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—the best looking Mikaelson...aka-my fav male

—to the wonder
Dt; @uhmikaelson & @evilherself
Cc; @evilherself

—always and forever
~they will find a way to be together.
Cc; whiter0se

—"I got distracted today, I was worried about you and I made a mistake.
@lifeofrileyv & @christinasmoses

—a lane.
I'm prepared for the hate😉
P.s my transition :)
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—au: Keelin is killed and Freya is broken without her.
Cc; celestial

—fm appreciation.
love my savage witch!
Cc; evilherself

—respect your badass elders.
Dt; @klausmikaelson.mp4
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Here's to my vampire buddy 😊😈💞 #fangtastic #halijah


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