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Nothing to post so here's a pic of me when my hair was pink, so hard to maintain but I'll be back snitches!! #pinkhairdontcare #hairbyjamilee

To more hair sessions, mimosas & sangrias with you! Love you to the moon & back✨ #hairinspo #bauhaushairstudio #hairbyjamilee #birthdaybrunch

Trying to keep up with new posts every week for y'all! Here we have Cherie! It's been about a year since I've seen her and her hair still looked great! But it was time to spice it up! #highlights #beforeandafter #hairbyjamilee

Meet my new client Evie! We decided to put a twist on a normal balayage ombré and do it joker style! #hairbyjamilee #balayage

A little sneak peek from my projects! Candace will be featured in my upcoming editorial style lookbook, I can't wait to share! #balayage #hairbyjamilee

Kristy came in need of a color correction so I waved my imaginary magic wand and voilà her hair was looking healthy and fabulous again! #colorcorrection #hairbyjamilee

That shadow root tho #hairbyjamilee #highlights #shadowroot

Another gorgeous high balayage ombré with ash tones! @candacecam is totally rocking it! (Natural outdoor lighting varies, depending on time of day)

Doing a little hair sculpting on the one and only @dpq 🔪✨ #hairbyjamilee


Painting the day away! Fall hair vibes 🍂🍁✨ #hairbyjamilee booking, text/email- styling.inquiries@gmail.com

First day of fall was this week, here's an ode to summer with some of my favorite looks I did! 😍💕 #hairbyjamilee booking, text/email- styling.inquiries@gmail.com

These tones though and dat root melt tho 💜 Here's some daily hair for y'all! ✨ booking, text/email- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

I'm so inspired by all these bang looks! Who's next?! So.. we kept the hair painting and overall shape soft but still sassy for this dimepiece, Iris 💎 booking, text/email- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

I feel so full! People think I'm crazy for continuously driving between Los Angeles and Orange County but I appreciate the ability and opportunity to do it full time. I adore and love my clients and the spaces I create in. Mercury in retrograde usually has me fucked up but it's gotten me feeling so inspired lately. Just wanted to take a moment to say ✨THANK YOU✨😭 to all the people who have contributed to my dreams. Everyone and anyone who has crossed my path and impacted me in my career in any magnitude- huge or small, positively or negatively. It has shaped me to be the stylist I am today- gratitude, gratitude, gratitude 💗✨ #hairbyjamilee booking, text/email- styling.inquiries@gmail.com

Took Nicolette's back to the dark side 🤘🏾 and freshened her fringe with techniques I learned from a class I took a few weeks ago at @barrowsalon in San Francisco ✨ booking, text/email - styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

From long hair to short hair don't care for Chris before school starts. Perfect beginning and fresh canvas! This is what a day of hair painting looks like ✨ patience is key 🔑 text/email to book- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

*tv/film voice* And on today's episode of my client #haircreepseries is Ysabelle's amazing-ness! The color compliments her hairstyle so darn well! 😍👌🏽 I wanna see more client photos, tag me! 🤓 Text/Email to book- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

My girls with the curls rule the world ➰✨ a little hair painting root refresh on Miss Jada 💛 who else has textured hair for me to play with? Booking- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Chop, chop! ✂️ Monique rocking her new bob 😍 another good one from when I was in at Studio NN, San Diego last month 💕 booking- text/email: styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be in a craft where I am able to express myself through my work and also meet amazing like-minded people! I strive to be a better stylist than I was yesterday and I appreciate y'all for supporting my passion 💛 #hairbyjamilee booking- text/email: styling.inquiries@gmail.com

DAT MONEY PIECE IN THE FRONT THO 🤤 Julia's hair game strong 💪🏽 Hehehe, y'all already know I love creeping on your photos for my #haircreepseries 🤓✨ text/email to book- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Melt baby, melt! Blend baby, blend! Micro babylights and soft root melt 👶🏽💕 text/email to book- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Just a lil hair painting and some ash tones for a beautiful Sunday in LA 🤓✨ Text/Email to book- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

#haircreepseries continues with @roshon 💎✨
Blue by yours truly @stylinginquiries Cut @prince_thebutcher 🔪
Stunning photo shot by @instabaeth 📷💦
Text/Email to book: styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

I've had the pleasure of taking Tanya's hair from brunette back to a beige blonde and we've maintained the integrity of her hair through it all ✨😍 If you're ever in the South County area, check out her fitness classes! Text/email to book: styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Another one of my SD babies from last week, I love working with my girls with the curls 💗 Colleen's natural curls tho.. SO GOOD! ✨Text/email to book, styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Cut/colored/styled by yours truly for my look book! The awesome film photo is shot by the dashing @russellmayes 😍🤤 Text/Email me to book: styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

😍😍 @thesandrawong 🎶 All I do is creep.. on my clients photos 👀✨ Hehe I'm obsessed with all of you! Keep tagging me in your photos! And I'm currently booking for August + September, text or email me! styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

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