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Para todas las personas amantes del color estilistas/clientes, quiero compartirles mis productos favoritos.

@livingproofinc / @livingproofgt
#TimelessPreShampooTreatment Es un tratamiento pre-lavado que como función principal tiene prevenir el envejecimiento del cabello.

Pero en #COLOR, el factor importante es su tecnología avanzada que activa y sella el color antes del lavado para prevenir su pérdida y deterioro y mantenerlo vibrante y natural durante más tiempo, incluso para esa cana rebelde.

Reduce la ruptura del cabello hasta en un 85% así que si tienes proceso químico avanzado este tratamiento no debe faltar en tu ducha.

Para conocer más de #TimelessPreShampooTreatment ve al blog (link en bio 🔝) y comparte

Happy Wednesday everyone werk werk werk 😘🤓💇🏼‍♂️

Team @Subiaco we may be small but we have a whole lot of heart ♥️
No late night trading tonight, enjoying a social night out making it count @subiacohair

Листайте ➡️➡️ на последней фотографии, что было "до". Моя 💞 растяжечка😀
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Set up my own personal space for hair adventures. Anyone want to come play soon? #hairgoals #hairdresserlife #hairdressermagic #salon #hairstudio #homeawayfromhome #fun

BEFORE & AFTER of a beautiful seamless balayage created by one of our senior stylists Dominique. We love getting our ladies weekend ready especially with effortless looking colours 💕💕

Blonde baby blonde! 💛

Every week I buy treats for my clients... Every week I eat them #ffs #sorrynotsorry #hairdresserlife #chasingatoddlerleadstochocolateaddiction #blameitonbreastfeeding

I love my career, as I get to share my passion with whoever is in my chair. This lovely will be taking engagement photos and wanted beautiful blonde to be captured in her pics. She asked, #lightmaster was the answer. I can't wait to see this future brides pics.

I don't even want to know what chemicals are in Schwarzkopf's Color 10 because I'm obsessed with it right now! (...and if I find it what's in it, I might not be lol) Us hairdressers RARELY have time to get our own hair done but my locks are now permanently dark and delicious and it was done during a 15 minute break - WHAT?! 🙌🏻👌🏻 I'll keep you all posted on if it really lasts like they say it will! 💁🏻 (also, I know it looks like I'm not wearing a 👚 - the construction workers at our house messed with our air conditioner so I'm wearing a strapless sundress lol) 🤦🏻‍♀️ #notnaked


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