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Kadang Hitam , Kadang Putih , Kadang Juga Hitam Putih - HACOB -

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hacob 💗
+this came out better than I expected holy fuck 👏🏿
+i also like macob but this isn't a macob edit ☁️
+yeah I ship hacob gotta problem?😤
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Changing my account back to color 💕😜 @jacobsartorius #Macob #jacobedits #jacobsartorius #hacob

#hacob i kinda don't like Mark idk😅🌸


‘s edit🖤• heyyy i’m active now so if u ever need someone to talk feel free to dm me :) btw idk if i like this hahah
•tag him please?
have a great day beautiful, ily♡
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s edit🖤• most of u voted for me to keep posting punk edits so here u go :)
•tag him please?
have a great day beautiful, ily♡
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Haghpat Monastery V2.

Haghbat Monastery in Armenia. Built around 976 AD by Queen Khosrovanuysh re-texturized on Nov 1st, 2017 by me.

nooooo!!! its my last post of the theme :// but hopefully u guys like my next theme bc idk i like the next one better ;)) but idk oh whale but im curious to know wut j's gonna be for halloween i remember he was a monkey for halloween last year//
what filter app do u guys recommend?? i already have VSCO and i have afterlight and picsart even tho picsart isnt a filter app but idk y i even have it lol but fan girls should alwayssss be prepared and have almost every app that exists//
this yr im gonna did my own homemade costume like its that one girl that always appears in scary movies w/ the white dress but i of course added my personal touches to it so yeah ik my costume is rlly lame but let's see what others r gonna be//

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Chapter 14
Hayley's POV
I walked for the second time out the hospital doors, feeling more reassured on who to trust. Sometimes those who we love are brutal, yet their love fills an empty gap. When you find who you truly love, all that will change. You leave those who betrayed you and move forward and only forward. No excuses or reasons to look back, they only darken our hearts. Those who live in the past are depressed and those who live in the future are anxious, few people who live in the present are happy and at peace. I'd figured it out now, I'd figured everything out. Caleb had showed me I didn't need a dream world or an amazing life, I just had to look forward. What's done is done and can't be changed, life is nature and so be it. Jacob held my hand as turned the doorknob to my house, "see you at HHN." He said.
"Halloween horror nights, didn't I tell you?"
"Well,do you want to go-"
"Yes." I giggled and he pecked my lips. I watched his silhouette slowly disappear, I smiled to myself and walked inside home. I already felt ten times happier after the unexpected tragedy taken place. I'd found my new way to live and I certainly wouldn't forget how to live this way. After all, when we die it all comes down to one thing we never have enough time. I now know how to use the short time wisely, and to simply be happy...
(Short last chapter wooopps 🤷🏻‍♀️ I feel like a quoter 🤧)
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Architecture is basically a big product lit by Godly light and I sometime get to photograph it.

Chapter 13
Hayley's POV
I opened my eyes when only Jacob was inside the room,
For a moment I forgot what just happened until it all flooded back to me,
"Don't scare me like that again." He grinned at me.
"I didn't try to." I muttered.
"I know, I called your name, I was right there when it happened."
Jacobs POV
I looked back in the moment in utter terror, holding myself together when I thought about losing Hayley. She could light up a room by laughing, it simply cheered me up constantly. "Why would he do that?" She whispered, I could see the sadness in her eyes.
"He's insane." I muttered, I was outraged a kid could do such a thing to someone as pure hearted as Hayley.
"Can I see him?" She began sitting up and shifting in her spot.
"If you want to I guess so..." I shrugged and dragged him inside.
I let go of his shirt and sat back down at the foot of her bed.
"Ryan why would you do that? After everything I've been through..." she cried. I quickly grabbed her hand, I tried my hardest to let him talk. I wanted to hurt him, no lies involved. He should have been hit by a car. He should have been.
"I wanted you to cry about it, come to me and ask for comfort. Not him. I wanted you to feel the pain I did when you went for him! I wanted you, always. You ignored me and went straight for dimples and just forgot all about me." He gritted his teeth angrily.
Hayley began shifting uncomfortably.
"Leave, go to hell." I stood up and clenched my fist.
"See both of you in hell I guess! You're all disgusting I'd spit on you!" He screamed.
I grabbed his shirt, anger poured out of me and the next thing I knew he was on the floor, getting dragged away by security...
(Sorry for being rlly inactive but I'm back bish 👋🏻and this chapter is so bad whoops 🤷🏻‍♀️)
#haydensummerall #annieleblanc #bratayley #bratayleyfanfic #hacob #hannie #hanniefanfic #hayleyleblanc

Chapter 12
Hayley's POV
My grip loosened until I felt strength, strength that slowly helped me clench my fists. My real fists. It felt like hours of holding on before I began having awareness of the pressure of the oxygen mask placed around my mouth. Slowly I pulled up my seemingly heavy eyelids and looked around. Nurses were hurrying around clipping in IVs and blood tests, I could barely spot people's heads outside my window. My vision was blurred and disoriented, I made out the concerned dimples of Jacob. I would have smiled but my lips were so weak I couldn't talk or barely move my head never mind anything else. Suddenly my vision cleared and saw a few people than i expected outside, I saw two silhouettes behind Jacob. He looked distressed as though he was quarrelling with Someone, the nurses cleared and everyone walked inside.
I was hugged and kissed and waited for the other two shadows to enter.
The door peaked open and Ryan and the make up packed face of Dana. My heart beat sky rocketed and wondered what she had to say to me. Jacob protectively stood by me and held onto my hand, I gave a weak grip as Dana took a breath.
"Hayley I wasn't the one to post that online, I wasn't there. It certainly wasn't my friends either, they even thought it was horrible. I think I do know who it was." I waited for her to answer "who?" I whispered weakly.
"Him!" She pointed at Ryan and everyone gasped. Ryan stood silent and red.
My heart rate went juristically upwards as I felt silent tears fall down as everyone hustled around. It made me feel as though I couldn't trust anyone, the one person who wasn't attacking was Jacob who managed to wipe away the tears.
"I promise I would never do something as horrific." I smiled. I tried to put on a smile as he pecked my cheek. I turned my head over and simply begged to fall asleep and escape...
(Would anyone be interested in helping me plot my next fanfic plan?)
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