Förra söndagen gjordes morgonjoggen i ett riktigt fint väder, solsken och vindstilla. Dagens morgonjogg bjöd på lätt regn, lite blåst helt enkelt höst ruskigt, men att komma hem efter 45 minuter i löparskorna fått en massa frisk luft, haft pigga och lätta ben, och för min del, när löpsteget börjar hitta samarbetet igen med kroppen - då spelar vädret igen större roll. .
Efter en positiv tränings vecka med 6 löppass (63 km) - lite styrka - Lite rörlighet och några crosstrainer pass, så känner sig gubben redo för riktig grundträning! ————————-
Last Sunday the morning jog was made in a really nice weather, sunny and windy. Today's morning jog offered light rain, a little blown just a rough autumn, but coming home after 45 minutes in the running shoes got a lot of fresh air, had a nice and light bones, and, for my part, when the running step begins to find the cooperation again with the body - then again, the weather plays a greater role. .
After a positive training week with 6 running passes (63 km) - some strength - Low mobility and some crosstrainer sessions, the old man feels ready for the correct basic training!

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If Run Happy had a face... ❤
Great Birmingham Run last Sunday: From the cold... From the rain... From the tiredness... comes a smile! 😊
A friend of mine when looking at my race pics said "why don't you runners ever smile... you are enjoying yourself aren't you?" And my answer to that is Yes because I wouldn't do it if I didn't love it! ❤
The joy of conquering your personal mountains is hard to describe especially as others don't always see or understand the hard work, the commitment, the disappointment, the injuries, the self doubt, the worry, the triumph, the joy, the fear, the determination, the tears, the resilience, the courage... all those things that you experience but get you to that start line in the first place! 😊
All that is in a picture but you would never know! ☺
Feel Good Inc Brings You Run Happy (and they say a picture can speak a thousand words... they're right! 😊) 😉

Up and out early before work.. pitch black and foggy to start but finishing with what is looking like a lovely day.. 8 steady miles in the bag.. #run #runhappy #earlymorningrun #runner #brooksrunning #atlecko #6am #steadyrun #10ktraining #halfmarathontraining #marathontraining

And that was Sunday a week ago....
Race day pics from the Great Birmingham Run - a wet wet days that was! These are a few of the best ones and I look quite human! 😂
Race day pics always make me laugh because you get candid snap shots of you while you try to get through the miles the best way you know how and it's not always pretty... or photogenic! My worst pics ones tend to be exhausted face in the last quarter of the race and effort/determination face when running the last 200 metres to the finish line... yah I don't share those ones... well not very often! 😄
This Sunday I have a Karate Course ... so several hours of training... not sure how many! But with a smarting shoulder as I got inked with my butterfly tattoo - not sure how that's going to take being couped up in a heavy weight Gi for 3-4 hours! 🤔
Feel Good Inc Brings You Run Happy (and karate happy but not with a happy shoulder! Ouuuuch! 😳) 😉

It's finally here! Good luck to everyone at the #stroudhalf and to anyone else racing today 🏃🎉🤞 Time to put that training to good use.

I am bricking it 😳 but I'm going to enjoy it, take my time and get my first half marathon under my belt.

First official half marathon and it's sub 2! 1.57.35 being the official timing. Thanks #coachpramod @sanjjeetskrishnappa and everyone at @jjsrunning who made this possible. Amazing training regime and the push from the group captain and location lead was what made this possible. Looking forward to the winter training. Also was fortunate to meet the amazing @radkar82

Now for some feedback on @bengaluru_marathon. Late start made it difficult for most of us. As the race went on the sun belted down with increased humidity. The already smaller routes were made even smaller with barricades in between. I really thought of dropping out during the first 2kms. Vehicles, including a police van were parked on the run route. Something could've been done for sure? Worst part? Common people were trying to cross the road during the run. Worst crowd management. Hope to see some kind of difference next year
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I’ve been fairly quiet recently and so much has been going on.. bit of a whirlwind. So quit the gym as I’m now focused on running and more outdoor fitness.. I’ve signed up to a half marathon next year and two small races early next year.
I’ve also started a course #sportsmassage a lovely little course to do ... the curriculum looks fab and super interesting so will beginning that tonight I think.. where it’ll take me who knows!
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