Moonshine Fanta
Back in 2013 we visited Armenia, one of the many visits that never gets tired, we were on our way to Tatev region when I came across this old lady that was selling Moonshine Vodka from Mulberry or Oghi as it is called. I hesitate to call it vodka. This fountain of youth drink is 80-90 proof and it guaranteed to put an everlasting smile on your face. Your Gray Goode would feel like water next to this. The Moonshine lady invited me to her modest yet impeccably clean and organized house, as if she was expecting me. She served me fresh fruit and offered me bottles of Apricot and Mulberry Oghi. It was fresh from the source. So fresh it was still warm. The bottles were not fancy, 7ups, Pepsi or in this case Fanta. We sat at the table and chatted a bit but all along my attention was not to the conversation but the still life of the table in front of me. The one right here right now.
The Moonshine Fanta bottle is slightly out of focus. I should have taken the shot before sipping on it.

Tatev Monastery, Armenia

Left hander coming up, make sure your ready. @gazzamoulds_3 @sidecar_north #ktm #hacob #vmc #ams #team

+ an iconic duo (insta ruined the quality rip)
ac & ib: birlemshit
song: Justin Bieber - Confident
#hunterrowland #jacobsartorius #hiplikejacob #hacob
@jacobsartorius @hunterrowland @jacobsartourius

TBT orange helmets glinting in the Milton Park sunlight. @gazzamoulds_3 @agardner14 love that bike ❤️#ktm #hacob #vmc #sidecarcross #airtime

Probably more expressionist than impressionist but definitely a protagonist.

The fact that Jacobs brother literally runs over to me with his arms wide open KILLS me ... I’m so happy with life right now. I couldn’t ask for more. I get along with Jacobs dad and his girlfriend and their son loves me and his brother and looks up to his brother.... “hacob” is so great with Jax it melts my heart.... can’t get any better than that! #brothers #baseball #ilovethem #hacob #cob #bigbrother #littlebrother

Lagrimas Negras.
I don’t know who created this, I or Celina Gonzalez, nevertheless I titled it Lagrimas Negras. The song of hers I was listening to when I hit the save button.
Somehow it seems so fitting.

Kinsale, Ireland

New York

I titled this May Day any idea why!?:-)

-wishing i still had you.
song: Chelsea Cutler - Your Shirt
#hunterrowland #jacobsartorius #hacob #hiplikejacob
(This is not a ship edit. I ship them as friends)

No longer a race partnership but friends for life I’m sure, @gazzamoulds_3 @nikiadair24 #myfriends #ktm #hacob #vmc #sidecacross

thankful for #hacob and the bartender who didnt charge us for 2 of our margaritas

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