After 16 years I'm still learning how to say the right things to make her smile.. #habitsbecomelifestyle #greens #progressnotperfection #rachelbday @allaboutbliss

Still getting it in every where I go..... #habitsbecomelifestyle #runningcommunity

Lifting weights will not make you muscular! Women have not enough testosterone (male hormones) to become bulky. Having muscles increase your metabolism and burns fats faster. In fact, lifting weights will even make you look and feel good. Ppl that I met asked me doubtfully "you lift?" Or asked me something like "hey, why you are lifting? Girl with big muscles not nice la!" 😌. Seriously, that mindset needs to go!! The photo on the left was taken when I first started my fitness journey. I looked slim but my visceral fat (fats surrounding your organs) was high which was dangerous for my health. A blood check with a near high cholesterol level and chronic work stress (I did my MSc in Plant Biotechnology while working full time as a Research Officer) was my wake-up call to take control of my unhealthy lifestyle. After not lifting for months (I did only Zumba and Belly Dancing) and stopping gym for a month due to regular outstation trips, I started "inflating" to that size in the middle photo.
Now, I try not to miss my weight training and learn how to make healthy choices for my diet. I learned to cook my own food with healthy cooking methods and I'm 😍ing it. I still continue with my Zumba and Belly Dance classes (dancing makes me release my stress). Happy with the results and I hope this can continue for many more years to come. Pic on the right taken a few weeks before Spartan Sprint in March. 💪

Sorry for the long winded post 😁

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Starting 2017 with a 100-100's challenge: 100 days of 100 _______________ crunches, lunges, squats, you name it). I'm focusing on my core this year so all 100 days will be directly related to that goal! What's one habit related to fitness you are working on this year?! #fit2017 #habitsbecomelifestyle #fromtheinsideout

So today I have a LOT going on, and could have easily skipped my workout...but i only would have been cheating myself!
So I found 10 minutes and worked those abs!!
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One thing I've realized with this whole working out thing--it's HARD in the beginning! That's because change is hard.
But once you get past the GETTING STARTED part, it gets SO much easier!

Once you get the wheels turning, momentum picks up and then there's no stopping you!

I'm currently on week 2 of my 21DayFix program and I am feeling stronger, leaner, and like I got my consistency back! Feels GOOD!! #21dayfix #momentum #habitsbecomelifestyle #consistency

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