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Heute war ein guter Tag. Denn jeder weiß ja wohl, mit vier erwachsenen Menschen auf kleinem Raum, auf Reise, kann nicht jeder Tag harmonisch laufen! Heute aber schon 👆🏻

if you ever gotten bullied, yelled at, made fun of, not included, not accepted, ignored, spit on, cheated on, abandoned, neglected, upset, angry, anxious, suicidal, sad, depressed, nervous, emotionless, empty, heartbroken, confused, misunderstood, taken advantage of, used, teased, forgotten, thrown under the bus, lied to, robbed, mocked, underestimated, pushed, kicked, smacked, punched, abused, assaulted, sexually harassed, cat called, raped.....

it's going to be okay❤

Fun fact: school is not fun •

P.s.: thx for 500+ followers :) 😋💕

P.s.s.: I have youtube channel you guys can check it out, subscribe, and comment videos you guys wanna see next 😎 (link in bio)

P.s.s.s: next video ima film is why I don't shave (I'm literally going to give a whole story and everything) 👀

so today was my first day at school (yay🙄) I only had one class though which isn't so bad. •

my boyfriend came over today b4 I left to school which I was super happy about cause he literally made my day 10x better. At time for school came closer I had a panic attack. I believe this is my first time having a panic attack in front of ANYONE. but my boyfriend was literally so supportive n he was talking to me the whole time I was panicking. he said things like "everything gonna be ok" , "you know that I'm always going to be here for you", "I'm proud of the person you are and are becoming", "just keep smiling" ,etc. •

I was panicking because I was overthinking a lot about school and things like that-that I made myself overwhelmed. My heart was pounding, I was shaking, overthinking, and cried a bit. I was soooo happy that he was there to console me and make me feel better than how I was. ❤

Overwhole school wasnt so bad and I actually got through the class alive and breathing.😅 I know over time I wont become so anxious about going to school and stuff. Just going to keep positive vibes and thoughts as much as I can. If you guys are through something like things just keep pushing towards and remember that all your suffering and hard work WILL DEFINITELY pay off and that I believe in every single one of you guys, I will keep praying for you guys, the world, and myself as well every night and morning💞😘. #GodBless

Yes I have dark arm pits cause I'm hairy as **** just shaved today. letting my true colors show. Embrace what ya got 🤗 #hairydontcare #Italian #French #German/Crotian #lover #realdeal🤷#whyarepeoplesofakethesedays 🙄

anyone know anything bout therapy? ive always wanted to try it out but I dont know anything but it :/ like how does it work? the cost? where to go? how to start? have you ever tried it? if so, how is it? •

I know psychologically it'll be good for my mental health lol help a girl out😭 I need to know everything lol. I'd appreciate the help sooo much❤thanks guys

insecurities was always something I struggled with (especially body dysmorphia), it started in middle school (7thgrade) when I noticed girls were developing faster and much more than me

I compared myself to every girl and every girl on the internet as well. I thought everyone was better and much better looking than me. I honestly didnt like how i looked at all. •

I was insecure about how skinny I was, everyone always telling me that im sooo skinny and that I need to eat more even through I clearly ate enough. I always compared the fact that girls would have bigger boobs and butts than me I wanted bigger boobs and butt, I even started to exercise so I could gain more, I would wear push-ups bras (that were very very uncomfortable and clothing to make my butt look bigger. Also my hair (I have really curly hair) and I would always straighten it because that's what everyone did, I didn't hate my curly hair I just straightened it so I would feel more accepted. •

My biggest insecurity of all was my body hair. I HATED my body hair with a passion, I would shave it every other day (even in the winter). I HATED how hairy I was and I would see girls (in my school and online) with not even one string of body hair on them. I even remember shaving my pubic hair AND IT WAS THE WORST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE😭but I only did it because I wanted to feel beautiful to myself and everyone else. •

However I am doing sooooo much better than I was better. My mindset has been cleaned out. Even though I sometimes just anxious about how I look, its nothing compared to how it was in the past. I now know how to truly love myself and what self love means. ❤

school's gonna start soon :/ but at least ima be rocking my underarms with confidence🤧🙆🏽‍♀️❣

me. ❤

tired of doing nothing🤧🙄

I've been feeling pretty lazy n super tired n sad lately for no reason :/ I can't stand the feeling of laziness. I barely leave my house n my appetite is sometimes nonexistent....but I know that being like this is not going to better my anxiety and it'll worsen my depression🤮

so I blast some music on and dance to it (specifically for blood flow) and I instantly feel better and I try to stay of my phone so my brain and eyes wont fry because of the screen. I try to be more active with my day,mind, and body. also find time to pray and be thankful for what God has even me,pray, talk, and worship Him because he is happiness and love💞

and I encourage everyone who suffers from anxiety/depression to do the same and I promise that over time you will feel better...maybe not completely happy n fine but over time you'll know how to control your emotions n bo on in life with a sm:)e on your face😘 God Bless you and may He protect you and guide you to Him and to happiness🙏🏼

they're going to judge you whether you shave or not🤧🤧

as @freelee_official says "best fuckboy repellent" 😂 of your manz dont love you for who "YOU" really then why b with someone who doesn't accept you???? 🤷🏽‍♀️


sometimes I cant stand seeing those shaving commercials telling us women that we "need" to shave in order to feel accepted/beautiful 🙄

women didnt start shaving until 1915, they did this because it was an easier and painless method to remove unwanted hair. before 1915 women didnt have to shave their body hair since their bodies were covered most of the time. •

so b4 1915 (which isn't that long ago) body hair was once normal. so in a way shaving your body hair is a trend THAT YOU DONT NEED TO FOLLOW AT ALL, it's all a personal choice. and if u do shave really think about WHY you do it and WHO you do it for✊🏼

loving yourself is easier said than done :/ 🤷🏽‍♀️❤

it's still a bit difficult for me to fully express my body hair in public cause my anxiety, it's summer and you'll still see me with sleeves :/ ik actually how my family will react if they knew I wasnt shaving anymore however i dont want their opinions to change who i am i won't even let my boyfriend's opinion change me (but ik he wouldn't mind since he has more of an open mindset☺) anyways I'm trying my hardest to go sleeveless during summer and be true to myself (honestly I rather wear sleeves forever then to shave) ✊🏼✊🏼 #beyou #beyourself #beautiful

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