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Which eyebrow shape do you have? Comment your brow shape with an emoji 🔪💎📐🍑📎. Via @isaxxh 💋

Colored Contacts from CamoEyes.com
❤Link in bio
Lenses in pic are:
1.White Mesh
2.Optical Illusion
3.Don't have my glasses on camt tell lol
5.Yellow Cat

Go to CamoEyes.com link in bio and browse hundreds of pairs!

A titans movie will be dropped hopefully in 3-4 years in The DC Extended Universe. Millie will be 16-17 years old by then. How insane would this be? She could definitely, amazingly, pull off a dark character such as Raven. I'm just hoping The Marvel Cinematic Universe didn't get to her first...
Have a happy birthday Millie. Enjoy, and hopefully many more to come.

Pondering all the ways I could make you bleed. Harness/bralette by @harlehouse 🖤🔪


Second attempt at a skeleton hand 👻

Quand tu prends enfin du poids.

Is it Halloween yet?

Credit to @eleveneggosandone
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