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Okay what the actual f**k, these were done on purpose by the Deep State and their Shadow Government. 110% #DEW #DirectEnergyWeapons, ugh, people need to especially the millionaires whose homes and lives destroyed need to link up and bury all of these Globalist Satanic worshippers, as do the people. #California #SantaRosa #America

No normal forest fire would have this effect. Research #DEW #haarp #fire#portugal🇵🇹#normal ? #no #Repost @germanywakesup with @insta.save.repost • • •


Some witnesses saw blue sparks and flashes in the sky that were NOT lightning! Some felt a weird energy in the air that made their heart palpitate! Some felt an “energy vortex” move through their homes!

A firefighter known by one of the guests on Scott Bennett’s radio show on the Rense Radio Network told some shocking details on the air! He said a cop went and knocked on the door of a house and told them they had to be out of there in one hour. The fire was nowhere around the home at that point and that’s why they had an hour. The policemen came back to that same house in 5 minutes and the house was fully engulfed in flames! No way the fire would have moved from nowhere around there to fully engulfing the house in 5 minutes! Sorry that just cannot happen!

I think they might be turning up the #HAARP toys to a high level that can cause spontaneous combustion of trees or structures. All trees and structures are now covered with nano particles of aluminum. What happens when you put aluminum foil in a microwave? You get massive heat, sparks and things combust spontaneously! I think this is what’s happening! They are starting and intensifying these wildfires with microwave energy from their HAARP toys. That’s why so many fires are starting at one time and this means not enough firefighters to fight the fires.

Why was the aluminum wheels cars melted! It’s on pavement, trees aren’t burned around it and it’s protected by a brick wall that did not burn! Nothing around this car burned to generate this type of heat! This makes no sense to me unless a weapon was used in the area. You saw this same thing on the melted cars on 9/11!

Some of the neighborhoods were burned so thoroughly there was only 2 inches of ash left of the entire house! Why are the trees not burned up in most cases? A firefighter reported to one of the radio hosts on Scott Bennett’s radio show there are over 700 are missing over the california fires! He relayed how many were burned alive in their homes or were burned trying to drive out in their cars! Reports of people driving cars that were on fire! 🖐🏾More in comments👇🏾#Agenda21 #WeatherModification

"This could be us" ☝️🏾First of all get ya thumb out my belly button😐 & Second, you not bouta suck all my back juice and play me like #Haarp did Houston FOH🤔🤔
#boneybackass #butwhyhislegsochildish 😂😂

Taxed from @austinpavs - It's no secret you're getting fucked every day everywhere you look. Your silence is consent #docile #sedated #EMFwarfare #silenceisconsent they block the sun's nutritious rays of golden light and lay a thick layer of superfine metal particulates in the sky to react with the electromagnetic frequencies being broadcasted from their facilities #HAARP this keeps you numbed out docile and Sick with respiratory issues while your body attacks the pollutants in your lungs by coating them in mucus.. this layer of EMF is the frequency fence, the veil of secrecy, keeping the majority of people in a zombified state to make sure everybody keeps running the system as they're supposed to. They are Attacking Your Memories. Causing your cognitive function to deteriorate by bombarding your brain with toxins like Aluminum, which is known to cause degenerative diseases in the brain- causing your memory to fade. They don't want you to remember. they want you to lull out and remain unaware that you're under silent attack. #Timetofixthisshitpeople

My mom used to say "if you disrespect your parents God will make the earth open up & eat you". Turns out it's possible.😓😵💀 •

#horror #scary #murder #supernatural #death #wouldyourather #kill #americanhorrorstory #serialkiller #paranormal #sacrifice #spooky #fact #ghost #creepypasta #haunted #blood #evil #fakt #fakten #conspiracy #haarp #monster #weird #sinkhole #weather #creepy #creepyz

After denying the fact time and time again of 'weather control'...Hollywood releases this movie "Geostorm" which is all about disasters happening from man controlling the weather!
In the trailer Democratic U.S. President tells the world, “Thanks to a system of satellites, we can control our weather.” Later we hear, “Someone has turned the system into a weapon.” This couldn't show the truth anymore clearer! Geostorm also features heavily armed United Nations troops in blue helmets coming to the rescue of devastated civilian populations.
For years the elite have been able to control and manipulate the weather from Operation Popeye during the Vietnam war, Project Stormfury in the 1960's, to HAARP heating up the upper atmosphere, to the hundreds of Geoengineering patents, chemtrails, etc...its no secret that weather modification exists. This is not to say every natural disaster is caused by man, but it's been an agenda that the New World Order has been upgrading for years now. My personal opinion is they don't use HAARP anymore, It's very likely they already moved onto something better such as advanced satalites (JFK warned about) that can cause disasters similar to the one's we see in this trailer. A key tip to remember is...If its in the movies, 90% of the time it means they already have it or their working on it. This new movie "Geostorm" is one of those cases, they are showing the truth in plain sight!


Think for yourself and open up your eyes! They've been lying to us since day one. Seek truth and invest in yourself to break out of the rat race.
#globalwarming #flatearth #weathermanipulation #haarp #califire #bioengineering #truthseekers #staywoke #ufo #bigbangtheory #fakenews #endtimes #wwiii

If @kodakblack talking about it and you not, what’s your excuse? 🤔💭🐑 #HAARP #CERN #Geostorm #WeatherControl

It deep in this bih

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FACTS people!
Do some Real Research.
They are completely controlling and Manipulating our weather on a daily basis. It seems unreal but unfortunately it's a fact.
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There are Over 200+ Patents on Weather Modification. First cloud seeding ☁ ☁ ✈ was in "1947"

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