Starting my own salon wasn't something I had ever imagined I would be able to do. To be able to come up with money for the cost of the rent, electricity, products, furniture and all other bits and pieces, on top of renting a home and having general living expenses and medical bills just seemed too difficult. But a few months ago the opportunity came up and I decided to give it a go, and much to my surprise it is going ok.

Without my partner in crime the salon would only be a dream, my son and I wouldn't have a roof over our heads, or food to eat.
For the first time in my life I am completely dependent on others and it's really quite hard for me. I am dependent on my partner and I am dependent on all of my clients. Without your appointments, I wouldn't have a work place to go to. 💕

I started this business in a new suburb, an area I barely knew and with only a handful of clients, ones that I am so thankful they happily travel to come and see me. It was a big risk and I was scared, anxious and stressed to say the least. Most of you know where I've come from, the personal struggles I have had and still have and how hard I have worked to be where I am today. I thank my angels everyday, that I am still able to do what I love. In hope that my body continues to work with me and not against me. (Although some days I want to give up)

I have met some amazing people, ones who have been there from the very start of my hairdressing career and some new! All of you are so supportive and understanding of me and this journey, and it means the world to me.

Building a business can take years to become successful, word of mouth and client referrals are my main source of marketing.
Just one bad word about a business will travel much faster and reach more people then a handful of good words. So your words are important to me and I will do my best to make sure I keep all of my clients happy 🤗

You are all my advertising, your hair is my very own work, if you are happy, you are confident, and confidence is appealing. You are all so precious to me. Like hidden gems 💎💎 that I have found along the way. 😍
So a huge thankyou all for your love and support!!!! 🤗

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