Outfit of the Day! New combi rug from Bucas. Fitted perfectly except for the belly piece. Too small -or belly too big? 😱 Fixed it with some quick extenders. The combi rug is a very good solution for Hälge as it keeps his back dry and warm when it is rainig.
Lesson tomorrow and we have not have much time to do our homework, variations of lateral work. Tried to practice a bit today and he felt good but gets strong sometimes. Did walk transitions over poles too. I think it does help some. He walks better when the poles are there.
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00's Hälge" Print Tee

Piti mennä ostamaan nylon sukat mutta eksyin uffille ja hups parvekkeella on jotain uutta; ihqu turkoosi petari, tyyny ja Hälge vaakuna.

Back in the saddle again. 😀The last 2.5 days were spent on a job trip to Finland while Hälge could focus wholeheartedly on grazing. His belly has gotten even bigger. 😱 Well, since we have had very little rain here the last 7 weeks, the grass is starting to get burned down and if it doesn’t start raining soon, there will not be much to eat in a few weeks.
It was so much fun schooling today, mostly because Hälge clearly showed how much he enjoyed it.
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Anyone in need for cows to make their horse ”cow safe”? We have the perfect training objects. 😁 Lesson yesterday means walkies day today. I left the lesson feeling proud. Proud of my horse for always trying but mostly proud of myself. Proud for hanging on those first years when Hälge was too ill to work. Proud for not giving in when I was told he is unrideable. Proud for forcing myself to mount over and over again in spite of my fear. Proud for fighting to get my back and body into the shape needed for a decent rider. Proud for continuing day after day even though every ride felt like a disaster, leaving me feeling like the worst rider ever. Finally, after 4.5 years as Hälge’s mum, riding him is fun. Finally I feel like a dressage rider riding a dressage horse again. But I could not have done it without being pushed and supported by one person. My trainer since 30 years. Thank you Ann! Thank you for not giving up on us even though it must have been a sad view from the start. ❤️
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5 km promenad i gympaskor utan strumpor är INTE att rekommendera...! #ajajaj #blåsor #promenad #tatuering #hälge

Pleeeeaaase! Scratch more! Don’t stop! Golden Oldie Biet and his mum are hangin’. They don’t work much in the heat. You are entitled to relax when you are a horse and 31 years old.
Hälge and I did some lunging. He started off a bit wild, speeding and kicking but ended really well, round and through his back both in trot and canter.
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I have been on a job trip since 04.45 this morning and Hälge has been exploring new areas with our helper and co-rider. She takes him all the new places I don’t dare. Just perfect! @sandiebrosved
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Hösten känns långt borta. Hälsade på hälge under dagens skogsrunda. #älg #älgjakt #moose #nature #wildlife #sweden #småland #jakt #hunting #hälge

Långt avstånd från köksfönstret, men det står två älgar i trädgården!!! #saltstenisdashit#fjolårskalvar#livetpålandet#moose#hälge

Hälge and I went for a late walk in the sunset yesterday. The world is stunningly beautiful right now. Happy next winter’s hay need is secured too.
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Forberedelser til elgfestival 👍🏻#norskelgfestival #decopage #hälge #elg #trysil #diy

Käraste extrapappa bjuder på ”grillwhisky” 💕 Hälge- the famous moose 40% - en blended scotch whisky 🙂

Doftmässigt hittar jag en del likhet med Speyburn. Toner av vanilj, äpple och sockrad ingefära. Lite citrusinslag i form av mandarin och med luft framträder så smått nyanser av sötlakrits.
Smaken är söt om än väldigt lätt, med toner av kola och apelsin. I smakbilden finner jag även päron, gräs och hallonblad. Aningens torvmossigt i avslut. I eftersmak framträder en svårdefinierad ton som upplevs lite kemisk och ”plastig”. Annars en god och lättsam whisky med en fin och rolig flaska 😄
Tack Ossi!
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Sommar i Nyrup. #hälge

I did something crazy today. Schooled at noon in bright sunshine and 27 C. It doesn’t seem to stop Hälge though. Just as energetic as ever. Never ends. We added a bit of excitement to the ride by one lawn moover (the kind you sit on) and two men building a fence just by the field where Hälge and I was. Really good way of practicing focus on me and the tasks presented. Hälge was an absolute star. Looked, I said ”go, this is OK” and on he went.
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The sun continues to shine from a blue sky with temperatures close to 30 C daily. But as much as I love sunny summer days, I do realize this is way off the charts. We have broken a heat record set in the 1900’s this year. I think we have had 10-30 mm rain since May 1st with no rain in sight for the next 10 days. Water reserves are getting low, the grass looks like it normally does in August after a warm and sunny summer. Will there be enough hay for the winter? We were running low in many areas already last year. While I worry about hay, water and climate change, having breakfast outside in the shade, Hälge is living a life close to his dreams. His pasture is green with more than he can eat. His through is filled with fresh water and the heat is easy to cope with as he lives close to the sea and every afternoon the seabreeze sets in. The only thing he wishes for is a horse friend to play and snuggle with. Unfortunately he is too ”fond of” mares and the only other gelding at the yard is 31 year old Biet who all horses, Hälge included, harass when in the same pasture. I guess it is the wild horse instinkt kicking in. Biet is a horse the herd would gladly sacrifice if attacked by a lion.
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Vad blir det här för jordgubbar tro? Och till vem? Läs mer på bloggen. Om både jord, eld, luft och vatten. 🍓
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Outdoor livin’! I turned him out 24/7 this weekend, at least as long as the weather is nice. There is more than enough grass and he loves his pasture. It doesn’t make him slow or tired when schooling either. This morning the yard owner built cribs for him and the other outdoor pony. She really is the best!
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