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Do you prefer dating people taller or shorter than you? -
I don’t know how to love without using my whole heart. I don’t know what its like to love someone ‘half way’. I practice giving love in the same way I’d like to receive it.
— Reyna Biddy

what's your crush initials? -
it was devastating, wasn't it? the loss of him, it made you disconsolate. this melancholic state that you're in right now, buried six feet under, and no one will hear your anemic screams. what happened to that buoyant self of yours, years ago, before you were here? before you met him? before all of these even happened? you were adamantine. you were hard to break, just like a diamond in the luster. until you met him. he was perfect, just like the protaganist from your favourite book. he was the one you always dreamed about. you ask yourself, what could go wrong, right? he loved you when you couldn't love yourself, and promised you that he'll never leave. everything was paradisiacal, heavenly, all you could ask for. it's been decades since you've felt this way. then it hits you ; perfect people don't exist, not at all. it was all in your head. the things he said he wouldn't do, he did them anyway. he found someone new, someone you'll never be able to be even if you gave it your all. even if you're willing to sacrifice that last piece of you for him, you'll never be able to hold a candle to her. promises were made to be broken, aren't they? and true enough, you lost your lover, to the arms of another.
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- describe the eyes of your favorite person? 🥀

It’s time to stop.
Stop apologizing for being emotionally unavailable. Stop saying you’re sorry because you’re incapable of loving anyone but yourself right now. Stop making yourself feel like the bad guy for following your gut instincts. Stop allowing others to blame you for putting your own heart first. Stop letting them make you feel bad for not being interested in things that do not help you grow. Stop looking for someone else to complete you when you are already whole on your own.
And then you can start.
Start embracing it all. Start living boldly and unapologetically. Start listening to your heart and only your heart. Start saying no more often. Start pleasing yourself instead of being hung up on what others think. Start treating yourself with the same dignity and respect you give everyone else. Start loving yourself. Start refusing to settle for anything less than the best. Start thriving in your singleness. Start shaping your life into exactly what you always hoped it would be. Start creating your own happiness.

You don’t have to apologize for it. // excerpt from an unfinished book #148

what's your hair color?

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Q; how many naps do you take a day?

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✨this day sucked but at least we looked good

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Wow I had no idea Tyler & Josh had another band...

Oh look it's skellbo :3 totally not hiding a work in progress in the background ( O SH❗️T DADDY WENT LIVE BYe)

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I've been listening to brendon's acoustic periscope covers all day & I love them so much ahh

Don't belong to no city, don't belong to no man 🎧 #Halsey #hurricane #lyrics #instagay


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