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I rarely ever see any long edits Haley, so I made one :)
ib multifondam
cc heartregui
my audio

my #1 cutie forever <3
cc: etheralia
for kayla, sophia, amy, jeslyn, raelyn, tara + everyone else who commented ✨

babygirl 🌹
cc: @xepiphanys | ac: @galactvc | for kayla & mel <3
i tried a new style & using some underrated scenes and failed shskshskj

P Sawyer's best season
cc celestial
ac argxntgrimes
dt girlsofoth

2.17 - something i can never have
cc: @divxnes | ac: @etheralia_
sorry for posting like ten years later 😂 we were confused about the eps and who was supposed to post ahaha
— amaya ( @braleythan ) 💜

i love and miss these cuties so much :')
ac: kute.audios
cc: divxnes
[#omgpage #onetreehill]

happy birthday mel <3
cc heartregui (i'm pretty sure)
sorry you deserve better than this piece of crap but ive had no time to edit because of school :( but i hope you had the most amazing birthday sorry this is a day late!!! ilysm
#ebullientgrp #aeipathygrp #omgpage

2.20- Lifetime Piling Up
cc divxnes / ac jedipotter_
she was such a smol sassy sarcastic bean in this ep — annalise (@girlsofoth)


— brooke and jamie 💓
↳ cc: irrelysian dt: oth sisters !!

brooke & haley | i know what you want
cc hybridnik
dt @halesfilms @braleythan
tc @othtransitons
the quality got scalped😭💀
[ #omgpage #siriusgrp ]

two queens🤤
ac » jilluciaudios
for » leonie 🧡
tc » mine
i‘m kinda proud of this but sorry for the bad quality

this edit is ugly but she's not :')
ac: me
dt: kaitlyn

crack whore! slut! liar!
edit: if this glitches for you just refresh
cc @divxnes // ac/ib @girlsofoth // text presets from @mxhttp
for @xnathanrs & @argentsflash 💙💜
ignore the black lines because my dumbass forgot to raise the scale and precompose


⠀ ⠀ཾ༵࿐ྃ vent.
Instagram fucked it up but yeah
cc; me
ac; me
{ #catallystgrp }

brooke davis | trap queen
she doesn't deserve any pain, only happiness
tried new effects yay
ac xdarkallen
[#omgpage #omgoth ]

her sister, best friend and soulmate♡

love these angels! 💗💞
cc @voidinslow

— two iconic faves. (not a plot twist)
ac & ib @regimechxlls
cc demoniclydia
collab with @stephanies.editss
tc: me!!

endgames <3
collab with the talented @originalsasf!!
my audio
cc ; obrieninq

Haley James Scott
ib: a Spencer edit I'll try to find the user

i love one (1) pure & soft friendship. [besides #sciles ]
ac —> @avporvfx
cc —> mine
dt —> @scilesstilinski @xxotholic @videosofoth @multioth @naleyton
-Mel‘s edit
i seriously missed editing them and just in generell oth !!

lets pretend this isn’t the worst edit i’ve ever made 😅
ac: @voidsfrary

- this was a edit that I posted a long time ago that only got like 10 likes so I'mma repost it ;))
Ac: I remember it was from a spiderman edit

— nathan and haley scott !! 💓💐
↳ cc: irrelysian ac/ib: _siredtodamon

happy 13th birthday to this pretty girl @xnathanrs !!

i honestly don’t know where to start, we met on instagram and got closer thru roblox (what gamers we are 🤨) i remember a lot of fun memories we made aka opening and closing doors in darkness, sitting at the beach while its getting on fire in survive the natural disaster, and get chased by a head in the eye game and flicked down the stairs. i’m very lucky to have you as my internet best friend even when we faded in 2016. i love you soooOooo muCho my henry, bob, jayjay, dipshit, and whatever i called you since 2014 🤪😁 i hope 13 treats you well!! 💗

— brooke davis | cool girl
just a trashy collab part
ac petrovablake
#omgpage #omgoth

I love the purest friend(ship) known to man...
I literally had to RUSH this because I barley have time to edit
dt: karly (@wheresmisha)
cc: @mxhttp [#rivervixengrp]

So in love with Haley, u have no idea. 💞 -
I know, the edit sucks but I tried.

I made this edit a long time ago so it's not that good but I still think it's cute so I'm going to post it anyway💕
Flash warning.

Never felt this close to a storyline.
Lucas Scott my first and last rolemodel aaaand yes i know that he do mistakes, cheating and more but I did it too. Everybody does something bad as a teen.
[CR ↪ @ Me, repost Credits]
#omgpage #onetreehill
#onetreehilledit #brookedavis #brookedavisedit #sophiabush #sophiabushedit
#peytonsawyeredit #peytonsawyer #leyton #leytonedit #brucas #brucasedit #lucasscott #lucasscottedit #peytonsawyer #peytonsawyeredit #nathanscott #nathanscottedit #haleyjamesscott #haleyjamesscottedit #scottedit #edits #hottestcharacter

imagine her not owning my ass {pt}
ac: forgot
cc: mine
dt: my gurl Paige⚡️
#onetreehill #plottwist #haleyjamesscott #haleyjamesscottedit #peytonsawyer #onetreehilledits #omgpage

—My baby Girl ❤️💐I miss her! DT: um...... idk
AC: savioraudios
CC: me
TC: me [video star]

's post
my babies that deserved so much better.
↳ ac: mine dt: @sterolinevidz and @chxronicas bc they both ship them💓

galway girl
ac ??
cc @lavishgilbert

Brooke and Haley💞

This is an old edit that I’m reposting.

#othedit #onetreehill #onetreehilledit #haleyjamesscottedit #haleyjames #brookedavisedit #brookedavis

a known softie ☆彡
ac: @sxperkara [ #omgpage #carolineforbes ]

‘s season 7 naley ! •

i haven’t said it before but i love naley. they are always gonna be my second favorite otp!! #omgpage #naley #oth #haleyjamesscottedit #nathanscott #brookedavis #oth

's post
[One Tree Hill - 3.14 "All Tomorrow's Parties]
#qotp - favorite tv show?
#aotp - glee, oth and supernatural
Answer the 'qotp' to be tagged in my next post
fc: tagged
ssc: @treehillscreencaps

(old) collab w/ ma girl rebecca <3
[ #omgpage #onetreehill ]
sorry i didn’t repost this before !! :/

‘s post
wow i love my child sm.
audio; reggaetón lento (remix) – CNCO ft. Little Mix
fc: 10
show: one tree hill
#omgpage #othedit #haleyjamesscottedit

i will always be there for you, i will always protect you.
• find someone who loves you the way nathan scott loves haley james.
— season 3 was their best season
— song; lana del rey - video games
| ac; kuteaudios (edited) | cc; empyrxal
— idk why the fades and some of the clips are so laggy ://

— kara danvers (aka the loml)
↳ cc: irrelysian 💓💐 sCRAP;)

the superior cheater
ib undesirable
cc evilherself

[haley to serena] -
haley: 1x20
serena: 2x20 (i think) -
give creds if you use it

#onetreehill #one #tree #hill #oth #brookedavis #haleyjamesscott #haleyjamesscottedit #brookedavisedit #brooke #davis #haley #jamesscott #braley #braleyedit

p l e a s e protect her at all costs
ac: kuteaudios | cc: divxnes
dt: amaya, luci, skylar, haley, & kayla <3
[#omgpage #haleyjamesscott]

— one of the hottest couples on television ☀︎
a: I️ don’t remember
c: mine
tc: mine
dt: all naley stans and @scilesstilinski
rip quaility☆

the first Quinn I ever loved 💞
ac: kute.audios
cc: me
dt: paisley and chynna

⠀ ⠀ཾ༵࿐ྃ Brooke Davis || Elastic
Don’t mess with the best
cc; me
dt; @obrienswifey + any Brooke stans
ac; brattyaudios { #catallystgrp }

one tree hill's true hbic
peyton sawyer
ac trotta.aep
tc mine, not mine [ #omgpage #omgoth]

— vent
my coloring
might delete later

— brooke & haley !!
↳ cc: lomlyura ac: kuteaudios
i love these dorks sm !! 💐💓

n e w r u l e s

haley james scott everyone
ac: skyfulledits_
dt: @psaeshlei and haley stans

fc 44 | ac me!!
cc @cmethyst
dt @voiddiary and @reina.mp4 -
I just watched this episode and it still got me shook

I’m in such a Haley mood today and I really wanted to post this bbg who I love so so much, also, can we admire how gorgeous she looks on the thumbnail?
cr: breytoned

. iconic cw ships
[plus westallen i just didn’t
have scenes of them]
ac wolvela cc divxnes
my transitions!
#omgpage #thecwnetwork

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