Mahalo and Happy Halloween from Moana (squared), Maui, Pua the pig, Hei Hei the crazy chicken, Tamatoa the crab...and the vampire that’s too cool to indulge in our family awesomeness 🙄. It is quite possibly our most haphazard costumes to date, but seeing as how we threw them together in one day, I’m feeling pretty fine about life 🤙🏻🌀. #PageFamilyCostume #HalloweenAtThePages #Moana

Boo you have a question?👻
#LetTheFunBegin (Ps doing the ultimate lazy man/procrastinators paradise Halloween this year. Keep your eye on my IG stories for the fun! 🎃) #FCFEats #FCFHacks

Truth - these were my PARENTS costumes from when I was a baby. #NoJoke. They were handed down and come in handy when you don't want to wear full yellow spandex bodysuits or fester boas to your kids' school Halloween parties 😜. Save those costumes if you have the storage room! You can reuse them in various ways, or trade/loan them out! #TheFrugalMinute #PageFamilyCostume #BubbaAndJordy #Vintage

👻 BOO 👻
Amazing Halloween decor sales are going on right now! Most of the cute stuff on this mantle is from the Smiths grocery store by my house, believe it or not! If you find killer deals leave them below and share! #TheFrugalMinute #HalloweenAtThePages #PageProjectLivingRoom

Lumiere and Babette! Couldn't find his candle hands at the last minute so we had to improvise. We will reveal the rest of the Beauty and the Beast Gang on Monday. Good job to everyone who guessed! #PageFamilyCostume #BeOurGuest #HalloweenAtThePages

Many of you guessed "The Little Mermaid" for our theme costumes this year. Close! But nope...we did that LAST year! See how we put our epic costumes together for next to nothing at FunCheapOrFree.com/Mermaid. Any other guesses?? #ArielIsMyJam #PageFamilyCostume

LAST CHANCE! We reveal (part of our) #PageFamilyCostume tomorrow, so speak now or forever hold your Reeces Pieces. Any guess what our theme is this year?? (Hint: click the hashtag above to see a yellow clue). Ps two selfies in one day! It's like winning the lottery! 😜#Snort #HalloweenAtThePages

When your poor oldest is so tired of waiting to carve pumpkins, that he hacks into one himself...with a butter knife...and does better than you would 😂🎃#BehindThePages🎥 #GetRdone #ParentingFail

Just about the extent of my Halloween decor 😜. Mama needs some cute stuff! Where do you guys like to buy your decorations after Halloween when they are on sale? (And not Dollar Store style, More like bigger statement pieces that last for years.) #ItsASorrySight #iNeedToStepUpMyGame #HalloweenAtThePages #CasaDeLaPage

Just doing a little shopping for our #PageFamilyCostume this year. Any guesses?? #Hint #YoureProbablyNotEvenClose #Muahahahaha #HalloweenAtThePages

Reminder: #AskMeMonday🎉🎉 Q&A on Periscope tonight coming up soon! Tonight is ask me ANYTHING. Leave questions below and I'll try to get to them. Also...It's 🎃PUMPKIN TIME!🎃 You can find killer deals on pumpkins per pound at the grocery store and really shouldn't need to pay more than $0.25/lb this time of year. However, this year we opted to support a small (adorable!) pumpkin patch near our house. It was a fun outing as a family to pick out our pumpkins as well as farm-fresh apples, corn, and carrots. However you decide to do it, remember to buy an extra pumpkin (or cease from carving it) so you can cook it down in the crockpot or oven, purée and freeze it, and use it to cook with all year long! #iLoveFall (Ps read how I cooked down my pumpkin by searching "pumpkin" on FunCheapOrFree.) #HalloweenAtThePages

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