Our moment of zen.
We have options when a situation we don’t like comes up. We can fall back on what our genetic history demands (lashing out or running from it), or we can seek the third way. Withhold reaction; avoiding giving our powers of decision to the outside world. We choose how we react. We can reserve our passion for living our lives and not waste it on the whims of the wind.
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Find the constant things. They will be your anchor. #yoga #yogapractice #embodiment #bebold #bebrave #ardhapadmasana #halflotus #shapesandshadows

Last day of #leafyourworries challenge - half bind lotus forward fold.
Thank you lovely hosts for the daily inspiration, encouragement, support and love! It was so fun joining this challenge!
🍂pose list🍂
🍁big toe pose or gorilla pose
🍁extended side angle pose A or B
🍁wide-legged forward bend
🍁 hand to big toe
🍁 half bind lotus forward fold
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Advice From A Tree
--by Ilan Shamir
Dear Friend,
Stand Tall and Proud
Sink your roots deeply into the Earth
Reflect the light of a greater source
Think long term
Go out on a limb
Remember your place among all living beings
Embrace with joy the changing seasons
For each yields its own abundance
The Energy and Birth of Spring
The Growth and Contentment of Summer
The Wisdom to let go of leaves in the Fall
The Rest and Quiet Renewal of Winter
Feel the wind and the sun
And delight in their presence
Look up at the moon that shines down upon you
And the mystery of the stars at night.
Seek nourishment from the good things in life
Simple pleasures
Earth, fresh air, light
Be content with your natural beauty
Drink plenty of water
Let your limbs sway and dance in the breezes
Be flexible
Remember your roots
Enjoy the view! 💞🙏
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Half lotus bind was easier than I anticipated... Mostly because I haven’t practiced yoga in over a week. Due to healing from a car accident that left me bruised and full of abrasions and in a depressed state of mind. However, getting back into my practice and bringing awareness back into the present moment has me feeling myself again. And its surprising accomplishments like this one that keeps me humble and grateful and forever anxious to be a better person than I was the day before. •
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B A L A N C E 🧘🏼‍♀️☯️✨
day 4 #inspiringallovertheworld
Finding balance. I feel as if this is first and foremost, winthin YOU! But I feel as if it also important to find the balance on social media platforms too. How much negativity are you following? Are you following any positive shit? Most of us are on social media pretty often! Make it be a friendly reminder for positive vibes. Don’t be afraid to let you inner #idgaf shine and don’t worry about what people think....➡️ #UNFOLLOW those negative pages and people. #FOLLOW more #positive people & pages. Quotes. Dope ass people. Enjoy social media. Let’s all be a nice fucking human.
Balance is one of the most important concepts to understand in life I believe. The yin to your yang. Everyone will have their downs. But what makes you up, happy? You ever feel like nothing in life is going right? I know I have!!! Plenty of times! You have your downs, now it’s time to bring it up!!! YOU control your own happiness. I use to think, I bring so fucking much to the table, why don’t I receive anything in return in this game called life. Why? I started turning to myself. My own happiness, my inner peace, controls EVERYTHING. Take time to meditate, stretch, have a moment to yourself. Balance your life. Close your eyes and breathe! Unclench your jaw. Relax a minute. Know you are present, here, now, you’re alive. Feel your breath flow in, and out. Stop and notice any muscles that are tight, why is your tongue at the roof of your mouth? Relax. Take another deep breath. Don’t forget to take time for yourself today! Turn your vibrations so high, that negativity will dodge you. Balance your day accordingly. Everyone deserves it. ✨ .
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Yoga for sinus relief👌🏽I woke up feeling under the weather yesterday but I’m fighting this thing 🤢
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Spotlight 🔦 on: Julio (Hard ‘J’) (“Julio” (Soft ‘J’ ) Lee: “The Balanced Ball Player ”

I LOVE my clients!

Today’s spotlight is on Julio, a 21 years young fullback for the Oakland University Golden Grizzlies who came to me with two primary goals: 1) to make the university football team as a walk-on, 2) to become a more balanced athlete.

I met Julio at no place other than @plummarket in West Bloomfield, MI, where he was working part-time at the moment to fund his schooling, and we began exchanging niceties each time I bought groceries. “There is something special about this kid,” I thought.

After a few months of getting to know him, I learned that he was on a bodybuilding programb, and I invited him to a free session. In his consultation, I discovered that he had a deep, passionate desire to play collegiate ball.

We began with a few weeks of modified bodybuilding, adding in plyometrics to maintain his power, agility, and finesse.

Each session, we cracked open the holistic lens into his fitness and wellness a bit more--evaluating nutrition and mindset. Herein came the introduction of superfoods like turmeric for #antiinflammation and the daily practice of stillness and breath via #meditation, beginning with @headspace.
When his goals shifted more seriously to making the football team, we took our sessions onto the turf, where--just like with Paul and many of my other clients--there was a happy mixture of the hard and the soft elements of training--the hard including: jump training, footwork on the agility ladder, and sprints, and the soft comprising: self-myofasical release, sun salutations, and pranayama to warm-up and #yin style #yoga as well as meditation to warm-down.

One of the greatest gains I saw Julio make was the shift to centeredness that he achieved. The ability to stay calm, cool, and composed amidst the hurricane of the workouts he faced. You can see the calmness on his face in the #halflotus picture.

As athletes (which is all of us), we need not only the capacity to push forward with: grit, determination, resilience, boldness, power, and the attack of ACTION.
(Cont‘ in comments)

I was facing an Instagram specific writer’s block and was struggling to come up with a caption today. I thought I’d skip posting and instead set out to write a blog on the Vedas. I was about 1400+ words in when I took a break to look at the phone.
I had a message from an old colleague of mine on my rather ‘simplistic’ representation of our culture in the previous post.
I couldn’t help smiling to myself because the blog I was almost finishing was titled - “What are the Vedas - a simple and uncomplicated explanation.” What are the odds? 😀
Equally, there’s the other side of the coin. Just yesterday someone else thought my posts were too ‘intense’. And I’d put up a story to ask you for suggestions on what I should write about instead. The response was overwhelming and surprising. I was expecting to get a bunch of new suggestions but instead I got so much unexpected love - many different versions of “we love what you write. Don’t change”. ❤️ I’m so very grateful and humbled and my heartfelt gratitude to each one of you who took the time to write to me.
And so given these two diverse responses to the very same text, I was reminded of that line by Kalidasa -
भिन्नरुचिर्हि लोकाः | Bhinnaruchihir Lokah | World is made of people with different tastes
And we can’t please everyone, can we? 🙃
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Our moment of zen.
So often, we only pay attention to the needs of the existence of others. Today, we have permission to attend to our own needs. Breathe in strength and resilience; breathe out self-deprecation and negativity.
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Stay rooted my friends. 🌳 #grounded

When I woke up in the morning, I decided to wear white and meditate for a few hours. Being NOW, where nothing else matters in the moment is powerful.
Why in the world those white clothes? “We ask you to wear white so that you will reflect what is outside and go within yourself—that’s what white clothes can do for you. When you are totally dressed in white, the entire face reflects, and then it is very difficult to become intimate. Wearing white demands that the other person deal with you on a higher level, because that person has to concentrate himself in order to advance. The most difficult thing on this planet is to wear white top to bottom; but it is also the greatest therapy. If you really want to test yourself, live in a white room. What it does to you in one week will shock you. From one Sunday to another Sunday, you’ll be a different person without doing anything. "Some people think we are laying a trip. We are not laying a trip on anyone. We wear yellow. We wear blue. We know these colors, and we know their reaction. We are not formal. Sit in your own living room with a yellow house turban on—and then a white house turban. You will find the difference. Don’t ask me. Colors create an uncontrollable action in your subconscious mind of inspiration, productivity and expansion. Colors have an effect on consciousness.
We wanted to develop a very fast, progressive, spiritual and technical method of all the colors, so we have adopted the one color of the seven colors, which is white. To you, white is just one color, but to me it is the total balance of seven colors." -Yogi Bhajan. Namaste. 🙏🏾💕🕉
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This is an old NM picture but I am so beyond excited to be here in CO. I made a big decision at the beginning of the year to start putting myself first before anyone else—to take the time to be undeniably selfish and figure myself out, in order to help others in the future. Tamara said to me the other day, “It’s like when you’re on a plane and they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first before helping anyone one else, because how can you help anyone around you if you’re not ensuring your own survival first?” And the closer I got to leaving, the more I felt like I was being tested. As if the universe was testing to see if I’m really committed to taking this step. So many situations came up where I could’ve given in and stayed. I could’ve given in to my family and the burden they’ve put on me to be the caretaker and mediator of all the chaos. I could’ve given in to the fear of change, to the comfort of living in my normal. But I didn’t. Change is never easy. It’s uncomfortable and it hurts, but it’s necessary. I read somewhere that some events that happen to you are so transformative that they become a major marker in your timeline that divides versions of yourself into a before and after. I feel the shift and the best part about it is that I made this decision. I created this change. For the first time in my life I feel like I have complete control. I’m finally letting go of “pre-move Angel” and wow does it feel amazing.

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the process or a period of changing from one state or condition to another. One of the many gifts #Yoga has taught me is the beauty of #Transition in my life on and off the mat. We don’t always recognize the significance of transition in our lives. The space inbetween the past and the future. The present shift that takes place to get to A to B. It’s not always graceful but transition is where the growth begins. The transition takes you where you need to go. #rising #halflotus #namaste #bridgetsalisburyyoga

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