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Happy anniversary & Valentines day to my lover 😍👫💑 #H19M #blessed

Another one #h19m

Everything is better when I'm with yoü

#H19M 💕


06.25.17 Always dreamt of going to Cirque du Soleil since I was a kid as I've only watched it on tv. Didn't even think twice about grabbing tickets and turned out to be an awesome experience. I'm so happy I got to share and spend my first show ever with you. Such a fun filled day although I still can't get over how I fell for that "you forgot to fasten your seat belt" hoax on that one fast ride ugh lol 🙊💓 #H19M #surprisegiftforhim #love #kurios #cirquedusoilel #redriverex #sundayfunday

Love you always 😘 #H19M #Ily

Just going to take advantage of this caption space to say thank you for taking extra care of me in Thailand, both physically and emotionally. Thank you for always being patient and down to take me to hospital everyday while knowing you're missing out 1-2 hours of our trip everyday. Thank you for always offering me your hand when I was being treated and always wiping my tears when it was too painful for me to handle or I was feeling too emotionally challenged. Thank you for supporting me whenever I broke down and was feeling like I couldn't do it anymore and wanted to go back home. Thank you for making sure I was still enjoying myself despite it all. I wouldn't have gone through it all strongly without you. Happy 19 Months. I love you. I appreciate you. #H19M

Depth effect 系列 1 #H19M

#H19M still love you like a first day❤️ @ponpolonpon

How we celebrate 'Monthsaries'? - Getting "fit" together!
#H19M #joggingbuddies #underarmourkids #raypatravel

Happiness starts with you 😍❤️😘 #H19M #S&;RWedding👫💍

Why you look kinda confused?

Pearl Diver Cured Fish Plate
#foodtoronto #seafood #curedfish #h19m

Seafood circus #Tuesdayspecial #h19m

Shoutout to KB for making yesterday the best day ever 💁🏽 #AuRevoirBitches #18 #h19m #kb #cakeno2

Happy Monthsary! I'm glad and will always feel blessed for having you in my life. It has been 19 months now and yet I still feel the same feeling the first time we've been together. I'm still so in love with you. I may not be perfect for you but I know my love for you will fill up those imperfections. Thank you for sticking with me. Thank you for the love and caring. I'm looking forward for more months, years or even forever of being with you.I promise to love you, and of course only you.P.S. Thank You poh sa naging sponsor namin hahaha... ♥😘😂👫🙏🏻 #H19M #love #dinner #movie @justmezekiel21

Blue swimmer crab with truffled dashi. #TYL #H19M #mikkea

Cruising down the street in my 64. #H19M