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In "Haikyuu", a japanese volleyball-centered manga/anime series that aired from 2012-present, Bokuto Koutarou and Akaashi Keiji are one of the most likely ships to become canon. One of the reasons Bokuaka (the ship of Bokuto Koutarou and Akaashi Keiji) is one of the most likely ships to become canon because throught the second season of Haikyuu, there were many occuring motifs of Akaashi predicting Bokuto's next moves in volleyball practice matches, suggesting that they may have a deeper connection. Also in the recent Haikyuu manga chapters, Akaashi has almost always been shown with bokuto in every frame of the manga, whether they are discussing tactics or Akaashi is calming Bokuto down. Another reason Bokuto and akaashi are a near perfect match is that their personalities clash beautifully. Akaashi is stoic and realistic, while bokuto is a near opposite, an optimistic idealist with a child-like mind. Though Bokuto is one year older more physically fit, Akaashi is his pillar that he leans on. Akaashi is shown to be considered cold and unapproachable in the manga retelling of his backstory. He was shown to not have friends until he met Bokuto Koutarou, an obnoxiously loud second-year, at volleyball tryouts in his first year of Fukurodani. There, he met his volleyball family, the ones who never left him out, and will forever stay in his memories. Finally, Bokuto is depicted as an ace who depends on positive encouragement to succeed, while Akaashi prefers the background. Bokuto is shown on many occasions of bringing out Akaashi's rare smiles and never excluding him whether he's with his other friends or not. He always stops when he senses Akaashi's discomfort, never crossing the line. Akaashi has a shine in his eyes whenever they see Bokuto, and this is a symbol of how Bokuto is the light to the dark, lonely room he's been living in. In conclusion, Bokuto and Akaashi's personalities clash but don't they say opposites attract? Akaashi is the anchor and Bokuto is the ship, forever staying where Akaashi is.

I mini-essay i wrote at 4am on a school day lmao

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