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1st/2nd Halves: 1:01:45 / 1:01:12 = 2:02:57
CKPT - Clock Time | 5km Split | 10km Split
–5km – 14:42 | 14:42 |
10km – 29:24 | 14:42 | 29:24
15km – 44:10 | 14:46 |
20km – 58:36 | 14:26 | 29:12
HALF 1:01:45 | ( 2:03:30 overall M pace )
25km 1:13:08 | 14:32 |
30km 1:27:38 | 14:30 | 29:02
35km 1:41:47 | 14:09 |
40km 1:56:29 | 14:42 | 28:51
FULL 🏁2:02:57 | ( ~4:41.3/mi [~2:54.8/km] )

Previous Record: 2:03:23 (2013) - Berlin
— — — — — — — — — — — — — — —
Before the world record in Berlin, Kimetto (left of picture) had an extraordinarily impressive year in the German capital in 2012, winning the half marathon in April, 25K in May, and taking second in the fall marathon. He established a PB 59:14, a WR 1:11:18, and 2:04:16, the fastest ever debut marathon run on a course eligible for record purposes. Twelve months later, Kimetto ran away with the course record in Chicago (where he's competing this year) with a 2:03:45 clocking. Just 12 months after that, Kimetto became the world record holder in Berlin.
In his phenomenal world record run, Kimetto was chased almost to the line by Kenyan compatriot Emmanuel Mutai (2:03:13) who also finished under the old world record time. Mutai (right of picture), who had a previous best of 2:03:52 from that race in Chicago, improved his "fastest loser" mark to move into 2nd AT on the world list. Mutai made the first serious move of the race after the pacers dropped off at 30km and only Geoffrey Kamworror (center of picture) and Kimetto went with him. Kimetto quickly challenged and pushed the pace himself, splitting K's in the 2:46-2:48 range and covering the next 5km in 14:09!


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From my third half marathon in 2013 to now.🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️I remember trying to get under 2 hours and I had NO idea what I was doing 😂I trained without gps watch, a plan, and no consistency. I think my time was 2:03 and change. I didn't know how to push through pain. I thought pain meant I was weak and slow. Little did I know was that the pain train meant I was putting in the work. So much has changed since then. Even in this past year, I've learned so much about training. No matter what happens in these races, they're stepping stones in my life and make me a better and stronger person. I've learned to never ever take running for granted. I'm thankful and will always be thankful for this ❤️❤️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️
#runjillrun #marathontraining #tbt

Did someone say TAPER TIME?!!! 🤗🏃‍♀️🎉
Whew, I thought this day would never come, and yet, here it is!! Today I had to split my workout into 2 runs. 12 treadmill morning miles (8:26 avg. with 6@ goal marathon pace) and 10 afternoon miles (8:28 avg. with 4@ goal marathon pace).
Eek!!! I am SO excited to officially taper ... AND to kick off my tapering, I got lucky and get to spend the next 9 days cruising the Western Caribbean 💙✈🛳
Happy weekend peeps!!! #2weekstomarathon #stgeorgemarathon

Happy Friday! 🎉 I was relieved to have some recovery miles on schedule tonight since last night's tempo pretty much left me with dead legs. 💀Recovery/easy runs may not seem as impressive or flashy to the Instagram world as speedwork or tempos, but they are just as important!!! Take it from a former 1-speed runner who is prone to injuries! 😂🙌Now that I fulfilled my running and work obligations for the day, my family and I are headed to (literally) our first Rodeo! 🤠Hope everyone else is enjoying their Friday! ❤️#run #runner #running #recoveryrun #easyrun #easymiles #runhappy #runalways #runcim #cim #cimtraining #marathontraining

When you realize training for fall races begins on Monday🎉I am SO EXCITED to have running back in my life after almost two weeks of marathon recovery. Anyone out there consider themselves a "routine person"? (I am🙋🏼) I don't like when my routine gets thrown off, or when I go from one extreme to the other in a bunch of aspects of my life at once - which is how I've been feeling this week. For instance, transitioning from summer back to teaching, night classes for grad school, and volunteering/coaching took some adjusting this week. And so did going from training for and running a marathon on 9/10 to not working out at all because my body needed recovery. (All on top of continuous wedding planning!) A lot of big, extreme changes, but all good and necessary changes. This week was difficult (hence all the talk about cupcakes🤦🏼‍♀️) because I'm getting back into routine and figuring out how to time things. But because running is coming back to my life, I know I'll find that routine and balance again🙌🏼

Eat. Sleep. Run. Repeat. ☝🏼 In case you forgot the rules! 💃🏻 2 mile "rest day" for me with my long run on deck in the morning! T- 43 days till 26.2 🕺🏼and Happy freakin friYAY! #marathontraining #bebetter
Tank from @goneforarun -- don't forget you can use my promo: Fitwithliss15 for 15% off clicky link to see their cute flowy tanks in my bio! 💋

En faisant une rétroaction de mon évolution dans le running depuis 9 mois, je réalise que tout a été très vite. Je n'ai pas assez prit le temps de comprendre l'importance des étirements "bien faits", jusqu'à aujourd'hui. Grosse erreur !
J'ai été voir une massothérapeute il y a 2 jours, qui a passé une heure à me faire mal, mais dans l'optique de me faire du bien (je sais c'est bizarre)... 🤔
Elle a appuyé pendant de très longues minutes sur mes bandelettes et sur mes periostites, c'était extrêmement douloureux, mais si je m'étais bien étirée, assez longtemps et comme il faut, à chaque run depuis 9 mois, je n'aurais normalement pas ces douleurs...
Et maintenant à cause de ma négligence, je souffre et je suis contrainte de diminuer mes pratiques sportives, (ce qui me fait me sentir comme un boudin... 🐷) Je suis sûre que vous aussi si vous passez de 4 entraînements intenses par semaine à 1 ou 2 petits entraînements, vous vous sentez comme ça...
Du coup je rattrape mes bêtises en faisant les bons exercices pour étirer mes periostites et le reste du corps. 🙏🏼
Stress pour ce week-end, semi J-2, mais aussi super excitée à l'idée de vivre cette course ! En plus les étirements ont un peu vocation de méditation puisqu'ils m'aident à être plus zen. 🏃🏻‍♀️🤙🏼👌🏼😉
Sur la photo, ma petite brassière @lululemonmtl que j'adore (et ma brûlure sur le pied que personne ne remarque mais moi je ne vois que ça 🙄) et je touche PRESQUE le sol 🤗🎉.
Moment honnêteté:
Est ce que vous êtes bien assidus dans vos étirements ? ☝🏼

Happy Friday Everyone!! Marathon training this morning for the @route66marathon and I feel like summer just started again because it's been so hot all week. Hope everyone has a fantastic Friday! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Here is a before run selfie & what I wore on my run.
I am in love with the DAVOS Crystal Blue w/ Clarion Blue sunglasses from @tifosioptics Love how all my colors matched, but these shades are super comfy and of course stylish 😉Oh & these shades are for Male or Female.
Also wearing my new Route 66 Marathon Rock the Route shirt (which is from @fleetfeetsportstulsa ) & always wearing my @spibelt 👍🏻 And don't forget, you still have time to register to run the @route66marathon or half marathon. Link in bio to get registered.

#motherrunnermelcoaching info.
About me:
➡️mom of 2 (4 and 6 year olds)
➡️Non runner to Boston Qualifier (x4)
➡️Coached myself from a 4:18 to 3:24 marathon time in 15 months
➡️2:16 to 1:32 half marathon
➡️Coaching and running is my full time job and passion. I am 100% committed to working with you to help you reach your goals.
Whether you want to run with purpose, tackle a new distance, or just get faster, I'd love to help! Let me make you a customized training plan for your goals sent straight to your phone.
-Your plan will be uploaded online and via the Final Surge app for you weekly, adjusted as needed to ensure we are working together towards your success.
-Pace oriented workouts that increase your running ability and confidence levels, including defining the purpose of every workout so you know exactly what you're gaining from each workout.
-Feedback and check-ins via email, phone, and text to discuss workouts. Frequency of check-ins depends on the level of coaching, basic 1:1 or premium 1:1 coaching (new option).
-2x a month Skype/Facetime sessions to talk about your progress and answer any questions.
Email me today for a questionnaire about your goals and pricing to start working towards your goals!
➡️Motherrunnermel@gmail.com, click the link in my bio to get started.
(New athlete spots for this season are limited to ensure quality coaching for every athlete. Spots are open for October and November at this time.)


Fiilikset blogissa viikko Finlandian jälkeen. Miksi lähdin, miltä meno maistui, miksi ajattelin ettei enää ikinä? #nowonblog #uusipostausblogissa #blogging #running #juoksu #instarunners #training #treeni #halfmarathontraining #halfmarathon #finlandiamarathon #suunto #karitraa #suuntospartan @suuntosuomi @finlandiamarathon

On Sunday three extraordinary men will attempt to break the world marathon record and maybe just maybe get under the dazzling 2 hrs mark in Berlin.. It's just phenomenal running, 26.2 miles in 2 hrs.. I can't even get my tiny mind round that kind of speed.. Elsewhere in the world I will be trying to run half that distance in that time.. Which would mean a lot to me.. That's the great thing about running, it's you against the clock.... 😁 😁 #beatdepressionandanxiety #depressionsucks #thisgirlcan #runningismytherapy #swimmingismytherapy #halfmarathontraining #winchesterhalfmarathon #basingstokehalfmarathon #beatyesterday #instarunners #womenrunners #irunthisbody #justrun #garminconnect #runninggoals2017 #lovetheskinyourein #berlinmarathon #worldrecord #karrimor #karrimorrunclub #💪 #♥️

Hot, muggy morning but I got up and ran a quick 2.6 before class. Would have ran farther and I needed a good shower before school! I pushed the pace even though it was gross our so I struggled today. But overall I went well #snailspeed #runningmotivation #sportsbrasquad #femalerunners #millcityrunning #kickass #takenames #halfmarathontraining

Mənim çalışan ayaqqabılarımı dəyişdirmək vaxtı gəldi. Beləliklə Nike-in yeni bir cütünə qoyduq. Çıxar ki, mənim ayağımın zəif hissəsində yanlış bir şəkildə yuyulur, buna görə də bu qaçışın ən çox hissəsini parçalayırdım. Neyse ki, mənim təlim planına uyğun olaraq asanlıqla asanlıqla 4.8 km məsafədə olması lazım idi.

#nrc #nikerunning #running #myasics #halfmarathontraining #sub2awah

This morning interval run

Sweaty and smelly, but what a great course! Disneyland Paris is so beautiful. 🇫🇷
#10K #halfmarathontraining #womenrunning #womenrunners #girlswhorun #rundisney #rundisneyfrance #disneylandparis

Gestern hab ich meine #polarm430 das erste mal getestet. Bin sehr zufrieden. Die Pulswerte über die Messung am Handgelenk hat super funktioniert. Ich freue mich auf die nächsten Läufe mit der M430. Nächste Woche werde ich sie mal beim Intervall Training testen. #run #running #runninglover #runningman #runningmotivation #laufliebe #laufen #laufmotivation #instarunner #sport #fitness #training #halbmarathon #halfmarathontraining #marathon2018 #marathontraining #asics  #polar #worldrunners #noexcuses #nopainnogain #haspamarathon2018 #instarunner #instarunnersger #instarunnersgermany #laufliebe #darumlaufenwir

Hey, it's been a while! 👋👋👋I thought I would try smashing out a run for the first time in a veeeery long time. Decided to check out the new neighbourhood (red zone) while I was at it. I'm actually stoked that I managed 8km straight off the bat.. I'm now dead 😝 I suppose I need would I fill my New Years resolution and get that second half marathon done by the end of the year.
#halfmarathontraining #running #veganfitness #training #workout #fitness #fitnessjourney #redzonerun #run

Only time for 3 miles 🏃🏻‍♀️before work but I got it done. 3 Miles is better then no miles! Tomorrow I will hopefully get in some more before I come in- the best part- no discomfort in my calf. I choose to use the word “discomfort” and not “pain” because pain normally I’m not going back to be able to run and that’s not something I want... So if I don’t say it- then it won’t happen- right @jordanmahan 😉 #runner #running #motherrunner #runnergirl #runhappy #riseandrun #runninggirl #nurserunner #womensrunning #womensrunningcommunity #training #halfmarathontraining #marathontraining #runnersofinstagram #runnersofig #runnerscommunity #runningcommunity #nurselife #rnlife #nightshiftlife #anorexiarecovery #edrecovery #recoveryisworthit #anorexia

...and we made it to another Friday! 6 hilly miles with Coach (275 ft of elevation gain, not too shabby), got my 6th day of my ab challenge done, then a little paradise mule with dinner. Not a bad end to the week. 👍🏃‍♀️🏃
#challengeville #oldguyrunningphoenix #runstagram #nuunbassador #nuunlife #runnergirl #runlikeagirl #runspiration #halfmarathontraining #womensrunningcommunity #100halfmarathonsclub

Ran another 3.6 miles during sunset tonight. Shins were kinda hurting during since I ran yesterday too but kept going. I warmed up 20 mins this time though. I guess I'm still just not used to running one day after another.

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