMANTHA M. CASTIEL. 🍒 ‘98. five foot. nobody’s girl. nyc. mother to a beautiful four month old little girl. music addict. boy kisser. sensitive. enjoys reading, traveling, sleeping. disney and animal lover. loves tvd, criminal minds, and any films from the 80’s. has a few friends, but more would be appreciated. dm me babes.

The taste of her cherry chapstick 🍒

it’s 1am and i’m on the brink to losing my mind #openrp i’m exhausted

You don't even know me and you're calling me daddy.

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|flash warning|
twenty three. mother of one. always tired. beyond confused at times. switch. ahs freak. vers: mainly sub. adores the 1975, patd, pete wentz, vines + memes. total trashcan. probably listening to music. cam girl. found dancing in oversized shirts or barking like a pup. don’t be afraid to say hi! — #openrp#halseyrp#bandrp

like and comment on my intro i need friends

𝔍𝔲𝔫𝔬 𝔡𝔢 𝔄𝔫𝔤𝔢𝔩𝔦𝔰 -
comment for a tbh and dm

deep thinker | loud speaker | quiet walker | bartender | hates pronouns | comes off as unfeeling at times | doesn’t usually do relationships | dominant | not into dudes | amateur tattoo artist | often has spray paint fingers | will flirt but dont expect much | needs chill friends.

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