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You can see everything with your eyes until your mind makes you to see what you wanna see. #aliyarreservoir #hairpinstriping #beinghighisabetterview #memoriesmade

☀️SUMMAH☀️ Said in a Bostonian accent about a California Blonde. 😉
I used @scrupleshair infused with #b3 of course. 30 vol at her roots and 10 to brighten her ends Painted with my fine-tipped @framarint applicator brushes. On the lovely @tasha_lynn_wright #pinstripedhair #pinstripedbalayage #pinstripedblonde

•n u t m e g•
Don't forget the underneath!
I used all @scrupleshair for this little lady. Clay Balayage protected with @brazilianbondbuilder #b3 and then glazed after with ShadowLights in Nutmeg. @nikidima72

•s w e p t•
From my last color I did for my @scrupleshair takeover yesterday. 💗#balayagepinstripping #pinstripedbalayage

#pinstripedhair 💗Pink
I used @scrupleshair + #b3 with an overlay of @pulpriothair + #b3demi at the bowl to condition and add some Colour (just for funzies). On this the lovely @kristiesheets

•vanilla silk•
@scrupleshair Is my Go-To Balayage Lightener and I Never, I repeat, NEVER lighten without adding my #b3 to protect the integrity of my client's hair.
People ask me all the time if it really works, and my answer is ALWAYS 1 million times YES!
That is if you're into shiny, silky, soft, strong hair. ✨ @brazilianbondbuilder Is my Staple.

•Shadow || Light•
Sometimes my favorite way of adding dimension to blonde hair is to use a transluscent coverage as opposed to opaque. For this beauty I chose @scrupleshair ShadowLights and applied it in a slicing technique, until I got to the top/crown, where I used weaving. I separated using @davinesofficial #flambayage papers. Thank you to @behindthechair_com for gifting those to me!! Omg they worked beautifully! I'm hooked. 🐠🎣

In every sense of the way, these simple little painted surfaces make subtle reflections come to life, thus creating movement without even a twitch of a muscle⚜️

From yesterday's story. I used @pulpriothair + #b3demi for the win!
On the lovely @thisisashleywells

•BOHO GLAM• Done with @scrupleshair + @brazilianbondbuilder
Styled using @realsaintsandsinners and waved with @bioionicla
On the lovely @haydennflint

•m a r b l e d•
@scrupleshair + #b3 #pinstripedbalayage For the Win! See you in about 6 months love 💜

•e l e c t r i c y o u t h•
If you followed my story today, here is Miss Cienna's results of her deep conditioning treatment #b3demi Infused with @pulpriothair Nightfall, Velvet, Powder + Smoke.
This lucky miss thang, is blessed with naturally super blonde hair....soooo we played 🤗🎨

To strategically place each soft whisp of lightness.
Results: Super soft depth at the roots with the prettiest growout ya ever did see.
Here I used @scrupleshair + #b3 with by @framarint Applicator brushes.

•PinK 🥂on Ice•
#pinstripedbalayage with @scrupleshair + #b3 and overlayed with @pulpriothair Blush + a pinch of Lemon applied over wet hair at the shampoo bowl infused with a #b3demi treatment under the dryer for 20.⭐️

•Vanilla SilkWaves•
Done with my #pinstripedbalayage technique
Prettiest growout ya ever will see 😍
@scrupleshair + #b3 of course!
Waves: @bioionicla GoldPro Wand ✨

On the lovely @haydennflint
This couldn't have been achieved without the help of my @brazilianbondbuilder #b3
It protects my work every single time!

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