Met last weekend with members from the #Uyghur community. Most people haven't even heard of them, let alone know what horror they are going through at the hands of the #Chinese government. For example, the kidnapping of 1 year old children that are put in indoctrination schools.

I'm a strong believer in staying focused on a particular cause to accomplish something rather than stretch yourself thin on multiple causes and accomplish nothing. However, playing a supporting role is still doable.

(Minister Freeland at our demonstration yesterday)
Over a year ago I was looking to work on something would be more fulfilling for me. I didn't look for anything specific, just something to help contribute to society, whether environmental, or animal, or human rights. A door opened and Burma Task Force hired me as an Outreach Coordinator. I still remember my first days stepping into something so new to me. It was a new challenge and in a lot of ways a new world.
Yesterday we invited the Minister of Foreign Affairs to attend our demonstration and in an unprecedented move, a Minister of Foreign Affairs agreed to attend.
We marched downtown, over 1,000 people, in solidarity with the persecuted #Rohingya. We staged a die in closing the intersection of Yonge and Bloor for a few minutes.
What a humbling experience to see so many people come together, the amazing people that helped. The other person in the pic is Councilor Kristyn Wong-Tam from Toronto, who I owe a lot of gratitude to for all her help. And Gratitude to the source of all power and mercy, God.

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