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Studio 1: Valued members and guests .. Not only now you can check out your favourite class timings but also your favourite instructors classes ! @repsfit #repsfit #bahrain #gymsinbahrain #manama

When there is love, passion , hard work and a true team to lift you up when you fall , push you when you believe you can't ; you become unstoppable and everything becomes irrelevant ; from the heat , to lack of water in middle of the desert , to the so many obstacles that hurdles in front of you just like how life always hits you with the unexpected . With support system ...success in inevitable ! Thank you team ride savages. We are proud of each and everyone of you @repsfit @spartanarabia #spartanarabia #spartanrace #spartan #spartanbahrain #race#marathon#run#sprint#gymsinbahrain #kblockfitness #formula1 #bahrain #bahraini #bahraingp #winners#love#team#teamworkmakesthedreamwork#unicorns#manama#saar

Get ready to own an epic round of Les Mills Grit™ plyo newest release ! -30 minutes to smash high intensity and get fit fast ! we will hit intense burst of energy with explosive heights ; join your grit coaches at 16:30 @repsfit #highintensityintervaltraining #highintensity #gymsinbahrain #plyometrixs#plyop

Les Mills RPM™ and Les Mills Sprint™ delivering the ultimate experience of indoor group cycling that gives you excellent positioning with our top-end BODYBIKES and delivering a realistic exceptional experience with qualified trainers , great music and atmosphere . Have you tried yet this experience in the island ? @repsfit


WEIGHT LOSS PROGRAM 🚨 reset your body to a healthier eating pattern without forcing you to become "the one who's on diet" and lose inches of your waist with a long lasting , easy to maintain lifestyle habits and results from our exclusive ( ONLY IN BAHRAIN) high intensity interval training program . Only 21 days with a promise you will not regret this and once you slide into your summer body jeans in three weeks , we are sure the pain will he forgotten @repsfit

MEMBER OF THE MONTH 🚨. " it's not about the physical journey only , it's a complete mind and body journey for a better healthy lifestyle ". That's what our member alaa had to say being chosen the member of the month. "For 25 years I refused the idea of working out but when I joined reps back in late 2015, I fell in love with the place that I now call home." RepsFit & the LesMills experience has changed my entire life, mentally and physically. From The variety of LesMills programs offered here that are not available anywhere in the country to the humble and qualified friendly trainers whom will make me come back for the next 25 years ! " . We appreciate your loyalty and our home is yours and we are looking forward to sharing this journey with to the future !

Ladies do you think lifting weights will get you big and bulky??? Infact it's quite the opposite, one reason weight lifting is a good option for fat loss is because it boosts metabolic rate both over the short term as well as over the long term. In the hours after an intense weight-lifting session you will experience an increase in metabolic rate. Also weight lifting will help you maintain your total amount of lean muscle mass, creating a permanent increase in metabolism.
Cardio training will only cause a short rise in metabolic rate for an hour or two after the session, taking away from the overall calorie-burning benefits compared with resistance training.

Often, overdoing cardio will actually decrease your total lean body mass, so you could see a reduction in metabolism over time working against your fat loss efforts, The second reason to choose weight lifting for fat loss purposes is because, while cardio may make you lose weight, weight lifting will help you lose body fat, altering your body composition.
Many individuals who just hop on the treadmill to lose the pounds don’t end up looking much different — even if they do successfully lose 10 to 20 pounds. This is because they still have the same proportion of muscle mass to body fat; they are just "smaller." Weight training will help change the way you look completely, giving the impression that you’ve replaced fat with muscle and are actually working at improving your body and changing your body composition.

Weight lifting for fat loss is a great alternative to cardio and will give you better, more visible results...#juffairbahrain #juffairamericanalley #riffa #seef #saarbahrain #personaltrainerbahrain #personaltrainingbahrain #fitnessbahrain #gymsinbahrain #mumsinbahrain #ladiesbahrain

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