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Nothing to post so here's a pic of me when my hair was pink, so hard to maintain but I'll be back snitches!! #pinkhairdontcare #hairbyjamilee

To more hair sessions, mimosas & sangrias with you! Love you to the moon & back✨ #hairinspo #bauhaushairstudio #hairbyjamilee #birthdaybrunch

Trying to keep up with new posts every week for y'all! Here we have Cherie! It's been about a year since I've seen her and her hair still looked great! But it was time to spice it up! #highlights #beforeandafter #hairbyjamilee

Meet my new client Evie! We decided to put a twist on a normal balayage ombré and do it joker style! #hairbyjamilee #balayage

That shadow root tho #hairbyjamilee #highlights #shadowroot

A little sneak peek from my projects! Candace will be featured in my upcoming editorial style lookbook, I can't wait to share! #balayage #hairbyjamilee

Doing a little hair sculpting on the one and only @dpq 🔪✨ #hairbyjamilee

Kristy came in need of a color correction so I waved my imaginary magic wand and voilà her hair was looking healthy and fabulous again! #colorcorrection #hairbyjamilee

Another gorgeous high balayage ombré with ash tones! @candacecam is totally rocking it! (Natural outdoor lighting varies, depending on time of day)


My girls with the curls rule the world ➰✨ a little hair painting root refresh on Miss Jada 💛 who else has textured hair for me to play with? Booking- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Chop, chop! ✂️ Monique rocking her new bob 😍 another good one from when I was in at Studio NN, San Diego last month 💕 booking- text/email: styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

I am grateful to have the opportunity to be in a craft where I am able to express myself through my work and also meet amazing like-minded people! I strive to be a better stylist than I was yesterday and I appreciate y'all for supporting my passion 💛 #hairbyjamilee booking- text/email: styling.inquiries@gmail.com

DAT MONEY PIECE IN THE FRONT THO 🤤 Julia's hair game strong 💪🏽 Hehehe, y'all already know I love creeping on your photos for my #haircreepseries 🤓✨ text/email to book- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Melt baby, melt! Blend baby, blend! Micro babylights and soft root melt 👶🏽💕 text/email to book- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Just a lil hair painting and some ash tones for a beautiful Sunday in LA 🤓✨ Text/Email to book- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

#haircreepseries continues with @roshon 💎✨
Blue by yours truly @stylinginquiries Cut @prince_thebutcher 🔪
Stunning photo shot by @instabaeth 📷💦
Text/Email to book: styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

I've had the pleasure of taking Tanya's hair from brunette back to a beige blonde and we've maintained the integrity of her hair through it all ✨😍 If you're ever in the South County area, check out her fitness classes! Text/email to book: styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Another one of my SD babies from last week, I love working with my girls with the curls 💗 Colleen's natural curls tho.. SO GOOD! ✨Text/email to book, styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Cut/colored/styled by yours truly for my look book! The awesome film photo is shot by the dashing @russellmayes 😍🤤 Text/Email me to book: styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

😍😍 @thesandrawong 🎶 All I do is creep.. on my clients photos 👀✨ Hehe I'm obsessed with all of you! Keep tagging me in your photos! And I'm currently booking for August + September, text or email me! styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Happy Friday, y'all! What are your hair goals this summer? Let's play! To book please text/email me at styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Who said Sangria is only for Sundays? 🍷🍇✨ Are y'all back from vacation yet? Hehe, let's play! Book via text/email- styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Continuing to creep on my clients for my #haircreepseries 👀✨ Seriously just straight up slaying the game out there! 💦 Y'all let's book something! I want to play! And don't forget I'll be taking clients in San Diego on Thursday 7/20! Text or email me to book: styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Ello, my San Diego darlings! I'll be traveling in town for Comic Con and also taking hair appointments! Email/text me to reserve a spot ☺️✨ styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

Slay in that summer mane! Still booking for this month and August. I'll also be booking in San Diego next Thursday, more info to follow in the next post! To book, email/text me: styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

When you spot your clients selfie and their hair is on point 👀 Continuing the #haircreepseries, tag me so I can see more of your photos! 🤓 Book via text/email: styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

When sisters get their hair done together 👭💕 I love it so much that for all of July if you refer a friend- you'll get a gloss/toner or blowout in return 😘✨ Book via text/email: styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY Y'ALL ✨🇺🇸 a little chop chop I did for the lovely Hannah! And her balayage still looks bomb from last year 😍 Still booking for this month and next, email me! styling.inquiries@gmail.com #hairbyjamilee

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