Member of the month Alert Meet Stephanie 🚨 - a humble , optimistic , full of life and positivity school teacher by the day and an athlete at our facility ! She’s been known to be a team of player and always walks with a smile that makes us happy ! She said ”I don’t even know where to start about how amazing REPS Fitness Studios is. I have been a part of REPS for almost three years, in which I have been the most consistent and confident in working out. Working out alongside wonderful trainers and so many other motivated members, has allowed me to develop a more positive attitude towards fitness and my health overall. Thanks to all the wonderful classes including Kenny’s bootcamp @kblock84fitness and Mahmoud’s insanity @fitnessbymahmood that have pushed me to achieve fitness goals I really didn’t think were possible! I will always be grateful for my experience at REPS!” We are grateful your with us and thankful for your loyalty and being part of our team . Keep up the great work 🇺🇸

“Jump and you will find out how to unfold your wing as you fall “- When it feels scary to jump ; that’s exactly when you jump . Otherwise you will end up staying in the same place your whole life. And that makes me who I am today !

Don’t cry because it’s over . Smile because it happened.its simple ; Every day is a new day!

“Kids are great imitators , give them something great to imitate “- healthy mind , healthy body, health parents = healthy kids ! @repsfit is proud to collaborate with @sportstrainingcomplex and @britishschoolbahrain in providing kids bootcamp classes and soon at the club ! For more information and to sign up your kids ; kindly contact us on 77377348 or 32236908‬ reception@repsfit.com or DM us directly here ! What’s a better investment in your kids than their health and wellness ?- thinking of kids birthday party venue with activities ! Then come to us !! We have birthday packages too!

THE BIG 6 BENEFITS OF STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING #1: Helps Prevent Injury. One of the top benefits of strength and conditioning is that it will help protect you from preventable injuries. Those who understand body mechanics and have a good foundation when it comes to working out will be well-poised to strengthen tendons and ligaments and eliminate any muscle imbalances, which are some of the main causes of injury.
#2:Promotes Healthy Bones. A smart strength and conditioning program can actually help prevent osteoporosis, which is one of the most common ailments athletes suffer from later in life. By integrating regular weight bearing exercise and strengthening, you will be strengthening your bones, which will in turn result in a strong musculoskeletal system. Strong bones mean that you will be able to lift, move, and perform a wide range of recreational activities with ease and safety.
#3:Improved Posture.A strength and conditioning program or class will help train your muscles, allowing you to lift and hold your body upright in a much safer manner. With this in mind, you may actually taller and more confident, as opposed to hunched over and weak.
#4:Enhanced Mood.It is common knowledge that endorphins are released during an effective workout, such as our strength and conditioning class. This type of workout will provide you with the opportunity to burn calories at a faster right, while strengthening and toning your muscles at the same time. As you are burning calories and those endorphins are flowing, you may notice that your mood is elevated and you are able to deal with stressful scenarios much easier.
#5: Increased Fitness.Strength and conditioning works to make your body stronger, providing you with the skills you need in order to create a more effective workout overall. When your core is strong, you will be able to transfer energy to the rest of the muscles, resulting in more powerful muscle contractions and quicker repetitions.
Benefit #6:Increased Metabolism. As with many other types of exercise, strength and conditioning can actually increase your metabolism, helping you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. By creating stronger muscles through.

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