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Check out your listing for #haitianheritagemonth festivities. Check your local listings!🙌🏾🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹

Flashback to last Sunday when the ladies of @hadtboston showed up and KILLED IT at the Boston Haitian Day Parade, celebrating #HaitianHeritageMonth in FULL EFFECT.
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Photo by: @d_irvin

Happy Haitian Flag Day! Bonne fete du drapeau! #MissHaiti #HaitianFlagDay #HaitianHeritageMonth #HaitiCherie #Haiti

Kicking off your week in style....as we continue to celebrate #HaitianHeritageMonth and #MiamiMuseumMonth #TeamHhm #TeamHaiti

Famn nan byen kanpé, li byen abiyé💍💞 #haitianflagday🇭🇹 #haitianheritagemonth

Happy Haitian Heritage Month and Happy Haitian Flag Day from @haitian.kings TAG A ZOE #HaitianFlagDay 🔥🇭🇹🇭🇹 #HaitianHeritageMonth #HaitianKings #NegLakay.
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Iguana on DUMB!!! 🇭🇹🔥
Compas Fest Weekend!
#lunionsuite #haitian #sweetmicky #haitianheritagemonth

Jour du drapeau 🌺💙🇭🇹 #May18 #Haiti #Lebicolorehaitien #blackexcellence 😍😍😍 #haitianheritagemonth


🔵💥🔫🔴 #4thOfYouLie Haitians played an instrumental part in helping America gain their Independence from the British on the frontline.
The presence of the Chasseurs-Volontaires de Saint-Domingue as the largest unit of soldiers of African descent to fight in this war is worthy of commemoration. The fact that their number was made up of free men who volunteered for this expedition is startling to most people and surprising to many historians. Their presence reminds us that men of African heritage were to be found on most battlefields of the Revolution in large numbers. As a new and relatively inexperienced unit, the Chasseurs participated in the siege warfare including the battle of September 24th and the siege of October 9th.
The Chasseurs Volontaires de Saint-Domingue served as a reserve unit to American and French forces fighting a British contingent. As battered American and French soldiers fell back, the Haitian troops moved in to provide a retreat. Twenty-five of their number has their names recorded as wounded or killed during the campaign. Over 60 were captured in the fall of Charleston eight months later. The British Navy captured three transports carrying Chasseurs; these soldiers were made prizes of war and sold into slavery. Other members of this unit were kept on duty away from their homes for many months as part of French garrison forces. A subsequent unit of Haitians was a part of the French and Spanish campaign against Pensacola where they faced some of the same regiments of British troops that their comrades faced in Savannah. Continue reading on Lunionsuite.com Blog credit @mrswanda @LuinionSuite #Lunionsuite Photo Credit: @zeek_is_the_key #HaitianHistory101 #HaitianPride #HaitianHeros #HaitiLives #HaitiTooRichToBePoor #SavannahMonument #HaitianAmericanHistoricalSociety #LunionFaitLaForce #HaitiWasBornInMe #HaitianHeritageMonth #HaitiWasBornInMe @_maiyaaaaa @lux_supreme @FePouLi @PoeticLakay @AyitiImages @WeDemZoes @SoundsOfLittleHaiti @LittleHaitiFieldTrips @HaitianAmericanReliefEffort #HaitiWasBornInMe

𓂀⁷ - Happy birthday @caban_ichiban !!! .
🎨: @caban_ichiban "Mecca Toussaint" 🇭🇹 .
I remember getting this in the mail. It was mind blowing. The God was like "you're a general so..."
There is no greater sign of appreciation than when an artist gifts you a piece of art they've created with you in mind. Beyond thankful for my friend and Lil bro Nelson Cabán - he's a trailblazer. He's fearless... he's insanely woke. He's a scholar. He's family. And he's one of the illest artists to put it down. He's awesome. Happy born my G!

Congratulations Uncle Narcisse! Runs in the blood.
_______________________________@Regrann from @lunionsuite - In celebration of May 2017 as Haitian Heritage Cultural Month, today, during the Miami Dade Board of County Commissioners meeting, Commissioner Jean Monestime, Miami-Dade Board of County Commissioners recognized #MDPD personnel, of Haitian heritage, for being the first Haitian-American police officers hired by the Department to have reached the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, and major (as well as the first female lieutenants):
⭐️ Garry Jeanniton - Major - Court Services Bureau - first to make lieutenant and major
⭐️ Viviane Louis - Lieutenant - Central Records Bureau - first female to make lieutenant
⭐️ Angelique Guerrier - Lieutenant - South District - first female to make lieutenant
⭐️ Louis Narcisse - Retired - first police officer
⭐️ Emmanuel Jean Nelson - Retired - first to make police sergeant
#lunionsuite #haitian #haiti #miami #haitianheritagemonth #caribbean #police #miamidadepolice 🇭🇹

Hoping President Donald J. Trump extends the Temporary Protection Status for #Haitians. #HaitianFlagDay

#TPS #HaitianHeritageMonth

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