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I have answered your questions about my breast surgery on the blog now ☺️✨ If I have missed a question or two just comment below 😘

Flex leggings along with the new ark leggings are now up on the site!
Link to the site is in my bio 👀.
Yes yes yes I'm flooding your feed like every other gymshark affiliate BUT- I know how many of you missed the release last time so I realllly want to make sure everyone who wanted a pair gets one this time 🤗💕.
Link to gymshark is in my bio 👀 it's my affiliate link so by shopping through that I get a lil commission and you're kind enough to choose to support meh🤗 (so thank you if you do- like really that's so FN nice, thank u ily zozo much).
I uploaded a gymshark haul which included my opinions and sizing but if you haven't watched it yet let me give you the rundown:
•In flex- I'm an XS, I personally size down because it eliminates the 🐫 toe issue for me and I like a snug fit when it comes to my leggings. All flex leggings except for the black are squat proof (but the black flex is still one of my fav colors).
•In the ark- I'm a size small (like I am in most other gymshark leggings), they'll be releasing in black and blue- they're like a jogger/ legging hybrid lol, pretty cool actually.
Will answer as many questions that I can about the releases down below🤗💕.
(The light grey flex leggings in this vid will be released in April, gymshark haul with release dates and all that jazz is up on my YouTube channel, just search: Elizabeth Zaks and you'll find me🤗💕). #gymshark #gymsharkwomen

BOOTY AND HAMMIES 🍑🍑 did a quick session this afternoon starting with deadlifts then stiff leg dreads at the end of this vid 💪🏼then did the first little superset 🙆🏼 4 sets of 12 ❤️ hope everyone has a good Friday night 🙏🏽 #booty #bootybuilding #fitness #abs #hammies #glutes #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #flexleggings #girlswithmuscle #girlswholift #gymsharkwomen #bodybuilding #motivation #fitchicks

Gymshark Flex Leggings 😍🙌🏼🍑💯🔥 #nuffsaid
They restocked today and sold out within minutes! I sure hope you lovely ladies were able to grab some before they were gone! 💜
Shop Gymshark w/ Link in Bio 💋 PS. Happy Friday Fam ✌🏽

Happy Friday peeps ✌🏼
Here's a photo of me leaning against a wall thinking about what pizza I'm gonna order tonight 🍕🤔
Photo cred: @rosalindlipsett

Them 13-14 Year Old wannabe tumblr boy photo booth pics😅😅😂😂. Always wanted to post this but just found it lookin through an old phone. Anyone else be feelin themselves right when they started lifting? Can't be the only one😬😅😂

Me looking at how fast the Flex leggings sold out 😶🙆🏻 sorry guys, I know many of you wanted to get your hands on them but there will be another restock early April (currently scheduled for the 11th) along with a few other colors ✊🏼 #maythepowersbewithyouthen
However, the ark leggings are still available on their site & they're AMAZING (probably my second favorite pair of leggings that gymshark has ever come out with) so snatch a pair while you still can! (Link is in my bio ❤)

WHAT ARE YOU HITTING TODAY!? I'm doing Weighted Pull-ups to start today's chest/arms workout. (Lol rite) 3 sets of 8 with 47.5 Lbs attached. Adding 1.25 Lbs per session and I hit these twice a week right now.

Drop arm cutoff hoodie from @gymshark
Fit track pants from @gymshark

Song: Gryffin - Whole Heart (Faux Tales Remix)

Does your training program lack structure? Do you Yolo your workouts but expect gains? Head over to www.Ogus753.com or click the link 👉🏼 in the bio @ogus753


SB was nice. Good couple days of refeeding & not dieting. Still have a lot of loose skin in my abdominal/midsection but that's alright since tightening up takes time. Patience & consistency is the key. Back to the plan on Monday once I'm back in Fayetteville. Diet for the next 3 weeks will be interesting. A lot more is to come. Oh & I'm still sittin pretty @ 180👽
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Follower repost of the day:
Some need weights, @feistyred.83 only needs her daughter! Not only is her physique in top shape, she still has time to get her family involved and enjoy the journey with her. Go check out her page to follow her body building adventures!!

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Trust this little light of mine it's gonna shine positively ✨

Just lifting some girly weights. 145kg no biggie.

Hit so many PBs today strength training on my legs. What do I do now I've completed all the levels on the abductor machine?? Jk I can up it to 152.5kg then I'm done 😂

Smashed more PBs on the leg curl and leg extention as well
5 reps, 5 sets heavy weight = 🏋 strong

If you don't push yourself harder you won't see results!


Got a torch, tryna light the wave 🌊

Highlights from Arm Day for my first gym video 💪💪💪 I'm gonna be posting a lot more fitness related pictures and videos and would love some feedback! Hope everyone had a great week, don't forget to hit the gym this weekend and lift some heavy ass weights!!! #ElevatedAthletics 🔻🔺 •

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