#read ✖✖✖ Eine Beziehung in einer wegwerf Gesellschaft zu reparieren ist wohl das schwerste das es derzeit gibt ✖✖✖ Ein Text für mein Baby, er passt einfach super zu dir meine Löwin 🦁

Und dann drehte sie sich um und da sah ich ihn... Den Kampf, den Krieg und Zerbrochene, dass mich aus ihren Augen heraus direkt in meiner Seele traf... So stark, so tapfer und doch so Zerbrechlich, so aufrichtig und so Verletzlich, so voller Narben und doch so Wunderschön... Ein gelebtes Leben blickt mich aus ihren Augen an, ein verletztes aber so unglaublich aufrichtiges Herz schlägt in einem Körper den das Leben schon oft auf die Knie zwang, doch blieb sie nie lange genug unten um endgültig zu Zerbrechen... Frauen wie sie, werden dich nie im Stich lassen, nie etwas aufgeben an das sie glauben, werden sich immer für das "Reparieren" entscheiden und nichts "Wegwerfen"... Frauen wie sie, sind auf den ersten Blick bzw Gespräch "Kompliziert" und vielleicht auch schwierig im Umgang, weil sie halt Dinge erlebt und gesehen haben, die jemand anderen vielleicht für immer Zerstört hätten... Aber nimmst du dir die Zeit die Geschichte hinter ihrer Person anzuhören und beginnst zu Verstehen wieso sie so ist wie sie ist, dann wirst du eine Frau fürs Leben haben, weil Menschen die viel durchgemacht haben, wissen was zu tun ist wenn mal "schwere Zeiten" anbrechen, und sie lassen dich nicht alleine wenn die Stürme mal wieder durch euer Leben wüten, weil es nicht der erste Sturm in ihrem Leben ist.... Wünsche euch einen geilen #mittelfingermittwoch ✌🏻 Hier ein paar Leute die den größten haben .. Mittelfinger 🖕🏻
Hakuna Matata liebes #teambehindertundfett 🤪🦁

MOTIVATION is what gets you started. HABIT is what keeps you going. 🖤☆

Happy hump day you guys! 💕 it’s Wednesday and for me that means I’m almost done with the challenging part of my week. Monday to Wednesday is so stressful with barely any time left but hey it only gets better after today 🙌🏼⭐️ ALSO I’m so in love with my long sleeve top like I can’t believe that I always thought I wouldn’t like them! They’re amazing!!! 😍😍💖 #gymshark #gfg #gymsharkwomen #gymgirls #fitnessjourney

Talents: Eating and squatting ❤️
Today I will focus only on the first one as it is RESTDAY - YES!🕺
Have an awesome wednesday 😘 -----------------------------------------------------
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Bringing the workout videos back 😉 My motivation for this one was to be quick so the mosquitos wouldn't eat me haha! I usually go to my local gym to get workouts in, but last week I wasn't feeling it, while still wanting to do something. And this was the result💪 i chose to focus on legs and booty, of course, but with the over head holds and push press to involve the core and upper body as well.

Weights are not required for this workout. I used a 5 kg plate because I was home and didn't have much else to work with. But feel free to remove or add more resistance to better suit your fitness level!

20 reps ✖ Over head jumping lunges
15 reps ✖ Squat push press
15 reps ✖ Wide stance deadlift
10 reps ✖ Single leg rdl left
10 reps ✖ Single leg rdl right
20 reps ✖ Side lunge
15 reps ✖ Pulse to jump squat

No need to rush through this workout, if you keep the rest short in between exercises and sets you still will feel the effects, don't worry.😘
Rest 30 - 60 seconds between rounds.
Repeat 4 times.

More workouts: #natfitvid
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Happy Saturday 🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️

HANDSTAND PRACTICE 🖐🏼 (And I'm rubbish at handstands!!!!!)
Wearing my fave @neuapparel leggings 😋

I need to stop posting the exact same photos in the exact same outfits #sendhelp

Selfies are so much easier when you've got your own gym and have no judgement from anyone for taking pics of your butt 😂
Thank you so much go everyone who has gone and subscribed to my YouTube channel (link in bio for anyone else thst wants to) I'd love you forever and I have a huge gymshark haul that just went up 😘
I hope something awesome happens to you today ❤️

💪🏻Many of us lead incredibly busy lives. A requirement of the modern world it may be, but in a super busy lifestyle, something has to give.
💪🏻Unfortunately, if you don’t keep your psychical affairs in order, your body won’t take neglect for an answer. Weight gain, bad posture and poor muscle tone will bite you hard.
💪🏻KRX offer an exclusive option to carry out workouts in the comfort of your homes. Do check my wall planking challenge that I intended to take up, using the KRX gymming equipment beauties, but things did not go as I'd planned.
💪🏻I lifted four kgs and began wall planking but could hold on for merely 70 seconds. Perhaps, I'll be able to endure for longer when I work on my stamina a bit more.
💪🏻Meanwhile, you guys make sure to think happy thoughts, exercise, drink lots of water, stay fit and blissful!
Health & Wellness Enthusiast
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Another late night/early morning sesh complete 💪🏽🦁 there’s 24 hrs in a day, UTILIZE IT❗️ Time waits for no man 🙅🏽‍♂️ #IDGT

My confidence is #beingmyself and not giving a damn about what anyone says. Shout out to all the girls working on loving their bodies because that shit's hard and I'm proud of you 💯💕💕
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Day 160 - The limiting beliefs I had about myself which I ignored and still went for it anyways 🙌🏻
I try to live my life by leading by example! I would never asked anyone to do something I wouldn’t do. I truly hope watching me push myself through extreme levels of discomfort helps and shows it can most certainly be done. All you need is to know someone who’s done it for you believe you can do it 🙌🏻 #consultantvlog

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