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Reposting the INCREDIBLY HONEST post from our influencer @ambrosiacarey - her story is one of the reasons we do what we do at hashtagbeauty.com 👏🏻💋💪🏼
Well hello! I thought I would take a moment to introduce myself. My name is Ambrosia, that is my real birth name...my Dad was a major Sci-Fi geek and named me after the tv show #battlestargalactica
I am a workaholic & I think that mostly comes from starting life as a teen Mom. I had plans to go away to Art school, but plans changed and I became a Mother at 19. People felt bad for me, pitied me, and thought I wouldn't make much of myself. I'm not gonna lie, things were really hard for a while...I qualified for every Government assistant plan possible because I was barely making ends meet, working & going to school full time 5am-11pm. My diet consisted of mashed potatoes & Hamburger Helper, I had several credit cards in collections, and remember thinking 'this is temporary, you will prove to yourself & everyone else that you can do it all.' This isn't a woe is me story, this is a story to share how powerful a mindset can change things. By fighting for the unknown rather than succumbing to what is known, miraculous things can build from that mindset.
I've had a couple of hairstylists reach out to me recently admitting they're thinking of quitting. I want to hear your story & how you think you can turn it into a success! Please share with #ambrosiastories so I don't miss YOUR story! #beautystories #stylistslife

Life of a hairdresser #hairdresserproblems @vistyle007 i got you girl #idoyouyoudome 😂😛 💖💋

Can't seem to make my mind up with my hair colour 😂🤷🏼‍♀️#backtoblonde #hairdresserproblems 💇🏼

Don't lie to me I'm not your mannnnn 😩😫😢 #hairdresserproblems

When you ask the barista to just lift your coffee a few levels. #HairdresserProblems #ProductClub #GetInTheClub

One side of my hair gets longer while the other side gets shorter🤷🏻‍♀️I'm also a day closer to my three day weekend😍 #shorthairdontcare #mestiza #sandiego #hairdresserproblems

This described my Tuesday perfectly! Foils in the air! 😂😂😂#hairdresserproblems #busyday #Hairstylist #hotmessexpress


You know your a hairdresser when you get excited over new products 😬😬. Say aye to nice heathy Blond hair!! #wellahair #wellalife #wellaplex #hairdresserproblems

Don't abuse the weave! Don't use tape ins or beads if you can't get them done every 4 weeks you're ruining your hair! Don't abuse the clip ins it will tear out your hair over time and damage your hair FROM THE SCALP 😣🙄😝😞 #takecareofyourself #loveyourself #youreokwithoutitgirl #beautiful #weavelife #HAIRDRESSERPROBLEMS #hairbynatashabrook #stoopidiknowhuh #silly #godblesstheinternet 🤣

#Sassy I love it 😂they always do that and then there's that one heffa that co-signs 😒😆#girlbye you wear your hair like this while she gives me a real style #hairdresserproblems #naturalhair #twistit 🙄😩#littlehumans ❤️

Life of a hairdresser #hairdresserproblems @vistyle007 i got you girl #idoyouyoudome 😂😛 💖💋

Oooh no wrist hurts. Wrap it up hope it starts feeling better or something 😬. #hairdresserproblems #poorwrist #keepgoodvibes #goodvibesonly #wristwraps #keepgoing💪 #hairstyling #livelaughlove

The eyes have it! #HelloSalonPro

Life is too short to have boring #hair 💁🏼♥️ should I go red again? I'll prob want to be blonde again instantly though 🤦🏼‍♀️

Cool transformation from the other day. Loved working w/ his natural texture. ✂️💯 finished w/ #kevinmurphy motion lotion

Here's your answer! Who guessed it right? #HelloSalonPro

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