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و تو چه میدانی مستقل بودن چه زجری دارد
اینکه نه تاب در طبقه ی پرولتاریا ها بودن را داشته باشی نه دلت راضی میشود به هر طریقی یک بورژوا بشوی..اینکه مستقل بخواهی باشی و آرمان های آنارشیستی ات را به کنج اتاقی تاریک برده و هی باز کتاب بخوانی و هی سیگار بکشی و بکشی و بکشی تا تمامت دود شود..کم نبودند چنین افرادی در تاریخ..ولی باز درست است که حالا حالا ها آرمان هایمان به ثمر نخواهد نشست درست است که مطمئنا زنده نخواهم بود تا طعم واقعی انسان بودن را در کنار بقیه بچشم ولی تنها چیزی که مرا زنده نگه داشته و امیدوار، همین حس رضایت از خود است همین که سر جلو هیچ کس خم نمیکنم همین که هر لحظه اگر شرایط باشد حاضرم به ایستاده مردن..در این بازه از تاریخ شاید همین که کنج اتاقی سیگار میکشم و با این جمله که ''فکر میکنم پس وجود دارم'' زندگی خود را واقعا زندگی میکنم من به همین راضیم اما فعلا فقط فعلا......
#عاصی #مارکس #مارکسیسم #بورژوا #سیگار#کامو #آنارشیست #مرگ


Era un hombre tan pero tan tacaño, que solo dejo 5 pesos tras su muerte y solo alcanzo para llevarlo en el metro al panteon.


Loved the diversity of the message #h320 #cphhs #h333 #osuinlondon

Loved being able to drive around and see the distance between things instead of in the tube. Puts a lot of things in perspective for me & I really enjoyed the tea bus! 🎉👍🏼 #cphhs #h333 #h320 #osuinlondon

Last week, we visited the Shadwell Basin Outdoor Activity Center, a place for underprivileged youth to experience a range of activities like sailing, kayaking, and high ropes. This promotes confidence, physical fitness, and team-building for these kids. There is also a huge emphasis on providing activities for disabled children. #h333 #h320 #osuinlondon #cphhs (PS look how cool I look)

Wahaca restaurant showing how it is a sustainable restaurant. It was really cool to see a tie to public health at dinner #osuinlondon #cphhs #h399 #h333 #h320

Materials laid out to remember those who were lost in the Grenfell tower fire, and fliers to help find those who haven't been in contact with family and friends. Efforts to support displaced families are underway. #osuinlondon #h320 #h333 #cphhs

This is a great sign to show and tell people how to have a healthy eating style. It also mentions to eat less wheat(gluten) and meat and don't over serve yourself. The sign does also say to not waste food because that's not a healthy alternative either. #h320 #h333 #Cphhs #osuinlondon

This photo is from an exhibit at the IWM on the current humanitarian crisis in Syria. Millions of Syrian refugees have been displaced into neighboring countries, fleeing the destruction and devastation at home. Living in camps along the border, these refugees face inadequate access to healthcare and sanitation as well as mental illnesses associated with conflict. #h333 #h320 #osuinlondon #cphhs

A local subway explaining zoonotic disease risk and what they are doing to combat it. #h320 #h333 #h399 #cphhs #osuinlondon

This flag is displayed at the Imperial War Museum. It's history is that it was found in the ruble of the Twin Towers after 9/11. On the first anniversary of 9/11 it was laid on the alter of St. Paul's Cathedral during a memorial service. I feel like this really represents what our trip was all about, we are not just a country all on our own, what happens to us affects other countries, and that is true globally, even if we don't always see it. #cphhs #osuinlondon #H333 #320

Willys MB, AKA Jeep, the first 4X4 vehicle produced and used in World War II on display at the Imperial War Museum. The Jeep was then utilized by the Red Cross to transport blood after the war throughout Europe, a historical example of how war goes far beyond the battlefield. #osuinlondon #h320 #h333 #cphhs

Even British soldiers during WWII were given water for drinking while abroad #osuinlondon #h333 #cphhs #h320

An ad to promote the use of the "night tube." The tube being up and running at night offers a safe and cost efficient way for londoners to make their way home! #cphhs #osuinlondon #h320 #h333

At the Pride parade, a section went through with Terrence Higgins Trust proclaiming "can't pass it on" . It was really cool to see all the HIV/AIDS activism at this event and the support it received #osuinlondon #cphhs #h399 #h333 #h320

Public restroom with disability access. #h320 #h333 #h399 #cphhs #osuinlondon

Take time to travel #osuinlondon #Cphhs #h333 #h320

It amazes me how many Prets there are around town and the great healthy foods it contains at such great convenience 👍🏼 #cphhs #osuinlondon #h320 #h333

One thing that I notice every day in London is how different the toilets are than those in the US! They use far less water, and almost every public toilet (and even some private ones) have a low-flush and high-flush option. This is such a simple difference, but I imagine it results in far less water usage considering how often they are used. Just goes to show how even toilets can affect human health and the environment! #h333 #h320 #cphhs #osuinlondon

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