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Uffe vill bli kammoflerad! 😀 #hälge #hälgeland

Vilken jaktmorgon 👍 #älgjakt2017 #hälge #svanabyn

Undrar om Hälge och familj kommer och hälsar på idag??
#efterjakt #älgjakt2017 #hälge #komsikomsi

Vilken fin dag! Några minusgrader i morse och några dagars kurs i staden med bästa dekorationerna... 😄
#detvildalivetinorr #hälge

En tidig morgonvy över Älvsåker. Älgen kom och Älgen gick, samma procedur som förra året #älgjakt2017 #husqvarna #3006 #krisp #hälge

Tömmer frysen lite. 2,2kg älg ytterlår på gång i slowcookern. Mkt fett, viltkryddor, buljong, salt, en öl, lite citron, vitlöksklyftor och lite svartvinbär. (har jag glömt nått?) Klart nån gång på förmiddagen imorgon. 🙂 #slowcooker #elk #hälge

En svettig älgfärsburgare satt där den skulle! #hälge #ölburgare

@husvagnssmester's husvagn fick sig en perfekt älg & solnedgångs camo inför semestertrippen!🌲 Mtn94 art: @haaampe👌
Support your locals❤📣
#mtn94 #hälge #graffiti


Undrar om Hälge och familj kommer och hälsar på idag??
#efterjakt #älgjakt2017 #hälge #komsikomsi

A relaxing morning hack to the sea with Hälge's girlfriend Smilla in the lovely weather. Hälge has recovered from his tying-up and today was the first day back in the saddle. We did some light lunging yesterday. Tomorrow we'll try a bit of schooling.
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #dressagehorse #equestrian #Sancisco #hacking

Ester har varit på älgjakt och fick med Hälge hem 😂😂
#älg #hälge #älgjakt

Nyheter bland hälgemuggarna. Nu kommer det finnas gran, hjort, räv, hare, vildsvin och ekorre som motiv också. Kan ju vara bra som julklapp till en naturälskare/jägare kanske?
#hälge #natur #jakt #jägare #presenttips #julklappstips #presenter #keramik #ceramics #mugg #kaffekopp

Here we go again, adding a new illness to our list. It is getting quite extensive. We were supposed to go training yesterday and I was so looking forward to it. Hälge has been such a good boy the last week. I brought him in from the pasture and all was normal. Started to groom and when I reached his hind, I noticed he was extremely tense, tucking his tail between his legs. Seconds later his muscles started contracting and he was yawning. I first called my trainer and then the clinic. We were all in agreement. A case of tying-up. So instead of transporting Hälge to training, a vet was called out. The spasms and yawnings stopped when I put a rug on Hälge and he walked without difficulty. He spent the rest of the day in his box (not happy about that but keeps calm) and he will stay there today too. His hind is still stiff, but not contracted so I hope for a quick recovery. I do think I know why this happened. The weather here was awful Tuesday with cold, heavy rain and winds. Hälge had two turn-outs on, but yet his hind got wet and cold. Apparently there have been many horses in the area presenting with tying-up yesterday. A new experience for me and now I will have to learn how to manage that too, in addition to KS, gastric ulcer and tooth issues.
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #dressagehorse #equestrian #Sancisco

Hälge did not feel like exercising at all yesterday. ”Can we please just cuddle today?” Well, we did go for a nice walk so his wishes almost came true.
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #equestrian #dressagehorse #San

Djuren verkar gilla det nya tillskottet Hälge Älg 🦌 köpt på @rustasverige ❤️🎄🎅🏻☃️❤️
#julpynt #julfint #inredning #hälge #bff #dansksvenskgårdshund #katt #älg #rusta

”In the bleak midwinter” Well, not really winter but the midday sun sure is bleak. We had a very good time in the outdoor arena today. Not much wind and +5C. Hälge let his dressage genes shine through and I enjoyed it. We continued practicing canter transitions and counter canter. He (we) finally have figured it out. For a balanced counter canter, a certain amount of collection is required and he does it so well. Hind legs well in and under and the front becomes light. Love it!
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #dressagehorse #equestrian #Sancisco #countercanter

Post schooling stretching. He looks ridiculus, I know, but it is good for him and he loves the treats. I had a talk with the vet the day before yesterday and we agreed I should just continue riding him. It seems we are through that horrid period of not wanting to work now. Hälge felt really good when we had a session with our trainer Tuesday. He even did good counter canters. Yesterday he had a day off and today we contuinued on our homework. I am so happy with him! He is much more supple and through and we even got to the point where he gives me that uphill feeling of self carriage. That horse I like! 😄
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #Sancisco #dressagehorse #equestrian

Hälge’s new rug has arrived and just in time. It is getting chilly here, going below 0 tonight. It has been difficult finding rugs that fit well on him. Most are too wide in the front but this was perfect! I hope he likes it as much as I do. Schooled him in the indoor arena today and after some arguing, he got really, really nice. Is the worst over?
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #dressagehorse #equestrian #Sancisco #Catago

I rarely have company when schooling so films are few and far apart but when lounging, I can do some one hand shooting. Hälge was so much better yesterday! Not once against the bit. I was supposed to ride today too but after a whole day at a dressage judges course and a discussion that made me quite angry, I chose not to. Would not be fair to Hälge. But tomorrow is a new day. 😊
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #dressagehorse #equestrian #Sancisco

❤️😃 I morgon är det bröllop! ❤️😃 #mimmiochjerrysbröllop #tärna #måladetånaglar #tatuering #tattoo #hälge #ansiktsmask

He really does love ginger snaps but it is a seasonal treat. Only around Xmas when they are sold everywhere. It is THE Swedish Xmas bisquit. I guess Hälge would say they are one of the reasons he immigrated. 😂
We had a tough session with our trainer yesterday. Some resistance, but some really good parts too. She says I must be more consistent and she is right.
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #dressagehorse #equestrian #Sancisco

Finally some progress. After weeks of going against the bit Hälge feels better. He was different in two ways already yesterday. One was that submission thing. He hardly showed any resistance at all. The other was lack of energy. Unusual for Hälge but good because then I can work him more, not only pull the breaks.
Today was a lovely, sunny and calm day and he had more energy but was still more rideable. I hope the worst is over now and we can continue working. I have a phone call scheduled with a vet tomorrow though to discuss Hälge and his behaviour.
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #dressagehorse #equestrian #Sancisco

Choklad och hälge en perfekt farsdags present 😊
#hälge #choklad #farsdag #present #denultimatapresenten

Testing. 14h var kanske lite för länge trots stenfrusen stor köttklimp. Ingen fel på smaken, lite övermört bara. Ni vet, faller sönder i munnen. 🙂 #slowcooker #hälge

Tömmer frysen lite. 2,2kg älg ytterlår på gång i slowcookern. Mkt fett, viltkryddor, buljong, salt, en öl, lite citron, vitlöksklyftor och lite svartvinbär. (har jag glömt nått?) Klart nån gång på förmiddagen imorgon. 🙂 #slowcooker #elk #hälge

Tillsist så blev det en räv idag 🦊

#Eira #Hälge #rävjaktmedstövare #rävjakt #grytjakt #jackrussel

It is supposed to be the happy view but it isn’t. Instead it is a struggle. So much resistance. Something IS wrong. My gut feeling says so and I have learnt I should trust it over the years. I have decided I will ask a vet to prescribe pain killers to see if that makes any difference.
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #dressagehorse #equestrian #Sancisco

Seriestrip publicerad idag i lokaltidningen vilket dom sedan bad om ursäkt för. Jag tyckte iallafall att den var rolig. #hälge #norrtälje #norrteljetidning #norrtäljetidning

Vi läser... #monster #joakimlundellmonster #tonårshjärnan #hälge och allt liksom hör ihop på något vis...

Lite lätt makabert. #hälge

What is going on outside? 😳 (Another horse is in the outdoor arena) Hälge was tense today but at the same time controllable, which is a good thing. That other horse kept making scary noices like a trotting or cantering sound. 😂 Hälge is still against the bit sometimes but improving.
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #dressagehorse #equestrian #Sancisco

Big boy shaved and must have been happy about it because he went bananaz when I lounged him afterwards. Bucking, kicking and prefered canter to trot or walk. I was happily surprised to see the colour that appeared. Dark brown and shiny, not like the dull rat-grey it has been previous years. Hälge had one of his favourite treats as he was a very good boy. A ginger bisquit. He loooves them!
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #dressagehorse #equestrian #Sancisco

Hälge had a bath yesterday and today shaving is on the agenda. His Shetland fur is coming off. There must be a fury pony hidden somewhere inside this big horse. 😂 Luckily he is a gem when it comes to grooming.
My investigations regarding his behaviour have continued. No stiff, tight or sore muscles. The only answer left is that I am asking more and he is trying to avoid work outside his comfort zone. Just sit still, my trainer says, and wait. He will come around, accept the frame and you have climbed one more step on the ladder towards perfection (or advanced FEI, whatever comes first 😉).
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #dressagehorse #equestrian #Sancisco

Makaronilåda på älgkött med schalottenlök, Valios Gouda ost, svartpeppar, ägg ur hönshuset och någon hemlig krydda. 🙂 #makaronilåda #lazysunday #älgkött #hälge

Moose on the loose. We have been to the dentist’s today. I sort of hoped he would find something out of the ordinary as Hälge’s behaviour (girraffe, going against the bit) remains. But no, some minor things to take care of. Hälge’s mouth is constantly impriving. I will try some schooling tomorrow and hopefully the issue was his mouth anyway. If not, I have to continue my search for the error.
#Hälge #RhythmnBlues #dressagehorse #equestrian #sancisco #horsedentist

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