OK! Following up on the #LongBeachComicCon announcement, I wanna share a photo from #LongBeachComicExpo of some amazing folks! This is to help @missgrey_cosplay get towards her #greygiveaway18 2.5k goal! I love the photo of us as a group because this is what cosplay is all about, being with friends and having fun!!! Can’t wait for #LBCC2018 and to get this crazy crew back together! Be sure to checkout @missgrey_cosplay for details on her giveaway, and help her reach her goals!
#GreenLantern - @willsterling_
#Powergirl - @cosimaudrey
#powergirlharleyquinn - @missgrey_cosplay 🏹 - @ivoryforgellc (don’t forget code: SLCGreenArrow for 10% at checkout!)
👕 - @pinpoyntfx

NO SPOILERS: Who saw #InfinityWar this weekend, what did you think⁉️
It’s #SuperheroSaturday and I wanted to share this awesome edit by @get2dachopra of @willsterling_ and I from @longbeachcomiccon #LBCE2018 as your favorite green duo #Haliver for life! 🏹 - @ivoryforgellc (don’t forget code: SLCGreenArrow for 10% at checkout!)
👕 - @pinpoyntfx

It’s #InfinityWar Day! Who is your favorite character out of the #MCU films⁉️I’m not sure if Ant-Man is my favorite, or if it’s just Paul Rudd 🤔
A little #throwbackthursday to one of my favorite pictures from @longbeachcomiccon this past February! We had so much freaking fun in Cosplay Corner! Be sure to follow them on all social media platforms as they’re having all kinds of specials and giveaways in celebration of their 10th anniversary this September!
@missgrey_cosplay - Powergirl Harley
@cosimaudrey - Powergirl
@willsterling_ - Green Lantern
🏹 - @ivoryforgellc (don’t forget code: SLCGreenArrow for 10% at checkout!)
👕 - @pinpoyntfx

What’s your favorite way to unwind on a Sunday evening⁉️ Next week is gonna be busy for us as we finish our basement studio, and start preparations for several costume commissions! For me, it’s having dinner with family and watching movies! Tonight we are having street tacos, and are gonna watch @hostilesmovie 🎥🎞
Love this shot from @longbeachcomiccon of @sylviaslays as #PrincessBubbleGum with her two newest bodyguards! @willsterling_ w dynamite pecs as #GreenLantern of course!
🏹 - @ivoryforgellc (don’t forget code: SLCGreenArrow for 10% at checkout!)
👕 - @pinpoyntfx

“Hey, Hal, ten against two, how ya like them odds?”
“It’s not really fair, is it?”
“Naw, we should let them grab a few more of their chums.”
Let’s have some fun! I gave you my caption, now it’s your turn! CAPTION THIS PHOTO IN THE COMMENTS BELOW!
Taken during the amazing @longbeachcomiccon 📷 - @reflector90 🏹 - @ivoryforgellc (be sure to check their page for the amazing deals happening during their inventor clearance sale!!!)
👕 - @pinpoyntfx

Loved this shot from @longbeachcomiccon and is my #MotivationMonday post! One of my biggest motivators is getting to meet amazing fans at conventions, and wanting to look the part for them. This amazing #ClarkKent was so excited to see Hal and Ollie, and had to take a picture with us. We were honored to take this snap with this young pose master!!! 🏹 - @ivoryforgellc (be sure to check their page for the amazing deals happening during their inventor clearance sale!!!)
👕 - @pinpoyntfx

HAPPY #STPATRICKSDAY TO YOU ALL! Gotta celebrate with double green on today’s post! Who is your favorite green character in comics⁉️ COMMENT BELOW!
We are now a week away from day 2 of #WonderCon and you’ll wanna be on the lookout for my #SilverAge Green Arrow. I’ll be showcasing my traditional GA sleeves, and I’m so freaking proud of these bad boys! A huge thank you to me mum (@grannythegrey) for all of her hard work on them! So aside from like 7 people, over 200 folks said they wanted a sneak peek at Young Justice tomorrow night, so be sure to keep an eye out for the post!
@willsterling_ as Green Lantern @southbayslade as Deathstroke
Taken at the AMAZING @longbeachcomiccon 📷 - @lpschultz15 🏹 - @ivoryforgellc (don’t forget code: SLCGreenArrow for 10% at checkout!)
👕 - @pinpoyntfx (DM about custom SLC Archer hats available now!)

It’s #SuperheroSaturday, and I wanna know who your favorite hero team is⁉️
Lemme know in the comments!
For me, I love the Hard Traveling Heroes, they’re my #trinity 💚
Dinah, Ollie and Hal being together just simply makes me happy! Thanks so much to @willsterling_ & @tinycatkate for helping me bring them to life during @longbeachcomiccon this past February!!!
🏹 - @ivoryforgellc (don’t forget code: SLCGreenArrow for 10% at checkout!)
👕 - @pinpoyntfx

We are a little over 2 weeks from @wondercon and I. Can’t. WAIT!!! Tag a mate that’s going, and let me know your lineup!
I’ll be debuting my #YoungJustice Green Arrow, and several awesome new trick arrow heads!
Amazing photo by @reflector90
Hal to my Haliver is @willsterling_ 🏹 - @ivoryforgellc (don’t forget code: SLCGreenArrow for 10% at checkout!)
👕 - @pinpoyntfx

Good morning @longbeachcomicexpo 💚💚💚 be sure to swing by #CosplayCorner and snag a free photo! We’re also going to have lots of giveaways and fun things happening!!!

Who is your favorite comic duo? Lemme know in the comments! It’s been a lot of fun getting to know you guys through these posts!
Obviously mine has to be the Hard Traveling Heroes! While they don’t always see eye to eye (Powerline FTW!), I loved how much they taught each other in the stories from Denny O’Neil. I’m super pumped that @benjamin.percy and @ottoschmidt brought them together again, hopefully we can see more of them again sooner rather than later!
Huge thanks to @punktowntv for making this shot possible, and that lighting 😍
🏹 - @ivoryforgellc (don’t forget code: SLCGreenArrow for 10% at checkout!)
👕 - @pinpoyntfx

Little #flashbackfriday to let you know even #HardTravelingBesties have their disagreements 💚 We do however work them out #Bromance
@willsterling_ GL
@gunslingerphotography 📷
@longbeachcomicexpo Con

I want to see your creativity! Caption our convo mid battle in the comments below!
This is also a teaser. Do you know where we took this photo? I’ve sent out an email, and am waiting for a response, but it could mean a convention guest announcement if everything goes according to plan!
📷 - @gunslingerphotography 🏹 - @ivoryforgellc (don’t forget code: SLCGreenArrow for 10% at checkout!)
👕 - @pinpoyntfx Green Lantern - @willsterling_

Anyone else feel like this waiting for your next con? What Con are you looking forward to most this year, COMMENT BELOW!
📷 - @thehampresents

Guys, I wanna take a minute to wish my brother, PIC, friend, motivator the one and only @willsterling_ the happiest of Birthdays. This man has been my friend for so long, and yet we actually started off as enemies because we were a threat to each other’s status of the “funny guy.” After realizing we were basically just twinsies, only a few years apart, we became the dynamic duo you know and love. Happy Birthday, bruv, I hope you have the greatest day ever!

FIRST CON OF 2018 HAS BEEN FINALIZED! @wondercon 2018 will be seeing green, as I’ll be heading down to visit a lot of my favorite cosplayers! Perhaps @willsterling_ and I can bring out #Haliver for everyone to enjoy!
Who is going to #WonderCon and do you have a lineup in mind? I’m hoping to reveal a brand new cosplay, in more ways than one!

No spoilers: really enjoyed @justiceleague it was a fun ride! Only suggestion, could’ve used more green 😉 #Haliver
🏮 - @willsterling_ 📷 - @gunslingerphotography

He’s been the Hal to my #Haliver, the other part of my #HardTravelingBesties! He’s also been my #ManofSteel, now see just how much so in an original audio drama from @willsterling_ himself! "Just in time for #JusticeLeague, listen to @willsterling_'s original, full cast audio drama #Superman #RelativeDimensions, presented by #TheMotivationReport. Listen at motivationreport.com/superman, on Apple podcasts, and on stitcher."

Hey, Ollie?
Yeah, buddy?
You think Bruce will call us to help with this parademon infestation? Like officially?
Ol’ Spooky Ears? Hell no. He’s got his amazon, the walking computer and that lightning kid, Sparkles I think is his name.
Don’t forget the cat who can talk to fish.
Oh yeah, with the whole wub wub wub thingy.
We are officially a week away from the @justiceleague release!!! I can’t wait, and even though these two green son of a guns may not be in it, I’m wicked stoked to see the roster they do have in action!
📷 - @mloertscher
GL - @willsterling_ 🏹 - @ivoryforgellc

New #WonderWoman out today, and @thegeekyguide is helping @willsterling_ and I celebrate it!
What was your favorite title today? I'm going with a new @imagecomics title, Realm! 📷 - @gunslingerphotography 🏹 - @ivoryforgellc 👕 - @pinpoyntfx

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