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@acurrentaffair TODAY!
10-12 early admission
12-6 general admission
RUN DON'T WALK #acainthebay #bestvintageunderoneroof #gypsyhunter

A few of my favorites coming out to @acurrentaffair this Saturday. These pieces a serious charmers πŸ’™ #gypsyhunter #acurrentaffair #bestvintageinLA

More blues for our spring @acurrentaffair show! See you this Saturday, LA. #acurrentaffair #bestvintageinLA #gypsyhunter

Yesterday concluded an 8 day journey on the road and of course I did a lot of thinking while pushing through the southwestern deserts and Texan hill country. A lot of my experience has only cemented what many of us already know- it is not easy to maneuver as a woman amongst men, let alone solo. We need to always think farther ahead and protect ourselves in a world full of sharks. I hope for these nuggets to be encouraging, commiserating, and possibly empowering. I believe that women are powerful and that we should champion each other especially in fields where men do most of the shotcalling. It's tough out there for a #girlboss! Here's just a little of what I've learned along the way.
1. There will be times when your womanhood is objectified in a professional setting. Stand up for yourself and commandeer the respect back, no matter how much money stands to be lost.
2. Most days, 98% of the people I deal with in work are men from all over the world- many of whom are the kings of their castle. This means EGOs are huge and often unbridled. Do not get caught up in a man's ego. Remember- insecurity screams while power whispers.
3. Do not shit where you eat.
4. Build up a strong support network of true and loyal girlfriends and even an older female mentor.
5. Don't allow yourself to become overly emotional or play into mindfuck games others play. Be sharp, don't ever play the victim and let your work do the talking for you.
6. Accept the fact that other women will not like you.
7. Accept the fact that some men will not like you hanging in the boys club.
8. Walk the hell away from anyone who does not respect you... Many places in this world are still extremely misogynistic but it does not mean that because it's culturally tolerable that you should tolerate it.
9. Make your own money. Don't get swept up in a man's display of wealth- you are capable of holding your own.
10. Never hesitate to speak your mind, firmly but always gracefully.
11. You, as a woman, are equally capable to swing for the fences and make huge deals as anyone!

Go get em ladies!
#mondaze #gypsyhunter #psa

NO SLEEP TIL BROOKLYN! See you soon, Inspiration! #inspirationnyc #gypsyhunter

My favorite naja πŸ’™ #obsessed #gypsyhunter

Happy Friday, yall! Here's a little sneak peek of what's coming to the shop soon! The story behind these bad boys is that a trading post that opened in 1916 will be closing it's doors in February for it's 100 years in operation- and these all came up from the basement as deadstock from the 20s, 30s, and 40s. They were all made in the trading post over the decades and they've all got unique variances. I've never had the privilege of cherry picking through such a large pile of NOS (there were tens of thousands of pieces!) I took away tons and I'll be putting them up for sale soon! Stay tuned! Or email me for dibs! πŸ˜‰ #deadstock #tradingpost #gypsyhunter

Fred Harvey era greens and blues: popular little bracelets that are a perfect start into the Indian jewelry collection. These pieces were sold en masse during the earlier half of the 20th century along the railroad throughout the southwest as souvenirs of tourism. #gypsyhunter #fredharveyera #available
Email for inquiries: christine@gypsy-hunter.com

Doors are open LA!! Run don't walk! πŸ’ƒπŸ» #acurrentaffair #thebestvintageunderoneroof #gypsyhunter


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