Self•Love—No more struggling or fighting against myself. Only acceptance, love, faith, and strength. And I am loving the progress I’ve made so far! 🦋

I’ve realized what truly loving myself means. At 35 years old I can finally say I am just beginning to accept who I know I am. To let go of all the negative “voices” and concentrate solely on my own. What do I think, feel, want? What makes my soul feel good? What do I truly believe—what do I know to be true? I’ve began walking away from what I’ve -always- known deep down was not the right fit for me. I’ve began a journey to a higher understanding, self-awareness and it feels like I arrived home finally. All the years I was “shamed” for questioning or trying to just be myself—I am letting it all go. 😌

Work in progress...✨ This Orange Jade beauty has really nice energy. It makes me think of carousels. 🎠💕
People often give a gift of a jade that they wear all the time. Because they believe that the jade has become part of them and that by giving it to a family member or close friend, they are giving a part of themselves.

“Me gusta pensar en los demás, pero antes pienso en mí, así podré dar todo con más amor y mejor”. “Sé que mis principios son honestos, y eso se debe a que me los doy a mí misma”. #ibelieveinme #ifeelamazing #idontcareanymore #behappy #beyourself #beauthentic #gysysoul #gysygirl #grateful #thankgod #peaceandlove #natural_lover #beachgirl #ilovemylife

✨💫🙏☀️ Thank you for this gorgeous shot of our Blue Cubano! 💞💠🔹✨💕💫 We Love Happy Customers! ✨💫🔥💐 Buy this with @waiting_on_wildflowers_

Хлопья летят наверх, всюду магия и свет.
Ты чё, тут одна? Привет, пойдём на "Парад планет". Я дам тебе тёплый шарф, там в космосе холода -
И мы встречаем рассвет, укутавшись в облака🤗😻#smile#behappy#gysysoul #lovemysoul #моймир#sunshinelady#всемлюбвиидобра#счастьеестьегонеможетнебыть #russiangirl🇷🇺

Green Tibetan Turquoise paired with Smoky Quartz ✨ Listed in my Etsy shop. Link in bio.
"Tibetan people call it Turquoise, not a Turquoise Stone or a Stone - they believe Turquoise is a thing distinct in itself. An inspiration to all Tibetans is that there are no two Turquoise Gems alike, each gem is a vibrating essence of atoms and is a phenomenon distinct in itself." [Via Durango Silver]

Keeping it simple...
Left are rondelles of Chrysocolla, right are impossibly blue Turquoise.
Light and easy for summer.

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