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With some of the girls from halaqa the other night - I can't even think about leaving Detroit and going back to Dubai 😭😭😭 #HauteHijab #halaqa

La dieta del batido de oreo.
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Join us for a Halaqa on the Characteristics of the Beloved of Ar-Rahman by Sr Saadia Z. Yunus

Sunday, June 12, 2016

1:30pm - 2:30pm

please email info@mubarakville.com to RSVP📩

#halaqa #mubarakville #mubarakvilleevents #ramadan #ramadan2016

If you uphold the nine principles of the #halaqa, Allah ﷻ will make you sabab, a cause for the sinners among Ummat an-Nabi ﷺ who face punishment in Hellfire. With Allah's #Mercy, if there are seventy thousand of them in your area, when you recite “Laa ilaaha illa-Llaah” seventy thousand times in the halaqa, you will take them to Paradise as they are your neighbors. That tajalli coming down on you spreads to them and turns their sayyi`aat (sins) into hasanaat (good deeds) because of you and the Halaqat adh-Dhikr. - Shaykh Hisham Kabbani


A pic from the ALR halaqa a few weeks back. Thanks to the ALR girls for organizing and hosting and to all those who attended! #ALR #Halaqa #MSA

UK #bookclub #halaqa action Thank you @thahira_hussain for the pic! #joyjots

Updates From Halaqa on 16th April 2017 (Friendly Islamic sisters circle)

Halaqa was opened as it is our custom, with a beautiful recitation from suratul Hashr by deensister hafsat.

Next speaker of the day; sister umm saalim took the stage and took us on the various checklists of forgiveness; Definition, levels, benefits, rewards. ~Forgiveness is not something for the selected few who has a good heart or as our people call it 'farin zuciya' but rather, something that Allah (swt) highly recommends and therefore ought to cultivate the habit of. ~We should always remember our own sins that we are always hoping for Allah (swt) to forgive when we find it hard to forgives others as propounded by this marvelous verse  of the Qur'an" so forgive and pardon, don't you want Allah to forgive you? Likewise,  Allah (swt) Has also stated the believers are but brothers so make reconciliation amongst yourself (Q). This makes it natural to fall out with one another atimes but as believer conscious efforts should be taken to reconcile ourselves. ~A fascinating hadith of the prophet (saw) said: As believer it is evil enough to even hold your brother in contempt'. This closes doors to all dark thoughts towards one another 'i just don't like her' i hate her because of so and so.
Discussions began afterwards as refreshments were being shared. Another sister reminded us of Allah Himself asking us to forgive, not anybody but He Himself. And forgivessness is one attribute of Allah that we all depend on, almost on a daily basis, then how can we ourselves not forgive when offended.
Sooner than later the discussion changed course to the favorite topic when sisters come together -hijaab! Sisters were asked to relate their hijab story. Sister halima told us of how series of events in her life increased her in eeman and taqwa and got her to embrace the hijab as a lifestyle immediately she came to know of it. Sister sadiya on the other hand was a muffler style non-hijabi but with the right type of friends in the university, she now not only wears the hijab but calls other sisters to do the same. continued on the blog https://deensisters.wordpress.com #sisterscircle #halaqa


Starting July 28th, we are holding a Youth Halaqa for boys and girls ages 14-21. It's happening every Friday from 7:00 - 9:00 PM. See you there! #isnacanada #youth #halaqa #friday #youthhalaqa #seeyouthere

#RepostSave @agenda.mengaji with @repostsaveapp ・・・ [JAKARTA] Ahad, 23/7/17

Free / Untuk Umum

Tema: Kupas Tuntas Shalat Jenazah

Tempat: Masjid Al Ikhlas, Jalan Mutiara Kompleks Permata, Daan Mogot, Jakarta

Waktu: 13.15 WIB - selesai

Pemateri: Ustadz Azhar Khalid bin Seff
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To Haram #Halaqa #Yayy @amal__haya 💗💗💗💗

This week's halaqa/sohbet topic 'Prophet Salih' will be presented by Ustadhah Hanim Kaplan. Wednesday 7PM in the Ladies Cafe. Look forward to seeing you there :) #ICMGGenclik #Halaqa #Sohbet #weekdays #unity

Our females only sohbet/halaqas will continue from this Wednesday (28th June) onwards.

This week's topic will be on the month of Shawwal. See you then inshAllah ❤️ #Halaqa #ICMGYouth #HolyMonths #Shawwal #KGT #joinus

Dari @arifrahman.lubis (yuk follow) : “Saya ingin membahagiakan orang tua dulu”

Pertanyaannya…memangnya kalau sudah nikah lantas gak bisa berbakti?
Terus jadi gak sanggup membahagiakan ortu? .

Dengan menikah bukan berarti kamu tidak dapat membantu ekonomi keluarga kan? Kamu bisa sampaikan hal ini saat taaruf, berapa target alokasi untuk membantu orang tua dari penghasilanmu. Hal ini penting, agar calon istri ataupun calon suami memahami keinginanmu untuk membantu orang tua&adik2. .

Harus diakui,ada beberapa lelaki yg menjadi tulang punggung keluarga mereka,mereka memiliki orang tua yang sudah renta ataupun secara penghasilan terbilang sulit.Sementara adik2nya masih ada yang harus sekolah,sehingga dia ikut bertanggung jawab terhadap orang tua dan pendidikan adik2nya.Ada pula anak yg orang tuanya sedang sakit keras, misalnya struk yg butuh perhatian total.Lelaki seperti ini khawatir jika menikah nanti malah akan menyebabkan perhatiannya kepada orang tuanya jauh berkurang. .

Apa yg dipikirkan lelaki yg punya tanggungan orang tua dan pendidikan adik, serta yg orang tuanya sakit parah tidak sepenuhnya salah. Tapi hendaknya, jika umurnya telah cukup untuk menikah apalagi mulai memasuki akhir dua puluhan, dia mulai membuka pikiran. Bahwa, ketika ia menikah dengan wanita shalehah insyaAllah ia akan terbantu sekali dengan hadirnya istri. .

Bayangkan, ketika ia harus bekerja keras habis2an mencari nafkah, istrinya akan membantu mengurus mertuanya sebagaimana ia mengurus orang tuanya sendiri.Wanita shalehah insyaAllah paham betul bahwa taat kepada suami,apalagi dalam rangka ibadah membantu dan merawat orang tua,menjadi jalan menuju surga baginya.

Ada pula,beberapa lelaki dan wanita yg menunda menikah karena orang tuanya belum mau berpisah dengan mereka (dengan kondisi orang tua sehat dan ekonomi baik).Tentu hal ini kurang tepat, karena perpisahan dengan orang tua itu adalah niscaya. Tinggal waktunya saja mau kapan, saat anak umur dua puluhan awal, dua puluhan akhir, tiga puluhan awal, tiga puluhan akhir? Dan in syaa Allah bisa disiasati dgn silaturahim via telpon,mengunjungi,memberi hadiah dan hal lainnya. .

"Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it."-Albert Einstein
📸: @r4hme

Customized "out of this world" 🚀 halaqah notebook made for the ever-supportive @canadianmomeh. What a great way to engage the youth in some islamic studies this summer. ✨🌌🐪📓🕌⭐️🌙

YMS-SFBA had our annual Ramadan iftar last night. We were joined by two therapists, Sr. Nuzhath and Sr. Heba, who addressed questions and concerns the girls brought up anonymously #youngmuslims #halaqa #sfbay #youthgroup

Our gatherings during the month of hope ❤️ #hope #donotdespair #Ramadan2017 #RamadanNights #Qiyam #sisterlylove #halaqa #niccyouth

Ramadan Mubarak, friends & family!
📸 Rhoda Institute, Ottawa 📍

Come pray Asr at the Rhoda. The Rawha Class on the Alchemy of Happiness begins after the prayer (5:30 daily) 🍀

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