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Is this #monolith here to progress students into the next phase of their evolution or is it still looking for intelligent life #BeamMeUpScotty #fiuscapes #fiu #2001 #arthurcclarke #Hal9000 @fiuscapes

Press Green to hide screen #HAL9000

I recently started keeping a list of every note-worthy director whose film I've seen at a theater, and yesterday I had the absolute pleasure of adding my all-time favorite artist to the list, Stanley Kubrick, with a showing of 2001: A Space Odyssey in 70mm. 2001 is one of my most rewatched films, I know every frame of my Blu Ray by heart. But having the chance to see it the way audiences got to all the way back in 1968 was an unparalleled experience. I picked up on subtleties in the sound design I never noticed before, whispers of conversation I never paid close attention to (in a film I've seen 20+ times), brilliant editing techniques harmonizing the symphony of immaculate visuals and a powerful score, and my GOD if you thought the ear-piercingly terrifying monolith scene right before the Jupiter mission was terrifying watching it at home, you have no idea until you've seen it at the theater. I'd be lying if I said this was the one definitive way to see the film, there was a fair amount of noticeable film grain, scratches and dirt on the print they projected, which was chemically recreated to be identical to how it looked in 1968 so I suppose you can only expect as much. I'm absolutely an advocate of restoring the film in with the most up-to-date digital technology possible, as I'm sure Kubrick himself would have been. But seeing it in 70mm has always been on my bucket list, it was my number one choice for a film I wanted to see projected in the format and I'm overjoyed that I had the opportunity to do so. Imperfect film stock would be something that would definitely benefit other Kubrick films more, like A Clockwork Orange and Full Metal Jacket, since those movies benefit from a dirtier presentation than the clean-cut style of 2001. But I most certainly got my money's worth, and would even do it again if I had the chance. This was the first Kubrick films I've ever seen in a theater and it sure as hell won't be the last, I actually aim to see his entire post-Lolita filmography this way. #2001aspaceodyssey #70mm #kubrick #stanleykubrick #keirdullea #hal9000 #davidbowman #arthurcclarke #masterpiece #70mmfilm

Tried to see 70MM print of 2001: A Space Odyssey at @arclightcinemas last night but right when HAL9000 starts taking control, he also apparently took control of the cinema. ‘I’m sorry Gavin, I cannot allow you to complete this film.’ Christopher Nolan, thank you for the 4D experience.

I'm no philatelist, but these new 2001: A Space Odyssey 50th anniversary stamps are something else. There are eight in the set, and apparently they contain 'hidden secrets' for fans to find! I love this one, featuring Kubrick himself. There’s also ones for Arthur C. Clarke, the ‘Monolith’, Star Child, Dr. Dave Bowman and HAL 9000. The First Day of Issue is June 14.

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