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Hi Ladies, so that weave that they say is real, is manipulated hair, synthetic. I know many dont care, they are making a fortune. Ill be so glad when this mess goes out of style. Wear your own hair, stop making others rich off of something that they dont or wouldnt use themselves. And i get followed daily bybthe hair weave companies.
The only way i would put weave in my hair is if I had a diseass that robbed me of my hair, then i would consider a wig. Other than that no thank you. Im not interested. #noweavezone #likemyown #hairskinandnailvitamins #beauty #Savingwhatihave #likeacoolscalpanyway #happy

Played around with some eyeshadow colors I don't typically wear today- Greys and Blues... 💙 I also don't even remember the last time I straightened my curls, but it's been FAR too long. It looks so cute 😍
I decided to straighten my hair because I'm going to be doing another growth spurt and am starting another 90 Day Challenge of taking my plant-based Hair Skin & Nails multivitamins again! I want to take new before and after photos, so I can compare them to my last 90 days of taking them. :) it's easier to see all my growth if my hair is straight!
Here's to my hair growing like weeds again! ✌ #shauntesophia

Good morning 😃 #hairskinandnailvitamins for the win!!! I can put it in a ponytail 👍🏾 #workflow💰

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Keep on grow in’ 🤞🏻 #hair #brunette #hairskinandnailvitamins #biotin

9 0 D A Y S 💁🏾‍♀️✨💚 I’m looking for 10 ladies that are READY to take on a 90 Day hair growth challenge!! Whether you want to work on length retention, thickness, or just overall healthy hair, the HSN (Hair Skin & Nails) vitamins will DEFINITELY help you accomplish your hair goals! Text “HSN” to (904)-370-3388 to get my 40% discount! 📲

Hi loves, Happy Sunday! 🤗💖 So this past Friday I took my last dosage of the @halobeauty Beauty Booster! I’m excited to share my final thoughts with you all! 😁 Will I be purchasing it again? Was it worth the hype? (In case you missed it, I did a 2 week check-in regarding these supplements as well.) Check out my final opinion and results! #linkinbio 💋✨ •

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✨Glam Days ✨

Crushing on my hair vitamins today!
My hair has never been so shiny and strong. I have 🙋🏾‍♀️5 spots left to get my discount!!!


Tonight’s #regimen
My favorite #cleanser
My favorite #exfoliatingpeel and my favorite #aloevera freshly cut.
My skin has been acting up lately 😩 so I’ll be sleeping with the aloe on my face tonight as my #tone and #moisturizer in one. It’s time to bring my #hairskinandnailvitamins back into the mix and I definitely gotta up my #waterintake cus I been slipping HARD. Trynna have that all over #healthyglow by #summer too 😌👌🏾. #goodnight #skincare #skincareroutine #takecareofyourface #takecareofyourskin #allnatural #plantbased #gettheglow #healthyskinishappyskin

•Not Selling - Just Saying•

I’ve never been good at taking any kind of daily vitamin or any adult thing when it comes to taking care of myself. In January my doctor started me back on some medication so I decided to try taking a hair skin and nail vitamin with it. THIS VITAMIN HAS CHANGED MY LIFE! My hair had been breaking off and I had awful dandruff for the first time ever. I take 3 of these a day and my hair is growing like crazy, not breaking off, and it feels better than ever. On top of that, my nails are so thick and my skin... well it’s getting there. Just throwing this out there for people have want to grow their hair, get rid of dandruff, or just want a good vitamin. I get these in a pack of 2 from Amazon! #naturesbounty #hairskinandnailvitamins #theywork #notselling #justsaying

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