It's been less than a week but I already miss being in Mexico with all of these wonderful people 🍹🇲🇽🏖️
Better believe I'm hitting all of you up next time I kick it in Stockton! #5couplesandJustin

I'm not the quickest runner — not by a long shot — but for me this is fast af.

On my single-mile runs, when I don't have a long run planned the next day, I've been trying to see how fast I can go (not counting vacay runs). I've been regularly hitting sub-8 but this is the first time I almost got sub-7. Who knows, if I just focused and didn't check my watch a couple times at the end I could have hit it.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

What really matters is that now I know I *can* hit it. All that's left is actually doing it.

My #backtoschool present to my husband! With heart issues on both sides of his family - I finally have him onboard with investing into his health! I NEED HIM! And yes, that is pizza I packed him for lunch.... baby steps people 💁🏼‍♀️
What are you doing to invest in yourself or your family this school year?
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Swung by @kingcongbrewing with the family to catch up with the dudes @kingbrewski and @monkeybuilds and got to check out the awesome @wideopenwalls WIP by @glob_cds while we were at it!

Cong has some great brews on tap right now. If you haven't been there in a while — or if you have yet to visit — make sure to swing by and check them out!

Felt good to pound some familiar pavement.

"Insanity is when you love someone so much , you help them destroy you by trying to save them"... and that's real shit. #chicago #graffiti #orked #sprayday #weekendshit #myninja #quoteoftheday✏️ #message #loveyourself

Super tired from traveling but wanted to at least get a speedy mile in this morning. After today, it's time to burn off all the vacay weight I packed on this summer 😝

Snack time!

One of my favourites....I keep trying to spread the word....
Nori, Sesame and Aleppo pepper baked chicken wings.
Sesame oil, buckwheat flour, sesame seed, nori, Aleppo pepper, garlic, thyme.
Oven baked and served with Kewpie mayo with sumac.
#fridaynightfood #chickenwings #halfwayhealthy #manfood #foodporn #kewpie #instafood

And here we are. The end to another amazing trip — this time celebrating the marriage of my life-long friend Chris and the absolutely wonderful @suzette1031 with me standing by their side as the Best Man.

This is definitely one I won't forget. I got to create lasting memories with new friends, brothers I gained during this summer, and people I love. I also drank more tequila and mojitos this week than I think I have the entire rest of my life, so I guess there is a chance I already forgot a few things.

As much as it pains me to leave this oasis (and my beloved outdoor shower), I can't wait to be back home with my daughters and my wonderful wife that toughed it out with our girls like the super mom she is.
¡Adios, muchachos!
PS: I'm hella mucho fluent at Spanish now. Don't @ me.

There will be many things I miss from this trip. Attempting to run in 90% humidity isn't one of them.

Silly me didn't get a picture with the bride and groom last night, but I did take a selfie with this beer-carrying burro during cocktail hour. #priorities

We tried a new class today at a new place! It kicked our asses && I’m so proud of Becca for killing it for her first workout since she had baby Hannah 6 weeks ago!
Thanks ladies for joining me 💕
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I'd like to thank my camera crew for coming all the way to Mexico just to take sweet pictures of me running. You the real MVPs.
When I got ready at 7am it was 80° with 89% humidity. I have no idea how to run in this weather. This may be the longest distance I hit while on this trip 😅 There is a gym but I hate dreadmills.

85° weather. 75% humidity. Feels like 96°. Red-eye travel day. Maybe 6 drinks in. I'm lucky I was able to survive for 1 mile 😝 #sorrynotsorry

BOOM. I never “race” for a short distance. Usually I am trying to push for a further distance, improve my 10k, 5k times... but today I decided to push for a quick mile and then I have a new goal to work towards improving!
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Listen y’all 🗣 This is LEGIT MY FAVE MEAL nowadays okay. #sweetpotatohash is da BOMB💣💥 #eggs #peppers #sweetpotatoes HOW CAN YOU GO WRONG?! But hey I’m a lazy cooker and that’s the only downfall to this. Peeling the potatoes... cutting the potatoes... it sucks the life out of me. Until the meal is finished and im eating it, then I remember how much I love it LOL
#goodfood #getinmybelly #halfwayhealthy #eatingwell #onlywaytoeatpotatoes

If you sell it, I will drink it.

Sunday Dinner
Roast Chicken Orzo ..
One of my favourites...keep trying to spread the word, this is so good!! 😎
Chicken roasted with thyme, lemon, oregano and butter.
Orzo in the juices with more lemon, dressed with with Parmesan and Parsley.
#roastchicken #chicken #chickendinner #foodporn #healthyeating #halfwayhealthy #orzopasta #lemon #instafood #onepanmeal

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