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I didn't realize how much went into creating and writing a book when I started about a year ago. It's been a very productive & transformative journey.  Writing, Editing, Re-editting, RE EDITTING x's 10 and then reading, reading & Re- Reading x's 10. Receiving other peoples opinions and thoughts, receiving help when I thought I knew best and spending the night at 24/7 cafes just so I could work with no interruptions. 🔸
This picture only shows half of my book being read over at the moment, I remember when I printed it out, there were almost 400 pages and I was like "Holy Shit! I Wrote All This!?" and I was so proud of myself, I was almost in tears. haha
There were times I set the book down for weeks at a time and I was like I'll get back to it. Then when I would get back to it, I wondered why I ever stopped. The first time I wrote it, I wrote it all the way through and didn't edit one piece of it.  Just wanted what my story was inside my head to come flowing through my fingers first. 🔸
The fact that my book is a true story from my perspective on the spiritual realm and connection to other dimensions and psychedelic medicine, I had to really bring myself back to those days where I was connecting with spirits and having visions all day everyday. This brought up a lot of intense visions for me over the last year, connecting back with the spirit realm and even switching timelines a few times.  I really wanted to bring the emotions I had back then through the book, which meant going back to the source of that time period. It was intense & beautiful at the same time. 🔸
I found myself rewriting certain things that happened just so I could get the real picture of it for my audience and not just my picture of it. I wanted a first person view and 3rd person view. While there were challenging moments of putting the spiritual part of my world into words, I did it and I'm so excited!  I finally sent in my last revision today and then I will be publishing. 🔸
Writing is one of my passions and through this writing journey, it connected me so much deeper to know that writing will forever be part of my life. More books will definitely be on the way! :)

You must be patient when nothing goes right and your heart feels numb with sadness. You must be patient when you have been asking your Lord for a long time but your prayers are not being answered. You must be patient when you think you cannot live any longer. You must be patient because this life is a test, this life is an illusion, this life is nothing but a journey. You must be patient because you are not alone, because He is witnessing everything with you. You must be patient because you trust in Him. You must be patient because He will never leave you, He will never let you fall or break. You must be patient because He only wants the best for you. You must be patient because He wants you to be steadfast and bear everything with grace. You must be patient because this life with its problems will end and you will succeed in sha Allah. You must be patient because your real home is Jannah in sha Allah (Reminder for me first)

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III #Nepal #Hallucination #Series
More in my blog! Link in the bio!😉

"#Vision without #execution is #hallucination." -Thomas Edison

Kantarellkungen! Kruxet med svamp är att de som är sinnessjukt oätliga oftast ser EXAKT likadana ut. Detta skulle med andra ord kunna vara den fruktade Joseph Fritzl-skivlingen. #svampbob #hallucination


🌪 #ElinaMerenmies - Dark in you from #Pleasure exhibition

в моем лесу растут странные грибы 🍄🍂
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Well now let me play with your mind
Hallucination might prove to be a head twister if u enjoy good wrting
Im working on it. And will soon upload it on my website..

confession: u left your perfume & i never tried to return it. For a long time it smelled a lot like regret - like tears in the street at midnight, but now.. maybe its finally just the tiny shell sink in the little house we slept in - mermaid light fixtures & aquamarine & sea foam - like the precious, beautiful clothes we used to wear & hopefully:: something like forgiveness - finally again: something like love

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Sk8 or (and ?) die ! Spencer Keeton Cunningham (@skcstandingrock ) went minimalist on this piece and it's striking. In Vancouver, BC.
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