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Iggy is so tall 😍 I love it 🔥🔥🔥 (she's 5'10" without the heels) #IggyAzalea

[charlie puth - attention]
biggest fear ? ✨/ follow me (@overtrying) for more song lyrics ☁️. —🥀: “
You hurt me. You broke me. You made me bleed more than anyone ever has. It’s funny though. When I met you it felt like our souls knew each other. It felt like they had intertwined and we were supposed to meet. It felt like I knew you from when I was little. I thought that we’d be friends forever. No matter how far apart we were, somehow I thought that we’d always know each other. I always believed in us. No matter how bad the argument or how terrible the fight got. I had hope that we’d grow old as friends and be there for each other through all the upside downs.
I told you that no matter what, I’d be there for you. You promised me the same. I told you that if you were laying awake at three a.m and you couldn’t stop thinking to call me and I’d listen to you ramble for hours and hours on end. I promised you that if you were crying I’d wipe away your tears. I promised that even if I were miles away from you I’d come back if you were hurting and needed me. I promised that nothing would ever change my mind and make me hate you, because I can’t hate you. My soul and heart won’t let me.
To me you were always going to be there. To me I thought that our promises would never die. I thought that, as long as we were both alive our promises to each other would live. You made me believe that. Actually, I made myself believe that. I didn’t want to listen to my brain or my parents. When they told me to watch out I didn’t listen. When they said that we became friends too quickly I didn’t believe them.

are you gonna watch season two of 13rw?💓

no money or no love? 🤔
“Have you ever met someone who you can’t get tired of seeing everyday?” she asked. “Someone who makes your heart smile and puts a sweet shiver to your spine. Someone who can sit with you all day even if you talk about nonsense things. Have you ever known someone who never asked for you to change yourself? Someone who accepts you just the way you are. Someone who never wants you to lose yourself just by loving them. Someone who treats you in the best possible way without expecting too much from you.” she paused and thought of that someone she’s been talking about. It all comes to her mind. The way he genuinely smiles as if there are millions of fireflies that suddenly showed up at the night sky. The way he looks at her as if she is the most stunning person in the universe. Her heart seems to love everything she feels. And for that, she is grateful to know a person like him. She smiled and continued, “Haven’t you met someone you thought—will never exists in this world? Someone you thought you will never meet. Because I have met someone who I thought will only appear in my dreams.”

just keep sliding I'm sure you'll relate 🙈 tag someone you love! 💞


another part of #evanescentamongthegray !!! the second one isn't really a poem but it's a little blurb that i think is necessary but yeah here you go! i'm in the process of writing a brand new piece i hope you'll like it!

are you a sensitive person? i am

Halsey and Demi SLAY the selfie game. 🔥😍


Now my life is sweet like cinnamon
Like a fucking dream I'm living in

Literally what i was thinking. they are so cute.

I want you to love me now ♡
#halsey #nowornever

Haven't practiced my voice in so long😫How do you like this one? Leave me a suggestion for a song down below, like this video for more, and please follow, thanks love you guys❤️

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Now it's three in the morning and I'm trying to change your mind
Left you multiple missed calls and to my message you reply,
"Why'd you only call me when you're high?

New theme! I've genuinely run out of theme ideas so I've decided to live up to my username and post reason why y'all are proud of Halsey

Dm reasons why you're proud of halsey; I'll post all of them and tag who sent it in💙

@iamhalsey #halsey

I hope hopeless changes over time

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